Live by the sun, love by the Moon | Author explains the meaning

Live by the sun, love by the Moon

Live by the sun, love by the Moon.

Live by the sun, love by the Moon a notion. It explains, in every one of us, there exists an incongruity between what we’re expected to perform when performing our duties and what we decide to do when our love is in full force.

If you attempt to manage all the same way approach, you may miss either side of the equation, on the other or both. Love isn’t a business investment, and your business relationships aren’t about feelings or concern for the feelings of other partners.

Separating your behaviour following what the circumstances require is the best method to achieve the greatest satisfaction in your life.

It is for this reason that you must live your life at night.

Live by the sun, love by the Moon

Meaning of “Live by the sun, love by the Moon.” 

Some think that as the people of Earth who eat this food, they are part of an eco-system that relies on the Moon and Sun to influence and stimulate us. The basic idea is that our energy and life force is derived from the sun, which provides us with food. And it is a great idea to think about even though we consume animals. They depend on sun-nourished plants for their nutrients. Likewise, our mood is influenced by the Moon. the different moon phases determining the spiritual changes in our consciousness.

Living in the sun is doing your best to stay cool under the scorching sun’s rays that make you sweat. It’s a requirement to be extremely hard at work! “loving by the moon” means to be in love like Moon does, how it soothes after a hard day. When we are done with each day, we let go of everything we have to worry about for a brief moment as we gaze at the Moon and becoming completely lost in it! It’s a sign of working long, true love!

Who is the author of ” Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon? What is the story all about?

J.T. Jackson wrote the book. The synopsis of the story is as follows.

From the first look, Luna Stone seems to live a typical nineteen-year-old girl’s lifestyle. She attended college and studied psychology at the time. Worked at a coffeehouse. However, Luna’s lifestyle isn’t normal. She has a job at a coffeehouse during the day. During the night, she also has a job at a strip bar. She dances and waitresses to pay the hospital bills for her mother. In the last few days, a former friend of Luna’s decides to appear and plead for forgiveness. To complete the picture, her teacher recently gave her an internship in an attorney firm. It’s an opportunity she cannot miss out on.

Twelve weeks with personal assistants without pay but a solid recommendation. It seemed simple enough. But what Luna did not realize was that the job wouldn’t be easy. The tough part wasn’t her over-achieving young manager, who was the polar opposite to her boss Ms Ian Hanson. The most difficult part was not getting in love with him.

We see Luna in the first book in the Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Trilogy. At the moment in her life where her world is turned upside down and appears to be crumbling. However, it’s not her world she’s concerned about breaking; the issue is her heart.