Naruto: Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage?

Naruto: Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage?

Naruto: Why Did Kakashi Become Hokage?

Simply put, Kakashi became Hokage because, aside from Naruto (who was young and still a Genin), he was the most skilled shinobi in the community. Most of the time, Hokage is chosen based on strength, and his brilliance on the battlefield more than qualifies him for the job.

Kakashi’s Philosophy Of Teamwork

Teamwork is an essential aspect of Kakashi’s philosophy. He does not believe in individualism. Instead, he believes that teamwork and loyalty are essential for success. This philosophy is evident in his actions, as he is seen as a role model to Naruto, Sakura, and other students.

Kakashi was first exposed to teamwork when he joined Team Minato. His experience with Team Minato taught him to value teamwork and loyalty. He later became a Chunin and was promoted to Jonin for his performance. The team then fought in the Third Great Ninja War, where they lost their lead, Rin. Later, Team Minato disbands as Kakashi becomes a member of ANBU and Minato becomes the Fourth Hokage.

In addition to his role as a team leader, Kakashi also taught Lee martial arts tools and training techniques. The lessons he taught were beneficial against dangerous enemies. In addition, he was very good at baking. Baking bread should be stressful, but Kakashi made it fun and easy. He only needed the perfect result as long as the results were good.

While Kakashi tried to keep Itachi from using ruthless tactics, he was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, Itachi was determined to succeed and accomplished many missions together. However, at one point, Itachi asked Kakashi if he should honor the request of his dead friend. Unfortunately, Kakashi was unaware of this meaning until later on, and he felt like he failed to influence him.

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As a ninja, Kakashi’s philosophy of teamwork was primarily formed in his childhood. Before meeting the villagers of Konoha, Kakashi’s mother, Sakumo, died of suicide, and the villagers insisted that he join Team 7. These events impacted young Kakashi heavily. He subsequently devoted himself to his ninja training and was a strong team leader. The moral of Kakashi’s philosophy of teamwork is to work as hard as possible without compromising the goals of the individual.

In addition to his role as mentor, Kakashi helped Naruto train with chakra and Rasengan. His training with Naruto and Sakura showed him how to handle these weapons and work together as a team. He also gave Naruto the Chidori and introduced him to the Jiraiya.

His Strength As A Shinobi

Kakashi is a powerful shinobi with a variety of special abilities. One of his most robust techniques is taijutsu, which he used to fight against the Might Guy when he was younger. He can perform lightning and water releases without any nearby water source and create massive earthen walls in a brief period. He also has considerable skills in Fire Release and Wind Release. He is even knowledgeable enough to train others in both.

Kakashi was an absolute monster in battle. His physical strength and knowledge of all types of Jutsu enabled him to counter almost any attack effectively. He was also an incredibly skilled leader and could efficiently plan most strategies. Kakashi was so robust and well-rounded that the Hokage said he was brighter than Shikamaru Nara.

Kakashi was a fierce ninja, and his fights against the Akatsuki and his opponents proved that he was powerful enough to be the sixth Hokage. His opponents in the Akatsuki included some of the most potent S-Ranked criminals. His strength as a shinobi made him formidable enough to take on the likes of Deidara and Kakuzu. His strength continued to grow throughout the Fourth Great Ninja War, and he eventually became the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure.

In the early days of the Shinobi, Kakashi was a jonin and Anbu. This gave him extensive experience in battle and allowed him to adapt to any situation. Kakashi was often assigned to different teams but was always a leader. He also had excellent skills with his team members. Choza Akimichi attributed his strength as a shinobi to his style of battle. He used misdirection to defeat his opponents and modified his techniques according to the situation and his opponent. Kakashi is also a good teacher and has proven himself to be an excellent shinobi.

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Naruto’s chakra levels are very high. As a result, he gave the entire Shinobi Alliance three times the amount of chakra Kakashi had. This made Kakashi feel three times more powerful.

His Lack Of Desire To Be A Shinobi

Kakashi is a fictional character in the Naruto manga series. He is a reincarnation of Tsunade. While most shinobi want to be shinobi, Kakashi has yet to have the requisite desire to become a shinobi. As a result, he was chosen as Tsunade’s successor. While he disliked the responsibility, he became a pioneer of Jutsu. He developed one of the most powerful close-combat techniques known as Chidori. This technique utilizes the lightning element charka, which creates wild bolts of electricity.

Kakashi has a problematic past. He lost his father, a good friend, a girl he loved, and a sensei. After he lost his sensei and became a black operative with the ANBU, he felt like he was a failure. This was why he became a grumpy shinobi. However, he has a very romantic side and loves to flirt.

The first shinobi world war lasted four to five years. Kakashi had to face tremendous rehabilitation after the ravages of the Shinju branch. During this time, he also lost his father and his best friend, Hashirama. However, he was able to save his brother and became the first Hokage.

In the next chapter, Kakashi faces a B-style attack. He is still a boy, but his experience is enough to challenge him. He is a member of Anbu Black Ops, two years older than Itachi Uchiha, and a skilled ninja. He even invented the Lightning Blade technique.

While it is unknown when the Fourth Raikage was named, this event would have happened before June. It was around the time the Academy began formalizing shinobi education. At the time, several other institutions of shinobi education were being created.

A civil war is the worst type of war. It is both terrifying and bloody. People in power can easily manipulate the people of Leaf Village. So when the Hokage orders a young shinobi to report on rumblings in the village, he finds himself in an untenable situation. The ensuing chaos and repercussions put Itachi in a terrible position.

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Kakashi served as Hokage for approximately ten years, which means he was in his teens when he became a shinobi. However, he only held the title of a shinobi for around twelve to thirteen years. In contrast, Minato Namikaze remained a Hokage for nine to one and a half years, which makes Kakashi’s time in the role longer than many would expect.

His Relationship With Tsunade

Kakashi almost became Hokage when Tsunade fell into a coma. He was the perfect candidate for the job, but Tsunade was considered a more fitting choice. Tsunade was part of the legendary Sanin and had enough experience to lead the Hidden Leaf Village. In contrast, Kakashi didn’t have this luxury. In the end, Kakashi is the 6th Hokage and has performed his duties to the best of his ability.


What happens to Tsunade when Kakashi becomes Hokage?

 She leaves her position and lives in leaf in the manga. She frequently appears to assist the community in times of need. For instance, in The Last, when moon fragments were falling on the Leaf town, she assisted residents in finding refuge.

Was Kakashi a good Hokage?

Kakashi’s tenure as Hokage was universally regarded as successful. For various reasons, he continues to be one of the best Kages in the story.

At what age Kakashi became Hokage?

He was 31 years old by the time the war ended, and a year after it ended, he was appointed the Hokage. Kakashi is one of the series’ youngest Kages, having obtained the title at 31 or 32.

How long was Kakashi Hokage?

For at least ten years, Kakashi served as the Hokage. He was named the Hokage following the Fourth Great Ninja War when Naruto was 16 years old. In “Naruto: The Last,” there was a two to three-year time jump during which he was still the Hokage.