No sound problem | 4 Solutions for Xbox One

No sound problem | Solutions for Xbox One

Solutions to your Xbox one no sound problem.

It’s a pain having to use a device that produces no sound and before you freak out that your Xbox One doesn’t have sound, there are times when you are trying to play a game with friends or solo but then, there is no sound coming from the television, home theatre or the monitor. That means some things need to be looked at. Your console’s sound performance is slowed down in these terms, it could be corrupted or the set-top box doesn’t have good audio.

The problem could be with the devices or with how you have set up things. Let’s look at some of those reasons why your device’s audio is not working

  • You have the wrong settings on the Xbox One.
  • Incorrect connection of your set-top  box
  • The problem could be in your set-top box.
  • Issues with your HDMI or optical devices.

After looking at these possible causes, you might want to check if any of these, is where your problem falls and with this, we will provide solutions that could align with them.

Possible Solutions to use.

The solution to problem one: wrong settings on the Xbox One =  Check the settings

By checking the settings correctly, the problem could be solved easily and hence good audio performance. Follow these steps to check;

  • Press the Xbox button and open the guide.
  • Select profile & system – Settings – General- Volume &audio output.
  • Look for speaker audio and select HDMI audio or optical audio.  This step depends on how your device is connected.
  • Lastly, select the audio format and select the stereo uncompressed. If you are connected to your home theatre, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed or Bitstream out
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The solution to problem two:  check to see how your devices are connected.

Take the HDMI and plug to the set-top box directly into the Xbox One and the Xbox One directly to the device you are going to use, it could be a monitor or television.

Just a quick reminder, if there are any other additional devices, you might want to disconnect them because that could be where the problem is coming from. These devices, converter boxes, audio-video receivers, optical switches. These could contradict your Xbox one’s sound because they cause the signal to lower. So try to remove them individually and see which of them is the main cause of the issue.

The solution to problem three:  Check the set-top box to reset or reboot.

Maybe the box needs to reset to clear out the configuration data and by this, you have to disconnect all the cables for 30 seconds and plug them back in. On the other hand, if it’s an over the air set-top box, make sure that the HD antenna is connected and working with no issues.

Another thing to check is, other set-top boxes have different settings that could affect the audio output because of the differences in manufacturers so make sure to see if the output digital audio is set to the correct surround sound option for the equipment and has no addiction issues and if the worst happens, you could contact your hardware provider for configuration assistance. It’s better to ask for assistance than end up causing more problems to your console.

The solution to problem four:  check the HDMI cables.

There are two possible problems here. It’s either your cables are damaged or they are connected incorrectly and this affects how the sound of your Xbox One console works. Make sure to check if those issues are existent and if there is a possibility that they are damaged, you should replace them with new ones for better sound performance.

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  • Select profile &system – setting – general -Tv  &display options
  • Select video fidelity & overscan
  • Select HDMI

When troubleshoot is needed.

Sound on  Xbox one  console problem

This happens when you are using the console for the first time and somehow there is no sound. You need to check if you’ve made any change to the device you are connecting your console to or if you changed your Xbox display and sound Settings.

  • In case Its the first time, check for the following;
  • Is your television or monitor audio muted?
  • Is your external or built-in television speakers correctly connected and powered on?

Inaudible sound while on voice chat.

When a person is playing, they are usually chatting with their fellow gamers through voice chats or calls on skype. The chat mixer has been programmed to focus only on the chat between the gamers. Once the chat sound is inaudible, it means something may be wrong with the sound.

Try to check  the following steps;

Check the level of the sound. Is it too high?. Change the settings on the chat mixer to have the sound adjusted to your interest that will also allow good communication with your friends. Change in the following order;

  • Press the console button on the controller and open the guide
  • Then select profile & system – settings- general – volume & audio output.
  • Look at the volume and select chat mixer.
  • Select any of the available options listed

Just a quick reminder, if you are using Kinect, both the adapter and sensor have been discontinued and though it can be used with the Xbox one, the console doesn’t work well with the sensor.

In conclusion, those are the issues and solutions that are commonly asked and just Incase those don’t work, you could go and have your devices checked to check where the issue is. Just a last tip aside from the issues listed. If you want to connect your console to a sound system. You have to purchase digital audio called the Toslink. This device is used to transfer audio signals from one component to another. After buying it, you connect one side of it to the optical audio ( S/ PDIF) port on the console. Lastly, connect the other side of the digital audio cable to the digital audio input port. And there you have it.

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