Phantasmal killer 5e wizard rebalancing with monk dnd spell

Phantasmal killer 5e Wizard dnd spell

Phantasmal killer 5e Wizard dnd spell

You tap into the nightmares of a creature you may see within range. In Phantasmal Killer 5e you create an illusory manifestation of its deepest fears, visible only to that creature. On a failed save, the target gets fearful for the duration. At the end of all their goals ends before the Spell ends, the target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or take 4d10 psychic damage. On a successful save, the Spell ends. At Higher Levels: Suppose you cast the Spell utilizing a spell slot of Level 5 or higher. The harm damage raises by 1d10 for every slot level above the 4th.

DURATION Concentration 1 Minute
SCHOOL Illusion
REFERENCE Basic rules, Page: 265
Class Wizard

Monk 5e

As a monk, you gain the following Class Characteristics.

  • Hit Points
  • Hit Dice: 1d8 per monk level
  • Strike Points at 1st level: 8 + your Constitution modifier
  • Higher Level Hitpoints: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier every monk level after 1
Phantasmal killer 5e vs monk
Phantasmal killer 5e vs monk

Beginning Proficiencies

  • You are proficient with all the following things, in addition to some Proficiencies provided by your background or race.
  • Armor: none
  • Weapons: Simple Weapons, shortswords
  • Tools: any 1 type of artisan’s tools or some other musical instruments of your choice
  • Saving Throws: Strength, Dexterity
  • Skills: Choose two from Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Insight, Religion, and Stealth
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Starting Equipment

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

• (a) that a Shortsword or (b ) ) any Easy weapon

• (a) that a Dungeoneer’s Bundle or (b) that an Explorer’s Bundle

• 10 darts

Phantasmal killer 5e
Phantasmal killer 5e

Monk Table

Level Proficiency Bonus Martial Arts Ki Points Unarmored Movement Features
1st 2 1d4 Unarmored Defense, Martial Arts
2nd 2 1d4 2 +10 ft. Ki, Unarmored Movement
3rd 2 1d4 3 +10 ft. Monastic Tradition, Deflect Missiles
4th 2 1d4 4 +10 ft. Ability Score Improvement, Slow Fall
5th 3 1d6 5 +10 ft. Extra Attack, Stunning Strike
6th 3 1d6 6 +15 ft. Ki-­Empowered Strikes, Monastic Tradition feature
7th 3 1d6 7 +15 ft. Evasion, Stillness of Mind
8th 3 1d6 8 +15 ft. Ability Score Improvement
9th 4 1d6 9 +15 ft. Unarmored Movement improvement
10th 4 1d6 10 +20 ft. Purity of Body
11th 4 1d8 11 +20 ft. Monastic Tradition feature
12th 4 1d8 12 +20 ft. Ability Score Improvement
13th 5 1d8 13 +20 ft. Tongue of the Sun and Moon
14th 5 1d8 14 +25 ft. Diamond Soul
15th 5 1d8 15 +25 ft. Timeless Body
16th 5 1d8 16 +25 ft. Ability Score Improvement
17th 6 1d10 17 +25 ft. Monastic Tradition feature
18th 6 1d10 18 +30 ft. Empty Body
19th 6 1d10 19 +30 ft. Ability Score Improvement
20th 6 1d10 20 +30 ft. Perfect Self

What are the ways to improve Phantasmal Killer 5e?

  • Require Spell focus/greater spell attention Illusion.
  • Find a wand that will increase illusion DC’s by 1
  • Maximum Intellect score for your level (with +2 tome and potentially Race Restricted “Clever” equipment ).
  • Heighten Spell after you can throw spells at a higher level than 4.
  • Take the Wizard Past Life feat (not accessible without a TR from Wizard)

Most will correctly advise against Spell Foci in Illusion.

Suppose you can get the DC of PK large enough that enemies aren’t regularly making their saves even if they’re healthy from the rescue category. In that case, it’s a great spell to have till you receive the Finger of Death. If you cannot get its DC up for whatever reason, attempt to selective the mobs, you throw it. Caster mobs typically have goodwill saves. Strong melee mobs generally possess large fort saves. Start looking for rogue types. Curse/enervate or prepare an area with thoughts fog when you have no alternative.

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Even though a creature is affected by 5e Phantasmal Killer, what is the source of the fear?

Illusion in Phantasmal killer 5e
Illusion in Phantasmal killer 5e

The target creature becomes frightened by an illusion that the Spell generates, limiting its movement and giving it a disadvantage on attack rolls and ability check while the source of dread is within line of sight. But that makes the place of the Illusion fundamental. The spell description isn’t beneficial. It merely says: “You tap into the nightmares of a monster you may see within reach and create an illusory manifestation of its deepest anxieties, visible only to this creature.” Thus, I can logically imagine three ways to Deal with this effect:


1.) The Illusion is the source of anxiety. The spell caster chooses a location for the Illusion when they cast the Spell. It remains in that space for the duration, unable to move. Seems somewhat lame but also matches the text of the spell description.

Alternatively, according to what makes sense for your goal’s worst fear, the GM could determine this Illusion location.

2.) The spell caster is your origin of the anxiety. Does not match the text, but then again, they’re the magic source, causing the target to become fearful. 

3.) The Illusion is the origin of anxiety. However, the Illusion is somehow “attached” to the monster or is otherwise moved by the spell caster. Either it follows the target (meaning that they can’t go “back” towards the source of this Spell for the length and are always within line of sight), or the spell caster can move the Illusion to block the target’s motion and give them a disadvantage. Again, doesn’t match the spell explanation but seems like it could match the intent.

How do you manage the “cannot willingly move closer to the origin of your fear” facet to the Frightened state?

Specifically, can you circumvent the origin of your fear while maintaining your distance from the origin? My perception was: as long as the distance to the origin does not decrease, you can move freely. Among my players disagreed, stating that this “flanking” movement was technically moving nearer to the source of fear (though the space onto a grid never decreased). 

Damage level in Phantasmal Killer 5e

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Damage Dice 4d10 5d10 6d10 7d10 8d10 9d10
Min Damage 4 5 6 7 8 9
Average Damage 22 27.5 33 38.5 44 49.5
Max Damage 40 50 60 70 80 90