Torm 5e Paladin God stats, symbol and codes

Fineness weapon

Torm 5e Paladin God stats

Stats of Torm 5e, The Paladin God


Lawful Good


White right gauntlet


Courage, self-sacrifice



Channel divinity

Guided strike, War god’s blessing
Mortal home Chalsembyr
Gender Masculine
Power Level Greater/ Lesser Deity


Characteristics of Paladin 5e god Torm

Though a true deity with incredible power at his disposal, the Loyal Fury is so knowledgeable about the failings of mortal men. They were having fallen prey to hubris, gullibility, and ignorance. It is when they get restricted to a deadly shell through the Time of Troubles.

 Torm battled Bane at the sanctuary of the city of Tantras through the Time of Troubles. It ruins the Dark Lord in personal battle (he also died in the war but was returned to life by Ao). Torm’s devastation of Bane broke the trunk of Zhentil Keep by minding that country’s celestial support. It was allowing the Dalesfolk, for a brief while, to breathe a sigh of relief. In countries throughout the continent, Torm became a symbol of heroism and bravery.

The perfect knight served his followers using a changing action of self-sacrifice valued even by good Ao himself. In the two years following that period, clerics of Torm have appreciated fame unmatched in Faerun.

Paladin 5e


Now that Bane has returned, the people seem to the Loyal Fury and his deadly agents for Salvation once more. They hope that the menace of the Dark Hand may be dealt with following another fantastic battle. An army of paladins could defeat the restored church of Bane with sacred hearts and sanctified swords. Such has happened over each adult’s life in Faerun, and several expect it to occur again. In 5e, Torm and his followers require a more realistic perspective.

The present-day is much different from Troubles’ Time if both deities are fulfilled as basically equivalent mortals. They are aware that the secrecy of Bane’s cult prevents open war. The Dark Hand’s menace returned won’t be quenched readily or with no significant loss of life.

Clergy and Temples

The 15th of Marpenoth sees a festive ritual in the shape of the authentic Resurrection. It observes the anniversary of Torm’s yield to Toril at the behest of Ao. Shieldmeet, usually when Faerunians input new agreements and compacts, is a period of great religious significance to followers of their deity of duty. That takes their oaths very, very seriously. Torm’s clerics are frequently multiclass as celestial winners, celestial disciples, or paladins.

Cleric and 5e paladin of Torm vow themselves into the Penance of Obligation. It was a succession of duties and duties outlined from the Loyal Fury himself after finding the rife corruption inside the church through Troubles’ Time. To refund their persecution of other goodly religions, the clergy have to help the institution of other good faiths as part of the persecution Bill.

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The Debt

The Debt of Dereliction says that Torm’s agents have to expend every resource possible to eliminate Cyric and Bane cults. And operate against the insidious Zhentarim. The Debt of Destruction stipulates the clergy listing the places of dead and crazy magic locations. And also do everything they can to heal those wounds into the Weave. Furthermore, Torm’s clerics and paladins stand vigilant against corruption inside goodly organizations. Understanding that what might infect their stalwart arrangement is likely to writhe to the affairs of watchful bodies.

Bhandraddon’s reach goes far. In the previous decade, he’s sponsored several continents broad knightly orders, including the prestigious Order of the Golden Lion, members of that shield temples, and ramble Faerun in support into the Penance of Duty. The arrangement is presently directed by the affable Tantran paladin lord Garethian that the Infallible. He was a humble guy whose name is much more an exercise in ironic self-deprecation than braggadocio.

Considering that Bane’s yield, many significant leaders and field representatives of this church got assassination. Several of Torm’s knights advocate more decisive action from the Dark Hand’s honor-less followers.

Torm 5e stats

Temples of 5e Torm

Temples of 5e Torm often twice as citadels. Frequently built high on hills to provide their residents with a clear perspective of the surrounding region. Such structures comprise drilling grounds, large ceilings, austere quarters for visiting and resident knights, and adorned comfortable worship halls. White granite walls and statues of lions and armored amounts predominate, together with badges of knights. They dropped in obligation lining the high-ceilinged hallways.

To achieve the power needed to ruin Bane’s avatar during the Time of Troubles in 5e, Torm consumed his worshipers’ souls at Tantras. The voluntary soul-transference murdered the mortals, finishing thousands of lives within a matter of minutes. The town was for centuries the middle of his faith. Together with members of their faithful flocking to it because word spread of his birth early at the Avatar Crisis, whole neighborhoods were left bare of life.

Though Torm required each devotional capability to ruin his enemy, he couldn’t bring himself to ask kids to sacrifice themselves. It was because he knew a number of them could not understand the value of what was occurring. He assured their loyal parents the kids could be cared for. And to this day, people of kids, varying in age from 14 to 28, are called the Martyr’s Progeny. Several have gone on to input Torm’s clergy. A few have exhibited strange powers associated with bravery and strength in recent years because their parents heeded Torm’s call in 5e.



Torm functions Tyr as a war leader and winner, as he did for a deadly monarch at times immediately following the Fall of Netheril. Scholars disagree on where we find Torm’s kingdom, or what it was called. Still, the very populous theories put it someplace south of the Lake of Steam, at the region now called the Border Kingdoms. Entire knightly orders supporting Torm’s church hunt the kingdom’s location, which the clerics refer to the High Chair or Chalsembyr. They expect that finding the place might offer them more insight into Torm’s life as a mortal.

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Among those very few issues about which he absolutely won’t enlighten his followers. Some translate his reticence for a match in 5e like Torm retains Chalsembyr’s place a secret to check his loyal. He regularly goes on quests to find it. Lore of the religion maintains that he who sees the whereabouts of the Loyal Fury’s deadly residence. He raises to the crewless planes as Torm’s divine servant.

Before the Time of Troubles, Torm functioned Tyr as a reliable demi power. Following his revival in Ao’s hands, the Maimed Deity raised him to lower deity standing and greatly improved his responsibilities. It was granting him command of many armies of celestial warriors to use in outerplanar conflicts. Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater work together regularly and are called the Triad.

His kinship to get Helm dates back many centuries. Although the Loyal Fury and the Watcher’s clergies now find themselves at odds on many significant political and political troubles. As a pro-active enemy of evil, Torm discovers that his ideals and ideals frequently square with people of Lathander, whom he deeply respects.

He deeply regrets not ruining Cyric in that case and has pledged to remedy this sorrow if the two deities match. Since the Dark Hand yield, but most of Torm’s vision and preparation has gone toward beating Bane’s dark intrigues.


You may discover Salvation via support. Every failure of responsibility diminishes Torm, and each victory adds to his luster. Try to keep order and law. Obey your masters using prudent judgment and expectancy. Stand alert from corruption. Attack quickly and forcefully against corrosion from the hearts of mortals. Bring debilitating, speedy death to traitors. Question unjust laws by indicating progress or alternatives, not added legislation.

5e Torm God of Courage

Code of Torm 5e

Adherence using all the codes is the principal responsibility of servants of Torm. It was a deliberate failure to do this that causes him to eliminate all of the paladin spells and skills (like the support of this paladin’s mount, but not armor, weapon, and shield proficiencies). She might not advance any further in amounts as a paladin.

  • Obey your masters, having a prudent judgment and expectancy.
  • Serve the common good and the principle law created by ethical principles.
  • Seek prowess and ability in most endeavors.
  • Stand alert from corruption.
  • Every failure of responsibility diminishes 5e Torm, and each victory adds to his luster.
  • Be mindful of the code, and utilize them in your activities to quickly enact justice.
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Precepts of this Code

Your obligation is to people who lack the power that you wield. Care for the sick and help the distressed. Guard friends and family. There are just two things that will disturb the loyal, and all these are wealth and pride. If one but stays in strained conditions, he won’t be marred.

Make war upon injustice and evil without cessation. Don’t overload ahead of the enemy, but allow your anger to reverse the wicked.

Obey your masters, having a prudent judgment and expectancy. Trust in your grasp, because of his obligation to you is awarded by Torm, serve him as if your body were already dead, and you’ll be one guy in a million. There are many areas where compromise is expected; loyalty isn’t among them. If your route is without a deadly master, allow Torm and his code to direct your steps.


Serve the common good and the principle of law created by honorable rulers. Your fourfold responsibilities are to religion, family, experts, and all-good being of Faerun. Try to keep order and direction. Question unfair laws by indicating advancement or alternatives, not added legislation.

Seek prowess and ability in most endeavors. During your lifetime, advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more talented than today so that your power may be used at the aid of this Triad, instead of in private aggrandizement. That is not ending.

Stand alert from corruption. Attack quickly and forcefully against the rust from the hearts of mortals. Steer clear of all excesses and endeavor to conquer hubris, gullibility, and ignorance inside yourself. Goal and subject clear the brain. Your breath should attract precision. Always be loyal to your sentence. Bring debilitating, fast death to traitors.

God 5e


Every failure of responsibility diminishes Torm in 5e, and each victory adds to his luster. Stand firm on your faith, for this particular religion roots you and gives hope from despair. In the middle of one breath, where just goodness is held, is your manner of Torm. But there isn’t anyone who will understand this clarity initially. Purity is something that can’t be achieved except by piling effort upon effort.

Be mindful of the code, and utilize them in your activities to quickly enact justice. The church of Tyr and Ilmater would be the brain and heart of the Triad, bringing compassion and judgment for men. The church of Torm is the mighty hands of this Triad, quickly enacting their wisdom. Hold into the virtues and responsibilities of this code, realizing that although achieving the ideals, the quality of striving towards them ennobles the soul. In facing challenging matters, if you leave it alone, fix the code on your heart, exclude self-interest, and make an attempt, you won’t go far from the mark.


5e Torm or The Fury is the god of legislation and a fair greater deity whose portfolio comprises obligation, devotion, and righteousness. His emblem is a gauntlet, similar to the sign of the slain Helm. However, mostly Torm’s symbol was a right-hand gauntlet held vertical with hands forward.