Pirates of the Caribbean Tales of the Code Wedlocked

Pirates of the Caribbean Tales of the Code Wedlocked

Pirates of the Caribbean Tales of the Code Wedlocked

If you are the type of person who is a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean stories of the code wedlocked, then this article is for you

Wedlocked, based on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, featured Scarlett and Giselle in what Byrkit described as “an opportunity for the wenches to have their own goofy moment.”

The plot was based on the Pirate Code Book and recalled the original Disneyland ride, particularly the famous auction scene, while also intended to be a prequel to the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, explaining why Jack Sparrow’s boat is seen sinking at the beginning of the film and why the girls were so upset with him.

Tales of the Code Wedlocked was shot in late 2006, with sets built at Walt Disney Studios, which had just finished filming the third feature, At World’s End. Jim Byrkit had the idea to produce a short film while working on the feature picture as the creative consultant for Gore Verbinski’s Pirates trilogy; he envisioned something based on the Pirate Code and began operating a script with writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.

In 2011, Disney/Buena Vista announced that the fourth picture, On Stranger Tides, would be released on home video as part of the “Pirates of the Caribbean Four-Movie Collection,” a 15-disc set that featured Wedlocked as a unique feature. The collection was first launched on October 18, 2011, and afterward became more readily available on the Internet.


The short video begins with the Pirate Code Book lying on a table until someone opens it to the first page, which has “Pirates of the Caribbean Tales of the Code” written on it until the word “Wedlocked” pops out of nowhere. The image fades to a nighttime shot of Shipwreck City, complete with lantern lights and moored ships.

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To thunderous applause, the curtains rise, exposing a room full of love-starved and passionate pirates, all with bright smiles. More brides follow Scarlett and Giselle, wenches of varying sizes and forms, some tall and slender, all dressed in bridal dresses.

While a vibrant four-piece pirate band plays its instruments, both females gaze out at the pirates. A banner with “Auction—Take a Wench for a Bride” is hoisted over the band. Scarlett and Giselle look about until Oona, an elderly wench with an eyepatch, appears from behind them and grins brightly “It’s the best day of a girl’s life.”

The Auctioneer, a whirlwind of a guy, comes, beaming as he introduces the wenches, including the confused Scarlett and Giselle. When the two inquire about Jack’s location, the Auctioneer points to Giselle and hands her a flower bouquet as the first wench to be bid on. An upset Giselle responded furiously to an elderly pirate’s bid of only five pieces of silver. As the Auctioneer began the bidding, Scarlett mockingly remarked, “Five.” Giselle looks at Scarlett, smiling at the pirates and flashing a bit of leg as the bidding goes on.

The pirates laughed as the two wenches struggled, and the band’s music continued to play as other wenches tried to control Scarlett, who was biting Giselle’s leg. Giselle continuously smacks Scarlett’s bitten leg until they freeze, staring out at the pirates, who are all staring, slack-jawed, entranced.

Then, after a brief pause, chaos as the pirate band performed another song. The Marquis D’avis led a flurry of bids, bidding 200 for the pair, which the Auctioneer offered a lot. Scarlett and Giselle respond to the upturn as the guys continue with their offers until Giselle shoves Scarlett, and they resume wrestling.

A gang of destitute pirates breaks the stalemate, and Atencio walks up to offer 400, proudly declaring that they created a business. As Scarlett and Giselle kept fighting while being held by other wenches, the Marquis D’avis offered five hundred. As the offer rises, Atencio’s company meets to discuss the Marquis D’avis’ following bids, which rise to 617. When Nigel joined in, he instantly bid a goat, prompting Atencio to add a goat to their bid. The last offer of 700 pieces of silver and two goats was made by the Marquis D’avis, which the Auctioneer enthusiastically accepted, while the company was deflated.

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Tensions are high until Giselle cleared her throat to ask the Auctioneer whether he owned the stocking she was wearing (which she removed, provoking hoots from the audience and the Drunk Pirate not being able to resist his love) or a song she would sing, both of which the Auctioneer claimed. Giselle then goes up and slaps Mungard across the face. Mungard, enraged, aims his revolver at the Auctioneer, who hands Nigel the shackle key. Scarlett and Giselle run as the Auctioneer defends himself by bringing up the Code Book and declaring that everything is the fault of one man Jack Sparrow. When Mungard hears the name Sparrow, he exclaims, “Where?!?” before pulling out his firearm and shooting directly at the Auctioneer. The wenches scream as the bullet hits the Code. The Auctioneer slumps to the ground, holding the Code Book.

All of the pirates, including Mungard, are stunned. Pirates take a cautious step forward, fearful of what they will see, and glance down toward the Auctioneer’s body at the Code Book—now with a bullet in it. The pirates are scared at Mungard’s act of shooting the Code, with one pirate remarking, “Captain Teague’ll have his head.” Despite this, Mungard orders the pirates to remove the Auctioneer. Several men, including the Auctioneer’s helper, assisted in removing the Code from a bewildered Auctioneer, who stated that he had a shipment of Peruvian llamas expected in a week. Cotton and his parrot told Mungard that “mum’s the word,” and every pirate glanced at each other until Cotton and his parrot informed Mungard that “mum’s the word.”

Outside, Scarlett and Giselle made their way out of Shipwreck Cove, both swear to “re-acquaint” Jack Sparrow with her hand the next time they encounter him. Scarlett also disclosed that she removed four nails from Jack’s boat if he had cold feet at their “wedding.” Jack Sparrow is next seen attempting to drain water from his boat. Meanwhile, the Auctioneer’s helper and another pirate transported the Pirate Code Book to a chest. The Code was then tucked up in the trunk.

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Home media

On his website Wordplay, writer Terry Rossio hinted at the potential of a short film, including James Ward Byrkit’s idea of using the set. It was planned for a “trilogy ‘Treasure Chest’ DVD”. He has hinted at a special edition set since then, albeit it had been put back several times.

Vanessa Branch teased a Pirates-related project that will be launched in the fall of 2011. Even though it was developed after Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, After World’s End ended production in early December 2006, Tales of the Code Wedlocked was not revealed until around a month after the fourth feature, On Stranger Tides, was released in 2011. Disney/Buena Vista had announced that the On Stranger Tides home-video release will include the “Pirates of the Caribbean Four-Movie Collection,” a 15-disc set that included the four feature films and the short film Wedlocked.

Wedlocked director James Ward Byrkit was interviewed about the short a few days after it was announced, outlining how it came to be and how Disney allowed the idea to be developed.