Planet Minecraft | The pros and cons explained 2021

Planet Minecraft
Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft

Well, Planet Minecraft is a site for almost everything in Minecraft, with millions of users that article every day. You would hardly find a Minecraft gamer who is not familiar with Minecraft Planet. However, is it as good as it claims? We will review the pros and cons of Minecraft Planet in this article.

What’s in Minecraft Planet? 

This site involves skins, maps, mods, servers, texture packs, information packs, blogs, and informational texts on what items are/how to perform stuff/guides such as how to acquire a command block or how to get a barrier or the way to get your head, etc.. 

Blogs would be to keep you educated or the way to do stuff. Projects are mainly information on how to do things, etc. Servers may play with that creator and also have fun. 

Planet Minecraft review
Planet Minecraft review

Texture packs give you a new look in Minecraft suck, possibly as a new sun or a modern crafting table. Planet Minecraft has a lot of stuff! 

Planet Minecraft is a site where you can showcase your builds and see other players’ hard work.

It’s time to visit Planet Minecraft, a fan site devoted to Minecraft fans’ creative works around the world.

History of Planet Minecraft

In 2010, fans made the famous block game site to bring together the tremendous creative functions found on Minecraft’s planet. They aim to support the creative community by providing them with a place to display their work, see other players’ creations, and discuss their shared love of the match.

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With nearly three million total associates, the “Minecraft Planet” fair says the site is enormous. You may see other members’ works, leave feedback and support, and even download the creative works to grow your games. Members don’t have to post their job to stay on the site, and there are also discussion forums and occasions in which anyone is free to participate.

Why is Minecraft Planet so popular?

Minecraft lovers can leave feedback on the creative functions of other members and gift diamonds and emeralds to demonstrate their appreciation. You can favorite, gather, and comment on tasks within the community to show your admiration or save a hot production later.

Planet Minecraft also includes a follow’ function, which means that you can stay current with your favorite creator’s works. Why not go a step further and collect a following of your own with your creations! Every member’s home feed is personalized. With the latest works of each founder, you follow function as the first thing you visit.

You can make collections to organize and monitor your entries. Still, you also have the choice of keeping them private if you are not too hot in sharing your creations with the world. The discussion forums allow members to participate in conversations of their choosing, or even begin your discussion on anything and everything Minecraft.

The forums in Minecraft Planet

Alongside the forums and your creations, members can participate in friendly competitions, both competitive and non-competitive. Keep up to date with the event feed to see what suits you personally. Still, there are lots of criticism. Why?

Why are some individuals preventing Planet Minecraft?

There are many rule issues I will get to further down. Still, my first brush with the Planet Minecraft law enforcement was not good. I made a submission containing a skin that wasn’t in the skin section. Still, I didn’t need it downloadable- it was my skin. But I wanted to show it off. 

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I then exchanged fairly civil messages with foxhounds stopped the conversation saying’ Within an mc fan site multiple article anime and im not permitted to post an epidermis in Minecraft Planet. That is not helping the fans.’ The thing was, it’s a Minecraft website. And that I couldn’t article about the skin from the site section. And what usage is the forum if it isn’t in any way linked to your accounts, so folks going in your profile won’t visit your forum posts?

Rapture server spawns in Minecraft Planet.

Another instance happened about a month after, and I had made a rapture server spawn. However, I had not uploaded images for it yet directly of this construct. Still, I had posted photos of the layouts I had drawn. Instead of disabling my submission until I post other pictures of the actual build that I seemingly needed, my article was only deleted, without much of a word. Someone told me my project is spam, and because a waiter must proceed in the forums.

Another instance was when I asked ON the discussion, where could I post my pixel art… the response… only in the debate… why? Because Minecraft mods exist apparently, where they auto-generate pixel-art. I guess they hadn’t heard of people using terraforming mods to produce landscapes or building aids such as credit and world. 

 Why say you can’t post things on your profile when it’s Minecraft content??

If you do break the rules in Minecraft planet, there’s no talking or helpfulness. You are lucky to disable the entry and are obsessed with dealing with bans wherever possible for whatever.

I probably watched the darker side when I was on chat for a few months. I was about degree 28, with 80+ admissions of all types. 

It was one of my first times in the conversation. 

I was then requested by a member to diamond their work personally, so I said alright, but gave me a diamond. Really? Like I went out stating to folks when they bead me ill diamond them back. The mod (foxhound) couldn’t even show me the conversation area I began the plot on that says it all. 

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After I got the blame on PMs for starting it, I said, “I request help with a website bug and times later still no response. But when im asked to bead something, I say I will. If you do, im banned. 

Well done on a well-run website. I pity the job you’re doing.” What the awful mod replied-“Asking for diamonds is simply advertisements, diamond4diamond schemes are not allowed, and that’s what got you banned. If you bothered to read the principles you agreed to comply with when you register, you would get a ban.

Minecraft players are repulsive about Minecraft Planet these days.

Planet Minecraft
Planet Minecraft

I can provide a massive list of motives for Minecraft players not to sign up for Planet Minecraft. And many are above, a quick list of 7 are:

  •  Unreliable servers
  • Arrogant, trolling, assy mods
  • Poor rules on submissions
  • Lack of connectivity between forums and profile
  • Lack of mod help for questions/site bugs.
  • Lazy mods with things such as competition marking.
  • Fake figures.
  • Planet Minecraft statistics are imitation.

So what is your review about Minecraft planet?