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Minecraft Lantern
Minecraft Lantern

Overview of Minecraft Lantern

Minecraft Lantern

A lantern in Minecraft can be set on top of or hanging beneath most solid cubes. It gives a mild degree of 15, marginally more than a flashlight.

History of Minecraft Lantern

Lanterns is a possible addition to the match for several years, dating back to when Notch was functioning on Minecraft. At one time, Notch had stated with the reserve of the Lantern. Torches require altering so that they eventually burn out and would have to be re-lit together with flint and steel. All torches in a world can convert into lanterns. It needs to follow Notch, such as in gamers’ stock or at chests. Just redesign the present Minecraft torch. Since several years have passed since this announcement, and Notch no longer functions for Mojang, it’s uncertain if this may be the case.

Notch and his Minecraft Lantern

Minecraft Lantern
Minecraft Lantern

Included in the Halloween Update, glowstone got its introduction. And they were hinted by Notch as a possible item requirement to manage the still-unimplemented lanterns since it has the greatest luminescence of almost any raw material. 

That could have made lanterns relatively inaccessible and also a risky item to obtain. A second potential item to make landscapes was a nether rack. It is a block that never burns out while lit—having both of these items as components to get a lantern would have needed players to travel to the Nether if they wanted to craft one.

 Minecraft Lanterns could create light while being transported. It makes them a useful thing for investigating caves and other dark environments. But, Notch wouldn’t include torches as a cellular light source because he did not like how they looked. About June 12, 2011, Notch once again hinted he was working on lanterns.

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Minecraft Lanterns can generate on lamp posts in some types of villages after the upcoming update 1.14. Players can also craft them.

Sea Lantern Minecraft

A Sea Lantern in Minecraft is a light source that only appears underwater in and around Ocean Monuments. The sea lantern comes with an animated feel and gives a light level of 15. It’s one of just four blocks that will give off lasting light if it stays underwater, the others being Jack o’ Lanterns, glowstone, and a Redstone lamp. 

The sea lantern is more robust than a flashlight and operates on property. The sea lantern may be used like a”beacon” to help players find their way home after extended explorations. A sea lantern builds a conduit arrangement, along with prismarine brick, prismarine, and dark prismarine.

Minecraft: How to Craft a Soul Lantern

Soul Lantern Minecraft
Soul Lantern Minecraft

Minecraft Java Edition 1.16 adds a ton of new things to do, including the capability to craft Soul items. These resemble their conventional counterparts, but with slightly altered attributes, like their distinctive blue flame. Aside from the Soul Campfire along with the Soul Torch, the Soul Lantern is one such thing.

At first glance, its only apparent distinction is the fact that it burns blue. However, it does feature some critical differences concerning its attributes when compared to traditional Lantern.

Sea Lantern Minecraft

Besides its blue fire, the other noticeable difference is that traditional Lanterns burn off a lot brighter than Soul Lanterns. Soul Lanterns burn a moderate level of 10, while the fundamental Lantern burns 15.

Much like Minecraft’s other Soul products, the Soul Lantern keeps Piglins away. These are impartial enemies using bribes to stay away if they become aggressive. But utilizing a Soul Lantern is a far more effective strategy (unless you want to trade with a Piglin).

Soul Lanterns also don’t melt snow or ice, so bear that in mind when producing big, suspended structures.

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The Soul Lantern Minecraft guide

Now that you have determined to craft a Soul Lantern, you’ll need to see The Nether collect one of those materials necessary to create it. If you have been following our Soul thing guides (connected to the end of this guide), you could already have everything you want to make a Soul Lantern.

For into The Nether, you’ll need to craft a portal site with all the following ingredients:

  • 14 Obsidian
  • 1 Flint and Steel
  • 1 Fire Charge

You’ll have to craft one by using these materials:

  • 1 Stick
  • One Soul Sand
  • 1 Charcoal

The thing you want to be on the watch for is Soul Sand, which is found below Y=65 at Nether Wastes, below four-block-deep layers. Soul Sand locates in The Nether.

If you are having trouble locating Soul Sand, you might want to search for it in Nether Wart Rooms within Fortresses, where it will spawn naturally.

Soul Sand

Soul Sand block

When you have the Soul Torch, you can combine the items required to create a Soul Lantern. The materials are:

  • 1 Soul Torch
  • 8 Iron Nuggets

After crafting the Soul Lantern, you should know where to place the materials inside the crafting table. As shown by the crafting image above, you’ll require the Soul Torch in the middle square, surrounded by the 8 Iron Nuggets.

At this point, you’re free to place Soul Lanterns at which you please, just like regular Lanterns.

Minecraft: How to Generate Jack o Lantern
Minecraft: How to Generate Jack o Lantern

Minecraft: How to Generate Jack o Lantern

Even though it’s been out for more than ten years, Minecraft is very popular as ever. The imagination that the game provides players remains almost infinite, letting you go on adventures and build a small number of things that create other exciting items.

No matter if it’s PC or console, the first thing you’ll need to perform to generate a Jack o Lantern in Minecraft is to collect the necessary stuff.

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To be precise, this luminous pumpkin head needs players to find and combine a torch with a carved pumpkin.

You can find Torches throughout the entire world. Still, you create it by mixing charcoal or coal with a pole. Make sure that the charcoal is on the top middle of this 3×3 grid. Together with the stick right under it, directly in the middle.


Now that you have got the light, look round the planet for pumpkins. As plants, pumpkins are often only found in the Extreme Hills biome or even Plains biome.

All these are essential for carving out the pumpkin to make the face of the Jack o Lantern.


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Move aside, trusty pig, there’s a new most-graceful ride in town! Just slap on a saddle, dangle some warped fungus from a stick, and across the lava you soar!

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Sheer Minecraft

Make Sheers with two iron ingots. Put one in the top middle of this 3×3 crafting grid and the other in the left middle area to get sheers.

Use the sheers on the pumpkin to create a carved pumpkin, then put it at the upper-middle slot, with the flashlight right below it at the center of this grid.

Now that you have crafted this brilliant pumpkin mind, you may make sentient beings like Iron Golem and Snowman. Alongside the introduction of life, making these animals results in building helpful things such as the Snowball Farm. It is a farm that provides you unlimited snowballs through the home of a Snowman.

That should cover all you need to know about how to create Jack o Lanterns in Minecraft.