Play dnd online on Discord | Beginners guide to Avrae & bot

Play dnd online on Discord | Beginners guide to Avrae & bot

How to play d&d online on discord?

Avrae is a Discord bot that helps you and your friends to play D&D online. The best results comes from a small group of people playing with a storyteller (DM). There are simple ways to play dnd online on Discord. However, you can also play D&D with just one or two people or with the whole group. You can even find modules and apps specifically for this purpose. Here is a quick checklist to get your Discord server up and running so you can play D&D with D&D beyond.

Checklist for Discord in D&D

  • If you don’t have Discord, sign up.
  • To set up your Discord server that is D&D-focused, you can use my Discord D&D template.
  • You can watch Ginny Di’s video about online D&D table etiquette and then pass it on to your players.
  • To share dice rolls among your players, use the D&D Beyond campaign log.
  • You can create an enhanced “theater of your mind” combat style by taking screenshots from dungeon locations and places and pasting them into a dedicated “maps & handouts” channel.
  • To augment Theater of the Mind combat, you can use a text-based battle map to show relative positions of characters or monsters during combat in your Discord channel.
  • Owlbear Rodeo is a lightweight, no-frills virtual battlefield map.
  • Allow players to use the tools that they are most comfortable with. The most important thing is that you are playing D&D.
  • Recommendations to players include muting their microphones when they are not speaking or using “push to speak” to avoid any cross-talk.

Why is there so much conflict?

There are so many options, so why choose Discord to play D&D online on the internet? Here are some reasons why Discord is the best platform for D&D online.

  • It’s completely free.
  • It supports clients for smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and tablets.
  • It supports D&D, including the Avrae discord bot.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Audio and video quality are excellent.
  • Text chat is great and allows you to upload images.
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Discord allows me to roll dice.

Digital dice for Discord. You can send your D&D Beyond rolls to Discord channels. You can integrate D&D Beyond’s Digital Dice into your Discord* character sheet. After the extension is installed, you will see a small icon for dice in the upper right corner of your browser. It offers everything you need to play D&D online.

Sharing visuals in a “Maps and Handouts Text Channel.”

Most of our D&D games can be played over voice chat. On top, Discord allows us to drop images in the channel for pictures of NPCs and locations, handouts or maps, as well as parts of maps. Drag and drop an image into the chat channel. You can also paste it from your clipboard or upload it by clicking on the + button next to the chatbox. It would be best to create a “maps & handouts” text channel in your D&D Discord server. Then lock down the write permissions to only the DM to allow you to add images but not your players.

Screenshot Maps for Augmented Theater of the Mind

Theater of the Mind Combat is a favorite of mine, and it’s a great way to play D&D online. Roll20 allows you to run tactical grid-based combat online, but it has a steep learning curve and requires full PCs or laptops.

You can also run an augmented theater of mind instead of tactical combat. Players can upload screenshots of maps or pieces to the “maps & handouts” channel and ask them questions about where they are. Even if tokens are not displayed for monsters or characters, players will find it helpful to see a map. It is enough to know the general layout of an area.

You can also use this method to explore dungeons. It is possible to take a complete dungeon map. Or you may screen capture the relevant sections and then crop them and upload them onto Discord while the characters explore the dungeon. You can use a lasso-style copy/paste tool to cut out the exact map area that you want to show the players. Windows supports this feature by pressing Win, Shift, and S simultaneously. Screenshot Maker, a third-party application for Macs, allows you to use a lasso tool to copy a portion of an image.

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D&D Beyond’s Campaign Log: Sharing Dice

D&D Beyond allows players to share their dice rolls with other characters in the same campaign. You can also create encounters tied to these campaigns and share the monster dice rolls in the same log as a DM. It is a great way for groups to share dice rolls and doesn’t require any additional settings in Discord.

You can add the Avrae discord bot to your server to pass dice rolls to Discord. Also, you can connect Discord to D&D Beyond from your D&D Beyond account. To share their dice rolls in Discord, your players will need to do the same thing. After your accounts have been connected, you can type “@campaign URL” to link your D&D Beyond campaign and characters to your Discord bot.

It is easier to keep the dice rolls in D&D Beyond’s campaign log and use Discord to text chat. That does not require any plug-ins or bots.

D&D Beyond: Running Initiative

D&D Beyond Encounter Builder allows you to add initiative results and manage a battle from D&D Beyond. You can choose to roll with either the in-app dice rolling system or your dice. The encounter builder allows you to add your results to the initiative tracker and start the races. You can roll damage and monster attacks right from your encounter page. This information can be kept private or passed to the campaign long, passing it through Avrae.

The problem is that you cannot share your initiative results with other players. You may create a D&D Beyond initiative parser. To copy the entire D&D Beyond encounter page, press “Control A” or “Control C.” Then paste the page into the parser’s field. You will receive a text version of the initiative that you can copy into Discord. It will allow your players to see the order of initiative. D&D Beyond should add a way for players to see the initiative results in the future.

Is it possible to play D&D online with no DM?

Endless RPG: The Random Dungeon Generator (D&D 5e & Pathfinder 1e). Endless RPG was designed to be flexible enough to play without a dedicated DM. It uses an iPhone, iPad, and Android device to present a random adventure user-friendly.


Alternative Initiative: Avrae is an easy and fast way to start an initiative roll

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Avrae offers a great feature that I find extremely useful for the DM: rolling initiative for all characters at once. You can create an alias in Avrae that automatically rolls initiative for all characters and a default creature with a single command. This trick does not require D&D Beyond-integrated characters. Instead, you create a single alias that rolls initiative for all characters and the default monster. If you are in Discord and have Avrae installed, edit the following text to reflect the character of your game. Then paste it all into the Discord chat channel.

  • !alias rollinit multiline
  • !init end
  • !init start
  • !init add 1 Banner
  • !init Add 3 Shane
  • !init add 2 to Xi
  • !init add 3 Sabre
  • !init add 2 Shift
  • !init add 3 Zarantyr
  • !init add 1 Monsters
  • !init List

The initiative modifiers for each character are indicated by the numbers above. After doing this, you can type “!rollinit” It will roll initiative for all characters and the default monster. You can modify the monster’s initiative bonus or add multiple monsters for more complex battles. It’s something I don’t bother with.

The next step is “!init next”, or the shortcut “!! n,” which will take you from one turn to another. Discord keeps the initiative as a pinned message so that people can see it whenever they need to. After combat is completed, you can type “!init ending” to confirm it is over.

This method of the rolling initiative is quicker if your players are willing to let the system do it.

Discord: An easy, free, and powerful way to play D&D online

Use Discord Avrae. You can import character sheets directly into D&D Beyond. It also has an initiative tracker, which allows players to join together with their loaded characters. I can also add monsters to it. It simply requires that the players type a command into Discord. The program calculates the attack hit, damage, and other factors that will require a die roll. Because all modifiers have been loaded into the program, it makes skill checks easy. You can even add your homebrew creations to it. It allows you to make friends and chat in Discord. Then, you can use voice or video chats to play.

Everyone rolls real physical dice at their desks, no matter where they are located in the world. The DM describes the things, not using a map. They might also add some illustrations to the text chat (“The monster looks like this,” “here’s how the tavern looks on the inside”), etc. Once you have found the best playstyle for you, you can decide how deep you want to integrate. Discord is more popular and easy way to play D&D online. You can choose any system that you like to play D&D online. We must play D&D with friends and family. It has never been more crucial than it is now.