Pokemon Insurgence Best Team & Pokedex Locations

Pokemon Insurgence Best Team & Pokedex Locations

Pokemon Insurgence Best Team & Pokemon insurgence pokedex locations

In this article, we will discuss the best team of Pokemon Insurgence & Pokemon insurgence pokedex locations.

What is Pokemon Insurgence?

Pokémon Insurgence is a fan-made game based on Pokémon Essentials with thousands of players! The game includes features such as new custom mega evolutions,  new regions to explore, and a complete online trading system.

The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive guide with all available information about Pokémon Insurgence. If you have any unanswered questions after reading this article, ask them in the comments section!

Things You Need To Know About Pokemon Insurgence Best Team

Over the years, the Pokemon franchise has introduced some experimental mechanics and has tried to outdo itself over and over again. However, sometimes fans leave themselves to tweak and improve the games they grow up to create their own unique concept games.

Pokemon Insurgence introduces players to a new adventure in the Torren Region. With new Pokémon strains, difficulties, and online presence, Pokemon Insurgence brings a whole new life to the traditional Pokémon experience. A life full of improved mechanics, a legendary Pokémon cult, and a story never seen before. For fans looking to invest in their new journey, there are a few things you need to know about Pokemon Insurgence before you start.

1.    Online Trading System

In the Pokemon franchise, trading was an absolute thing. In the initial release, players had to exchange Pokémon using special accessories called link cables, and players who wanted to exchange them had to physically reside in the same area. It wasn’t until generation 6 that players were free to trade their creatures online, and the latest version of the franchise made trading easier.

2.    Extensive End Game

Endgame content has always been a favorite part of the Pokemon franchise. From the moment players first encounter Mewtwo to hunting down all the Ultra Beasts, there were some pretty surprising moments at the end of the Pokémon game. Pokemon Insurgence hopes to continue this tradition by providing a large amount of post-game content, including 13 additional quests to challenge players.

3.    Character Customization

A popular feature introduced in Generation 6, Pokemon Insurgence, allows players to customize their avatar. At the start of the game, the player has to choose from three avatars with different hair colors and skin colors. However, the game still respects the “Male” or “Female” gender option. Later, if the player continues, they can change their clothes and hairstyle. You can exchange them at Pokemon Centers in major cities.

4.    Delta Pokemon

Delta Pokemon can only be seen in fan games. The type and shape of this Pokemon are different from the original Pokemon. Resembling a local variant, this Pokémon relied on the idea of ​​scientifically transforming it to make it “perfect”. Each Delta Pokémon has a shiny variant.

5.    Challenges Modes

A variety of custom challenge modes are popular among Pokémon fans. Instead of making them free recommendations, Pokemon Insurgence has made the rules more specific by including them as selectable options. Examples of challenge modes include the Nuzlocke, which prevents players from bringing unconscious Pokémon until the game runs out of Pokémon available, and all Pokémon (Trainer-owned and wild), gifts, eggs, NPC offers, and found on the ground. one thing.

Pokemon Insurgence Best Team

Here is a list of Pokémon that will make Pokémon Insurgency the best team to win the challenge.

1.    Eevee Team

The Eevee starter allows you to create the best Pokemon Insurgence team lineup. This is because the Eevee in this game can evolve into 7 different types. As with all Pokémon teams in all games, it stands out quite a bit. The Eevee you get at the start of the game is far more powerful than the three  Delta Bulbasaur, Delta Charmander, and Delta Squirtle, and Eevee can mega-evolve into one of the seven Eevee Evolutions. Eevee will definitely be a good choice for your team.

2.    Delta Bulbasaur/Venusaur

The evolution line of Delta Bulbasaur is a psychic/magic type tree. This means that your little Bulbasaur and subsequent evolution can do massive damage with good Sp. Attack and Sp. protect. A good move for him is to calm his mind and increase his SP further. Attack and Sp. protect. Having MoonBlast and Psychic is a good offensive move, the latter is up to you. The Delta Venusaur can be a good damage dealer, but it’s also durable.

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3.    Delta Charmander

The Ghost/Dragon-type Delta Charmander line unleashes attack power and speed. The nice thing about this line is that it has a high Sp. attack and speed. Basically, he can potentially attack first most of the time and do massive damage. Armed with the movements of ghosts and dragons that can be powerful. He is also immune to normal and combat types and has a lot of resistance.

4.    Delta Squirtle/Blastoise

Finally,  the Delta Squirtle line is a dark/combat type. It completely negates psychic attacks and resists some types. The strength of this line is that it is a very defensive and brave Pokémon. There is good protection and Sp. Moderate attack as well as defense. It is lagging behind because this line can be very slow. You may want to focus more on the other Pokémon on your team, as the Delta Squirtle lane is a good starting point for the move.

Pokemon insurgence pokedex locations

Dex Pokémon Location      Type
#001 Bulbasaur Nasca Town, Route 14, Route 17 Grass Poison
#002 Ivysaur Friend Safari Grass Poison
#003 Venusaur Narra Town Grass Poison
#004 Charmander Route 3, Nasca Town, Mount Rose Fire
#005 Charmeleon Friend Safari Fire
#006 Charizard Dragon Ruins, Victory Road, Holon Volcano, Route 17 Fire Flying
#007 Squirtle Koril Town, Route 4, Nasca Town Water
#008 Wartortle Friend Safari Water
#009 Blastoise Nexa Town, Victory Road Water
#010 Caterpie Shade Forest, Friend Safari Bug
#011 Metapod Evolve only Bug
#012 Butterfree Murk Forest, Void Gauntlet, Holon Marsh Bug Flying
#013 Weedle Shade Forest, Friend Safari Bug Poison
#014 Kakuna Evolve only Bug Poison
#015 Beedrill Murk Forest, Void Gauntlet Bug Poison
#016 Pidgey Friend Safari Normal Flying
#017 Pidgeotto Evolve only Normal Flying
#018 Pidgeot Soaring Normal Flying
#019 Rattata Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Normal
#020 Raticate Route 9, Void Gauntlet Normal
#021 Spearow Friend Safari Normal Flying
#022 Fearow Route 15, Route 4 Normal Flying
#023 Ekans Friend Safari Poison
#024 Arbok Slither Forest Poison
#025 Pikachu Shade Forest, Friend Safari Electric
#026 Raichu Evolve only Electric
#027 Sandshrew Ancient Ruins, Friend Safari Ground
#028 Sandslash Safari Zone, Void Gauntlet Ground
#029 Nidoran♀ Shade Forest Poison
#030 Nidorina Friend Safari Poison
#031 Nidoqueen Mount Rose, Friend Safari Poison Ground
#032 Nidoran♂ Shade Forest Poison
#033 Nidorino Friend Safari Poison
#034 Nidoking Friend Safari Poison Ground
#035 Clefairy Torren Game Corner, Friend Safari Fairy
#036 Clefable Mount Rose, Cortisol Road, Holon Lake Fairy
#037 Vulpix Breeding only Fire
#038 Ninetales Route 9, Cortisol Road, Friend Safari Fire
#039 Jigglypuff Friend Safari Normal Fairy
#040 Wigglytuff Route 8 Normal Fairy
#041 Zubat Dark Cave, Midna Mine, Void Gauntlet Poison Flying
#042 Golbat Dark Cave, Ancient Tower, Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Poison Flying
#043 Oddish Friend Safari Grass Poison
#044 Gloom Friend Safari Grass Poison
#045 Vileplume Murk Forest Grass Poison
#046 Paras Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Bug Grass
#047 Parasect Route 13 Bug Grass
#048 Venonat Friend Safari Bug Poison
#049 Venomoth Murk Forest Bug Poison
#050 Diglett Telnor Cave, Friend Safari Ground
#051 Dugtrio Rezzai Cavern, Safari Zone, Fiery Caverns Ground
#052 Meowth Route 1, Friend Safari Normal
#053 Persian Evolve only Normal
#054 Psyduck Misty Way, Mist Island, Friend Safari Water
#055 Golduck Holon Lake, Gaea Town Water
#056 Mankey Friend Safari Fighting
#057 Primeape Route 9 Fighting
#058 Growlithe Crossroads, Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Fire
#059 Arcanine Mount Rose Fire
#060 Poliwag Shade Forest, Midna Mine, Route 15, Route 16, Settlement Oscar, Holon Undercave, Route 17 Water
#061 Poliwhirl Route 4, Nexa Border, Nexa Town, Holon Undercave, Friend Safari Water
#062 Poliwrath Mount Rose Water Fighting
#063 Abra Dark Cave, Route 4, Torren Game Corner, Friend Safari Psychic
#064 Kadabra Dark Cave Psychic
#065 Alakazam Evolve only Psychic
#066 Machop Suntouched City Fighting
#067 Machoke Miara Town, Samsara Cave, Friend Safari Fighting
#068 Machamp Victory Road, Holon Desert Fighting
#069 Bellsprout Breeding only Grass Poison
#070 Weepinbell Crossroads, Friend Safari Grass Poison
#071 Victreebel Evolve only Grass Poison
#072 Tentacool Midna Garden, Ancient Ruins, Metchi Town, Route 3, Crystal Caves, Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose, Mount Rose (int.), Holon Grasslands, Friend Safari Water Poison
#073 Tentacruel Koril Town, Cave of Steam, Miara Town, Stormy Seas, Whirl Islands, Route 9, Sonata City, Sonata Hills, Route 10, Maelstrom 9, Kepler City, Route 11, Nasca Town, Nasca Cave, Murk Forest, Hekate Town, Fiery Caverns, Route 12, Selene City, Route 13, Holon Marsh, Holon Lake, Holon Mountain, Mountainous Cave Water Poison
#074 Geodude Telnor Cave, Dark Cave, Midna Mine, Ancient Ruins, Cyan Cavern, Cave of Steam, Whirl Islands Rock Ground
#075 Graveler Dark Cave, Samsara Cave, Rezzai Cavern, Friend Safari, Void Gauntlet Rock Ground
#076 Golem Whirl Islands, Mount Rose (int.), Holon Pyramid, Holon Undercave, Mountainous Cave Rock Ground
#077 Ponyta Route 1, Route 4, Friend Safari Fire
#078 Rapidash Route 8 Fire
#079 Slowpoke Crossroads, Nexa Border, Nexa Town, Friend Safari Water Psychic
#080 Slowbro Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose, Mount Rose (int.), Void Gauntlet, Victory Road, Holon Grasslands Route 17, Gaea Town Water Psychic
#081 Magnemite Cyan Cavern, Suntouched Exitway, Friend Safari Electric Steel
#082 Magneton Friend Safari Electric Steel
#083 Farfetch’d Route 6, Friend Safari Normal Flying
#084 Doduo Route 4, Mount Rose, Friend Safari Normal Flying
#085 Dodrio Holon Marsh Normal Flying
#086 Seel Midna Mine, Holon Undercave, Friend Safari Water
#087 Dewgong Route 3, Metchi Town, Route 6, Route 7, Oranos Town, Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose, Mount Rose (int.), Deyraan Town, Holon Grasslands, Settlement Oscar, Holon Mountain, Route 17 Water Ice
#088 Grimer Vipik Dump, Helios Sewers, Void Gauntlet Poison
#089 Muk Friend Safari Poison
#090 Shellder Midna Garden, Suntouched Exitway, Route 4, Friend Safari Water
#091 Cloyster Midna Garden, Suntouched Exitway, Koril Town, Water Ice
#092 Gastly Shade Forest, Midna Town, Void Gauntlet Ghost Poison
#093 Haunter Miara Town, Hekate Town, Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Ghost Poison
#094 Gengar Utira Library, REM Ocean, Holon Pyramid, Nightmare Badlands, Rem Village Ghost Poison
#095 Onix Telnor Cave, Cyan Cavern, Suntouched Exitway, Rezzai Cavern, Friend Safari Rock Ground
#096 Drowzee Route 16, Cortisol Road, Friend Safari Psychic
#097 Hypno REM Ocean Psychic
#098 Krabby Dark Cave, Route 2, Suntouched City, Route 3, Metchi Town, Route 4, Friend Safari Water
#099 Kingler Dark Cave, Koril Town, Whirl Islands, Safari Zone, Amphitrite City, Crystal Caves, Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose, Mount Rose (int.), Deyraan Cave, Route 16, Narra Town, Narra Border, Nexa Town, Victory Road, Holon Grasslands, Settlement Oscar, Holon Undercave, Mountainous Cave Water
#100 Voltorb Friend Safari Electric
#101 Electrode Victory Road Electric
#102 Exeggcute Midna Garden, Friend Safari Grass Psychic
#103 Exeggutor Evolve only Grass Psychic
#104 Cubone Telnor Cave, Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Ground
#105 Marowak Samsara Cave, Rezzai Cavern, Cave of Steam, Safari Zone, Holon Desert, Holon Undercave Ground
#106 Hitmonlee Koril Cave, Route 12 Fighting
#107 Hitmonchan Koril Cave, Route 12 Fighting
#108 Lickitung Route 16, Friend Safari Normal
#109 Koffing Helios Sewers, Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Poison
#110 Weezing Void Gauntlet Poison
#111 Rhyhorn Cave of Steam Ground Rock
#112 Rhydon Friend Safari Ground Rock
#113 Chansey Route 8, Friend Safari Normal
#114 Tangela Friend Safari Grass
#115 Kangaskhan Route 8, Narra Town, Nexa Border, Settlement Oscar, Friend Safari Normal
#116 Horsea Route 14, Oranos Town, Route 16, Nexa Town, Misty Way, Mist Island, Route 17 Water
#117 Seadra Route 5, Oranos Town, Amphitrite City, Deyraan Cave, Holon Undercave, Friend Safari Water
#118 Goldeen Midna Mine, Crystal Caves, Nexa Town, Nexa Border, Victory Road, Settlement Oscar, Friend Safari Water
#119 Seaking Midna Mine, Route 6, Route 7, Maelstrom 9, Route 14, Route 15, Holon Mountain, Mountainous Cave Water
#120 Staryu Route 2, Route 3, Metchi Town, Route 4, Route 15, Crystal Caves, Holon Undercave, Friend Safari Water
#121 Starmie Koril Town, Cave of Steam, Crystal Caves, Mount Rose (int.), Deyraan Cave, Holon Lake Water Psychic
#122 Mr. Mime Friend Safari Psychic Fairy
#123 Scyther Torren Game Corner, Route 11, Friend Safari Bug Flying
#124 Jynx Victory Road, No Man’s Land, Friend Safari Ice Psychic
#125 Electabuzz Friend Safari Electric
#126 Magmar Fiery Caverns, Friend Safari Fire
#127 Pinsir Torren Game Corner, Narra Town, Friend Safari Bug
#128 Tauros Route 17, Friend Safari Normal
#129 Magikarp Shade Forest, Telnor Cave, Route 1, Midna Garden, Ancient Ruins, Cyan Cavern, Suntouched Exitway, Koril Town, Route 6, Route 7, Cave of Steam, Stormy Seas, Whirl Islands, Route 9, Sonata City, Sonata Hills, Route 10, Maelstrom 9, Kepler City, Route 11, Nasca Town, Safari Zone, Nasca Cave, Murk Forest, Hekate Town, Fiery Caverns, Route 12, Selene City, Route 13, Dragon Ruins, Oranos Town, Holon Volcano, REM Ocean, Nightmare Badlands, Rem Village, Friend Safari Water
#130 Gyarados Shade Forest, Telnor Cave, Route 1, Midna Garden, Ancient Ruins, Cyan Cavern, Suntouched Exitway, Samsara Cave, Rezzai Cavern, Cave of Steam, Stormy Seas, Whirl Islands, Route 9, Sonata City, Sonata Hills, Route 10, Maelstrom 9, Kepler City, Route 11, Nasca Town, Safari Zone, Nasca Cave, Murk Forest, Hekate Town, Fiery Caverns, Route 12, Selene City, Dragon Ruins, Route 13, Oranos Town, Route 15, Crystal Caves, Misty Way, Mist Island Water Flying
#131 Lapras Route 6, Route 7, Cave of Steam, Crystal Caves, Deyraan Cave, Holon Mountain, Mountainous Cave, Friend Safari Water Ice
#132 Ditto Crossroads, Holon Lake, No Man’s Land, Friend Safari Normal
#133 Eevee Starter Pokémon, Torren Game Corner, Friend Safari Normal
#134 Vaporeon Evolve only Water
#135 Jolteon Friend Safari Electric
#136 Flareon Safari Zone, Rose Crater Fire
#137 Porygon Torren Game Corner, Friend Safari Normal
#138 Omanyte Helix Fossil, Science Mission 1, Friend Safari Rock Water
#139 Omastar Safari Zone, Narra Border Rock Water
#140 Kabuto Dome Fossil, Friend Safari Rock Water
#141 Kabutops Science Mission 1, Koril Cave, Narra Border, Mountainous Cave Rock Water
#142 Aerodactyl Old Amber, Friend Safari Rock Flying
#143 Snorlax Route 8 Normal
#144 Articuno No Man’s Land Ice Flying
#145 Zapdos Suntouched City Electric Flying
#146 Moltres Void Gauntlet Fire Flying
#147 Dratini Midna Garden, Suntouched Exitway, Oranos Town, Amphitrite City, Route 17, Gaea Town Dragon
#148 Dragonair Route 5, Oranos Town, Deyraan Cave, Holon Lake, Holon Undercave, Friend Safari Dragon
#149 Dragonite Victory Road, Soaring Dragon Flying
#150 Mewtwo Perfection Base, Battle Frontier (Shadow forme) Psychic
#151 Mew Crystal Caves Psychic
#152 Chikorita Torren Game Corner Grass
#153 Bayleef Holon Jungle, Friend Safari Grass
#154 Meganium Evolve only Grass
#155 Cyndaquil Route 4, Sonata City Fire
#156 Quilava Friend Safari Fire
#157 Typhlosion Evolve only Fire
#158 Totodile Route 2 Water
#159 Croconaw Route 5, Cave of Steam, Friend Safari Water
#160 Feraligatr Safari Zone, Dragon Ruins Water
#161 Sentret Friend Safari Normal
#162 Furret Route 16, Narra Town Normal
#163 Hoothoot Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Normal Flying
#164 Noctowl Holon Mountain Normal Flying
#165 Ledyba Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Bug Flying
#166 Ledian Narra Town Bug Flying
#167 Spinarak Friend Safari Bug Poison
#168 Ariados Murk Forest Bug Poison
#169 Crobat Evolve only Poison Flying
#170 Chinchou Route 4, Safari Zone, Dragon Ruins, Deyraan Cave, Holon Mountain, Mountainous Cave, Friend Safari Water Electric
#171 Lanturn Route 5, Koril Town, Koril Cave, Route 6, Route 7, Cave of Steam, Route 8, Miara Town, Stormy Seas, Whirl Islands, Route 9, Sonata City, Sonata Hills, Route 10, Maelstrom 9, Kepler City, Route 11, Nasca Town, Safari Zone, Nasca Cave, Murk Forest, Hekate Town, Fiery Caverns, Route 12, Selene City, Route 13, Dragon Ruins, Route 14, Holon Grasslands, Holon Lake, Holon Undercave, Holon Mountain, Mountainous Cave Water Electric
#172 Pichu Breeding only Electric
#173 Cleffa Breeding only Fairy
#174 Igglybuff Breeding only Normal Fairy
#175 Togepi Vipik City Fairy
#176 Togetic Friend Safari Fairy Flying
#177 Natu Suntouched City, Friend Safari Psychic Flying
#178 Xatu Evolve only Psychic Flying
#179 Mareep Torren Game Corner Electric
#180 Flaaffy Route 13, Friend Safari Electric
#181 Ampharos Evolve only Electric
#182 Bellossom Route 13 Grass
#183 Marill Route 2, Metchi Town, Friend Safari Water Fairy
#184 Azumarill Route 10, Route 16, Narra Town, Nexa Town, Victory Road Water Fairy
#185 Sudowoodo Route 3, Nasca Town, Nasca Cave, Friend Safari Rock
#186 Politoed Route 10, Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose, Holon Marsh Water
#187 Hoppip Route 1, Route 4, Friend Safari Grass Flying
#188 Skiploom Route 4, Soaring Grass Flying
#189 Jumpluff Mysterious Hideaway Grass Flying
#190 Aipom Holon Jungle, Friend Safari Normal
#191 Sunkern Miara Town, Friend Safari Grass
#192 Sunflora Evolve only Grass
#193 Yanma Friend Safari Bug Flying
#194 Wooper Telnor Cave, Cyan Cavern, Friend Safari Water Ground
#195 Quagsire Misty Way, Samsara Cave, Rezzai Cavern, Stormy Seas, Mount Rose (int.), Deyraan Cave, Holon Undercave Water Ground
#196 Espeon Holon Pyramid Psychic
#197 Umbreon Holon Pyramid Dark
#198 Murkrow Friend Safari Dark Flying
#199 Slowking Crystal Caves Water Psychic
#200 Misdreavus Friend Safari Ghost
#201 Unown Holon Pyramid, Gaea Core, Alpha Temple, Friend Safari Psychic
#202 Wobbuffet Evolve only Psychic
#203 Girafarig Safari Zone, Route 14, Misty Way, Friend Safari Normal Psychic
#204 Pineco Void Gauntlet, Friend Safari Bug
#205 Forretress Evolve only Bug Steel
#206 Dunsparce Crossroads, Mount Rose, Friend Safari Normal
#207 Gligar Friend Safari Ground Flying
#208 Steelix Mount Rose (int.), Void Gauntlet Steel Ground
#209 Snubbull Friend Safari Fairy
#210 Granbull Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose Fairy
#211 Qwilfish Telnor Cave, Dark Cave, Route 4, Crossroads, Koril Town, Koril Cave, Samsara Cave, Rezzai Cavern, Route 6, Route 7, Stormy Seas, Whirl Islands, Route 9, Sonata City, Sonata Hills, Route 10, Kepler City, Route 11, Nasca Town, Safari Zone, Nasca Cave, Murk Forest, Hekate Town, Fiery Caverns, Route 12, Selene City, Route 13, Dragon Ruins, Deyraan Cave, Gaea Town, Friend Safari Water Poison
#212 Scizor Mount Rose, Friend Safari Bug Steel
#213 Shuckle Midna Mine, Cyan Cavern, Suntouched Exitway, Cave of Steam, Nasca Town, Nasca Cave, Route 15, Friend Safari Bug Rock
#214 Heracross Torren Game Corner, Mt. Rose Base, Mount Rose, Narra Town, Friend Safari Bug Fighting
#215 Sneasel Vipik City, Route 14, Friend Safari Dark Ice
#216 Teddiursa Friend Safari Normal
#217 Ursaring Mount Rose (int.) Normal
#218 Slugma Cave of Steam, Utira Town, Miara Town, Friend Safari Fire
#219 Magcargo Cave of Steam, Fiery Caverns, Rose Crater, Infernal Dungeon, Upper Mantle, Deep Mantle Fire Rock
#220 Swinub Breeding Only Ice Ground
#221 Piloswine Friend Safari Ice Ground
#222 Corsola Midna Town, Route 2, Suntouched City, Route 4, Koril Town, Utira Town, Route 8, Miara Town, Safari Zone, Dragon Ruins, Oranos Town, Route 15, Crystal Caves, Mt. Rose Base, Narra Town, Narra Border, Friend Safari Water Rock
#223 Remoraid Shade Forest, Route 2, Ancient Ruins, Suntouched City, Cave of Steam, Utira Town, Route 8, Miara Town, Crystal Caves, Route 16, Victory Road, Holon Marsh, Friend Safari Water
#224 Octillery Shade Forest, Route 2, Suntouched City, Cave of Steam, Utira Town, Miara Town, Route 8, Route 14, Route 15, Amphitrite City, Mt. Rose Base, Victory Road, Holon Grasslands, Settlement Oscar Water
#225 Delibird Safari Zone, Friend Safari Ice Flying
#226 Mantine Route 3, Miara Town, Route 16, Holon Lake Water Flying
#227 Skarmory Soaring, Friend Safari Steel Flying
#228 Houndour Friend Safari Dark Fire
#229 Houndoom Route 8, Rose Crater, Infernal Dungeon, Upper Mantle, Deep Mantle Dark Fire
#230 Kingdra Maelstrom 9, Nasca Town, Safari Zone Water Dragon
#231 Phanpy Midna Mine, Route 10, Friend Safari Ground
#232 Donphan Safari Zone, Void Gauntlet Ground
#233 Porygon2 Evolve only Normal
#234 Stantler Mt. Rose Base, Friend Safari Normal
#235 Smeargle Helios City, Gaea Core, Friend Safari Normal
#236 Tyrogue Ancient Ruins, Friend Safari Fighting
#237 Hitmontop Koril Cave, Route 12 Fighting
#238 Smoochum Torren Game Corner Ice Psychic
#239 Elekid Midna Town Electric
#240 Magby Erebus City Fire
#241 Miltank Route 11, Friend Safari Normal
#242 Blissey Evolve only Normal
#243 Raikou Roaming encounter after subjugating Arceus Electric
#244 Entei Roaming encounter after subjugating Arceus Fire
#245 Suicune Roaming encounter after subjugating Arceus Water
#246 Larvitar Breeding only Rock Ground
#247 Pupitar Samsara Cave, Selene City, Friend Safari, Void Gauntlet Rock Ground
#248 Tyranitar Victory Road, Holon Volcano Rock Dark
#249 Lugia Whirl Islands Psychic Flying
#250 Ho-Oh Ancient Tower Fire Flying
#251 Celebi Gaea Town Psychic Grass
#252 Treecko Route 9 Grass
#253 Grovyle Friend Safari Grass
#254 Sceptile Route 11, Safari Zone, Dragon Ruins, Mt. Rose Base, Holon Grasslands Grass
#255 Torchic Rose Crater Fire
#256 Combusken Friend Safari Fire Fighting
#257 Blaziken Evolve only Fire Fighting
#258 Mudkip Route 4, Route 9 Water
#259 Marshtomp Friend Safari Water Ground
#260 Swampert Cave of Steam, Narra Border, Nexa Border, Water Ground
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Bottom Line

This article involves just a few good suggestions for the best Pokemon Insurgence team & Pokedex Locations. There are always factors that require customizing your teams, such as the gym principal’s team composition and typing strength. You should also consider things like nature and items.