Pokemon Order And Chaos Guide | Walkthrough, Starters, Pokedex And Cheat Codes?

Pokemon Order And Chaos Guide | Walkthrough, Starters, Pokedex And Cheat Codes?

Pokemon Order And Chaos Guide | Walkthrough, Starters, Pokedex And Cheat Codes?

Pokemon Order and Chaos is an entirely fan-made game with a unique plot, Pokemon, and gameplay mechanics. There needs to be a guide or walkthrough for the game. However, you can find plenty of information online, including YouTube videos and forum discussions. The Pokemon included in Pokemon Order and Chaos are Leocot Gillrunt, Leocot, and Skormurai. The Pokedex isn’t complete but is believed to hold more than 150 Pokemon. There aren’t any cheat codes available for Pokemon Order and Chaos.

The Ultimate Pokemon Order And Chaos Guide: Walkthrough, Starters, Pokedex, And Cheat CodesThe Ultimate Pokemon Order And Chaos Guide: Walkthrough, Starters, Pokedex, And Cheat Codes

Begin a journey unlike Pokemon Order and Chaos, where the elements of Chaos and Order combine to create an unforgettable game experience. As an avid player, you’ll discover an exciting world filled with adventure, challenges, and chances to become a top Pokemon trainer. This guide provides you with the information you need to excel in this ever-changing world.

Getting Started

Before stepping into the thrilling world of Pokemon Order and Chaos, it’s essential to know the fundamentals. From creating a trainer profile to choosing your initial Pokemon and more, we’ll take you through the first steps to get you on the road towards success. Prepare yourself for an engaging adventure that mixes strategy with exciting battles.

Starter Pokemon AnalysisStarter Pokemon Analysis

The choice of your starting Pokemon determines the direction of your adventure. This section will examine every starter Pokemon and highlight its strengths, flaws, and possible evolution paths. If you’re looking for a more balanced approach, the firepower, the versatility of water, or the stability of grass Our thorough analysis will allow you to make an informed choice that is compatible with your style of play.

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Navigating the Pokedex

To become a Pokemon master, you must have a thorough understanding of the creatures that you encounter. Our Pokedex section offers a comprehensive listing of Pokemon species that are found throughout Order and Chaos, complete with information about their characteristics as well as their abilities, evolutions,and habitats. Find out the story of each Pokemon and discover the most effective ways to capture them and train them efficiently.

Mastering Battle Strategies

Battles are an essential aspect that is a major part of Pokemon Order and Chaos. To win, having a good understanding of the mechanics of battle, types of moves, and team synergy is crucial. We explore the intricacies of battles, providing ideas for creating winning strategies, overcoming adversaries, and maximizing moves. If you’re fighting NPCs or other trainers, the battle guide can give you an upper hand.

Unveiling Cheat Codes

If you’re looking for an additional edge on your Pokemon journey, we’ve created an extensive list of cheat codes. These codes can provide you with unique advantages in everything from rare items to exclusive encounters. Our cheat codes section gives you step-by-step directions on how to use these codes and get maximum advantage without compromising your gaming experience.

The Pokemon Order And Chaos Pokedex: A Complete List Of All The Pokemon In The Game?The Pokemon Order And Chaos Pokedex: A Complete List Of All The Pokemon In The Game?

The Pokemon Order and Chaos Pokedex includes 151 brand new fakemon designs along with two brand new kinds: Clown and Space. Here is a complete list of all Pokemon found in the game

  • Grass: Budile, Logator, Mossobek
  • Fire: Fyrick, Sparkow, and Hathorch
  • Water: Drippo, Hippour, and Tawarein
  • Normal: Shrewet, Munshrew
  • Flying: Ripeck, Gulture, Skelture
  • Rock: Elepebble, Jewelefant
  • Bug: Larcust, Cloucust
  • Dark: Antvark, Nosemire
  • Poison: Snoxin, Venobra
  • Ground: Kingrel, Monarcanine
  • Psychic: Ringenet, Mesmerized, Civetrance
  • Fighting: Gereneck, Craftoise, Vessel, Instot, Bullocuff
  • Electric: Beamole, Groumole
  • Water/Grass: Drencoil, Ophidouse
  • Water/Flying: Nilegret, Rookeriteru
  • Ground/Wind: Patridrift
  • Poison/Fighting: Knock Off, Phlegmel
  • Ice: Glacrypt, Catadoomb
  • Ice/Dark: Chronolith
  • Bug/Poison: Nymfever, Mosquito
  • Fighting/Dragon: Aries Struggle
  • Rock/Speed: Bowlo, Marbowl, Rocknock
  • Fairy: Teanie, Kerojini
  • Fairy/Fire: Kerojini
  • Clown: Zaboo, Bearpudge, Sandropod, Circlown, Whiskip
  • Space: Gowlorm, Luminest
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The two types that are new, Clown and Space, are both extremely uncommon. Clown-type Pokemon are famous for their unpredictable and erratic behavior, while Space-type Pokemon believe they are from another world.

The Pokemon Order and Chaos Pokedex is a fantastic new addition to the Pokemon franchise. It gives a fresh approach to the game, with unique designs and brand new kinds. If you’re looking for a new challenge and a new experience, you’ll find that this Pokemon Order and Chaos Pokedex is definitely worth a look.

Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Order And Chaos

Pokemon Order and Chaos is an original fan-made Pokemon game that is currently being developed with Mykel Ryan. It’s located in the imaginary Leweka Region, which is an inspiration for Africa as well as Egypt. The game comes with a brand new story, brand new Pokemon and mechanics, and a brand new area to explore.

Here are a few of the most important characteristics that make up Pokemon Order and Chaos:

  • A new area to explore: The Leweka Region is a vast and diverse area with many different landscapes to explore. From the lush forests in Leweka’s Mando Territories to the arid deserts of the Wretched Wastelands, there’s something to be discovered by everyone in Leweka.
  • New Pokemon to hunt: Pokemon Order and Chaos has a new Pokedex that includes more than 150 original Pokemon. These Pokemon are influenced by African and Egyptian animals as well as mythology.
  • A new set of mechanics is introduced: Pokemon Order and Chaos introduces several novel mechanics that are new to the Pokemon franchise. This includes the Soul Stone, which allows Pokemon to evolve into different types, as well as the Road Time Watch, which is a device that allows players to move between various cities within the region.
  • A brand new story: Pokemon Order and Chaos tells a brand new tale set in the Leweka region. You are an aspiring trainer who has to decide between Order and chaos. Your choices will determine the course of the story as well as how it will unfold in the area.
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Pokemon Order and Chaos It’s currently in development, but this game has already received plenty of attention from the Pokemon fan base. If you’re in search of a fresh and thrilling Pokemon video game and enjoy it, you should definitely check it out. Pokemon Order and Chaos is certainly worth paying attention to.

Here is some additional information concerning the game:

  • The game is currently being made available for PC as well as Mac.
  • There’s no date for release at present; however, the game’s developers have stated that they would like to release the game by 2024.
  • The game is free to play.
  • Learn more about the game’s development and play through the Pokemon Order and Chaos website as well as its Discord server.


What is “Pokemon Order and Chaos”?

“Pokemon Order and Chaos” is a fan-made game or mod that introduces new gameplay elements, regions, and Pokemon species to the traditional Pokemon experience. This guide provides a walkthrough for players looking to explore this unique game, offering insights into starters, Pokedex entries, and cheat codes.

What are the Starter Pokemon in “Pokemon Order and Chaos”?

In “Pokemon Order and Chaos,” players typically have a choice of three Starter Pokemon at the beginning of their journey. These starters might differ from the ones found in official Pokemon games, and this guide will detail the strengths, weaknesses, and evolution paths of each starter option.

How does the Pokedex Differ in “Pokemon Order and Chaos”?

The Pokedex in “Pokemon Order and Chaos” may contain entirely new Pokemon species, forms, or variations not found in official Pokemon games. This guide will assist players in completing their Pokedex by providing information about where to find these unique creatures, their typings, abilities, and evolutionary stages.

Where Can I Find Walkthrough Information for “Pokemon Order and Chaos”?

This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough for “Pokemon Order and Chaos,” assisting players in navigating through the game’s various towns, cities, routes, and dungeons. It covers gym battles, item locations, storyline progression, and important events, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

Are There Cheat Codes Available for “Pokemon Order and Chaos”?

Cheat codes can sometimes enhance gameplay by offering advantages or unlocking hidden features. This guide includes a section dedicated to cheat codes for “Pokemon Order and Chaos.” These codes might grant players rare items, level boosts, or other in-game benefits, enhancing their adventure.

Is “Pokemon Order and Chaos” an Official Pokemon Game?

No, “Pokemon Order and Chaos” is not an official game released by the creators of the official Pokemon franchise. It is typically a fan-made creation or a mod developed by enthusiasts. While it captures the essence of the Pokemon world, it’s important to note that it is not endorsed or supported by the official Pokemon Company.