Prove Your Skills With These Free Online Driving Games

Prove Your Skills With These Free Online Driving Games

Prove Your Skills With These Free Online Driving Games

There are plenty of places you can go to play web games on the internet. Depending on the kind of game you’re looking for, there could even b hundreds of places for you to look. However, if you’re looking for a web game that involves cars in any way, then your single best choice is going to be

This website is a carefully curated collection of games, all of which involve motor vehicles in some way. These games are further broken down into categories, of which one of those is Driving Games.

The Driving Games category has all kinds of awesome games for you to play, and what follows is a small selection of the available games for you to play.

Wacky Driving

Some of the Driving Games are outlandish and over-the-top and are what I would call “Wacky”. Some wacky driving games include the Fly Car Stunt games. These games have you driving an impossible vehicle in a straight line while avoiding crazy obstacles and falling into an infinite abyss.

Impossible Cargo Truck Driver Simulator is another wacky game in the driving category. This one has you getting behind the wheel of a cargo truck, collecting some cargo, and then doing your best to traverse a seemingly impossible path without tipping over and losing everything.

The Wacky Driving subcategory wouldn’t be complete without Police Flying Car Simulator. This one is exactly what it sounds like, pilot a flying police car as you takin missions in a big city.

Combat Driving

If you like a little violence mixed into your driving game, then these next games are for you. Derby Crash 4 is a game that revels in violent car crashes. In it, you will chase your opponents over treacherous terrain, and crash into them until they are disabled or heaps of twisted metal.

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Kart Wars is another driving game with a focus on combat. This cartoony game is all about attacking the enemy’s flag and defending your own with your kart-mounted weaponry.

Project Cars Destruction is another destruction derby-style game where you’ll use your vehicle like a battering ram to hit your opponents until they can no longer retaliate. This game also boasts multiplayer features and intensely realistic physics.

Futuristic Driving

The futuristic driving games are all about having some sci-fi fun. This includes games like Space Rush, in which you drive a little spaceship through obstacles to collect power-ups and try to make it to the end of each level. This is one of the few games on the website that doesn’t feature a car, but you’re still driving a craft of some kind.

Futuristic Racing 3D is another sci-fi-themed driving game. This one has awesome graphics and has you up against other rocket-powered floating cars in a world full of floating cars. Weave in and out of traffic in interesting maps while avoiding some really cool sci-fi vehicles.

The final futuristic driving game on the list is Soccar, which is a sci-fi sport of the future. Drive rocket-powered cars to hit a giant ball around a field in an attempt to make it into the opposing team’s goal.