Purchasing the right High-resolution Monitor

Purchasing the right High-resolution Monitor

Purchasing the right High-resolution Monitor | Best guide of 2022

For a large number of applications, like playing games, watching movies, graphic design, the resolution of the monitor can make a difference to the image and video quality. Hence many people who use their computers for playing games, watching movies, videos, and designing graphics, video editing are interested in purchasing higher resolution monitors. There are a large number of companies manufacturing monitors for use with desktops, whose specifications, design, and prices will differ. Some of the factors which should be considered while purchasing a suitable monitor are discussed below.

Purchasing the right High-resolution Monitor


The resolution of a monitor is the number of pixels in the monitor display. A decade ago, a monitor with a display of resolution 1920 X 1080 was considered high resolution. However, with advances in display technology monitors with a far higher resolution are available. Typically the highest resolution monitor in most stores has a resolution of 2560 X 1440. Buyers should be aware that the cost of the monitor is often directly proportional to the resolution of the display, higher resolution monitors will cost far more than low-resolution monitors with the same display size. The contrast ratio is also higher for higher resolution monitors, typically 3000: 1 while low-resolution monitors have a display resolution of 1000:1

Display size

Another factor that should be considered while selecting a monitor is the display size. Monitors are available in different sizes with sizes of 15″ to 27″ being widely used for home and office use. Some manufacturers will also mention the display area to avoid confusion. The images on the larger monitor are visible from a long distance. If higher resolution is required for the application it is advisable to purchase a larger display. However, users should be aware that the cost of the larger monitor will be more. It will also be heavier and require more space on the table or other place where it is installed

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Other features

For buyers who are using their computer and monitor for playing games professionally, the refresh rate for the monitor should be also considered. Some of the monitors have a refresh rate of 165 Hz while others have a higher refresh rate of 280 Hz or more. The aspect ratio of most of the monitors available is 16:9 though some monitors may differ. This can affect the number of pixels that are visible on the screen. So graphic and web designers should check the aspect ratio of the display since the graphics, websites they design will look very different on monitors with different aspect ratios.

Purchasing the right High-resolution Monitor

Warranty and reviews

It is also advisable to check the popularity and reviews of the monitor before purchasing it. Most eCommerce websites have a provision that allows the user to sort the monitors available, based on their popularity, the number of monitors which have been sold in the last month or week. People will choose the more popular display because it is reasonably priced and has better features. Buyers can also find the newer monitor models available, using the sorting options available. Most top monitor brands are offering a warranty of three years on the high-resolution monitors, though cheaper monitors may have a one-year warranty.