Resilient feat 5e dnd or the War Caster 5e for Concentration

Resilient feat 5e

In D&D, does the Resilient feat 5e or the War Caster feat improve the possibilities of maintaining concentration?

Resilient feat 5e or the War Caster 5e for Concentration: It depends a lot on your level (what your proficiency bonus is). What other saving throw bonuses you may have (other than a con). Versus the regular DC of 10, with a typical con of 14 for a caster 5e, an improvement on concentration checks supplies you a better average chance of maintaining concentration till you hit level 9. Resilience feat in dnd 5e gets better commencing at level 13 (they are about equal from 9–11). Of course, you also want to consider other factors. More significant damage or concentration DC will maintain concentration even more critical, favouring 5e War Caster. Then, estimate how many ways are there to get advantage on saving throws in 5e (general or Con)? War Caster 5e and the 9th level spell Foresight 5e are the only two popular options.

War Caster 5e
War Caster 5e

How many ways are there of adding saving throws bonus either for concentration, Con, or general? Is it what proficiency does for you?

Bundles of abilities, few spells, and several miscellaneous magic items, along with increasing your Constitution. Resilient feat 5e also does the same action, rising by 1 point. It is probable, especially at higher levels, to support you maintain concentration with the generous bonus from Resilient, for the regular DC of ten. You require to take 22 points of damage. Let us assume the DM practices the classic round down rule unless 21. It is to either temporary, regular or a combination from a single hit to raise that value. Maintaining concentration would be most significant.

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At 17th level, you may get +9 (so a roll of 1 converts a ten. It will earn the save relatively easy to make. It will be six from proficiency. Again that is three from a mixture of Con and either magic items or other abilities or spells. For some classes (like War Magic Wizard), you may accept a +4 when you require it. With standard rules, a roll of 1 is not an automated miss, except for strikes, and a roll of 20 is not an automatic success.
Therefore, a big bonus equals automatic success. And that is better than an advantage will ever provide you. However, suppose you have some additional bonuses from abilities and magic items. In that case, you may get close to +9, or even surpass that. So it depends on your plans on other bonuses to get.

Suppose your applied spelling style needs concentration spells. It means your success is dependent on controlling concentration. In that case, the answer is you might need both.
Finally, it would be best if you also considered the other benefits from those feats.
Will a +1 to con step you up to an even number round? That is not j a bonus to save. It also has one hp/level. And Resilient Feat 5e does not just give you a bonus to concentration. It will provide you with that big bonus to Constitution. The third most powerful saves against spells or other damage.

Resilient feat 5e concentration

Will the War Caster 5e feat additional effects help you?

Can you use a shield, or might you need to use 5e two weapons at once? It becomes a consequential deal. Let us suppose you have a focus in one hand (even with a shield). In that case, you can secure your somatic gestures with that hand or with another freehand, manage material components and somatic works as well. Some classes are more dependent on weapons. But it also plans on using spells, like Eldritch Knights, Clerics, Paladins, and Hexblade Warlocks.

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That may be more beneficial, especially as 3 of those tend to gain either their shield or a weapon their focus, allowing them to use somatic components. Subsequently, do you hold a spell that would work with 5e Opportunity attacks against a single target? And how convincing might you be to be in a state to make an opportunity attack? Because the advantage from the two feats are relative over 20 levels when you can take the feat will matter. It might be that the secondary characteristics of these two feats may provide your explicit character more of a guide than a standard concentration.

Resilient Feat 5e

Select 1 ability score. You will gain the following advantages:

  • It will increase the preferred ability by 1, till a maximum of 20.
  • You will obtain proficiency in saving throws applying the preferred ability.

So the limit is 20. Suppose you have an ability score of 20. You may not improve that anymore because that is the maximum for that feat. If it did not give a cover well, you could choose that ability score of choice. You can take the feat once. It’s broken down into multiple feats due to DDB’s system’s shortcomings, not by modifying the listing or description of feats as proclaimed by WotC.

Is Resilient a good feat?

Suppose you increase in level or linger the feat to raise your Constitution ability score; Resilient feat 5e is always the safer option at higher levels. Suppose you are taking the feat at level 12. In that case, you may take Resilient (CON), unless your campaign is finishing at that level.