Reckless attack 5e dnd reaction | Sneak Attack for for Rogue Barbarian

Reckless attack 5e

Can a rogue barbarian use a 5e reckless attack to make a sneak attack in Dungeons and Dragons?

Reckless Attack 5e states the following.
“Beginning at Level 2, you may throw aside all concern for defence to attack with frantic recklessness. When you perform your first Attack on your turn, you may decide to attack recklessly. Doing so allows you an advantage on melee weapon attack rolls applying Strength during that turn. However, attack rolls upon you have advantage until your next turn.”

Reckless Attack 5e dnd

RAW on 5e Sneak Attack states the following.

Entering at Level 1, you know how to hit subtly and exploit a foe’s perplexity. Once per turn, you may deal extra damage of 1d6 to one creature you hook with an attack. It will work if you have an advantage on the attack roll. The Attack must employ a ranged weapon or a finesse.

Therefore, it implies that the weapon you apply with 5e Reckless Attack cannot be a finesse weapon. Suppose there is some way for a Barbarian to pull off Reckless Attack with a sabre. There’s no transcription of the fact that the designers meant a character with Rogue levels to be ready to trigger their Sneak Attack while they’re in plain sight. The core device behind the Sneak Attack is that to use it. 5e Rogue has to exploit situations and conditions that are not significantly under their authority.

Sneak Attack

Second, common sense indicates that Sneak Attack 5e is a sneaky, dirty attack. Notwithstanding what form that takes, anyone with any sense may agree that walking up to someone and getting a wild, overhand rhythm at them is not sneaky, regardless of whether you are yelling while you do it. However, You can gain sneak Attack if you have the advantage and a finesse weapon. You gain an advantage when using reckless attacks and using Strength in melee. Finesse allows you to use either Strength or dexterity for attacks. So provided you use a finesse weapon and are using Strength for the Attack you would meet the requirements for sneak Attack.

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What is Reckless Attack reaction in 5e dnd ?

Suppose you make your first Attack on Your Turn. You can decide to Attack recklessly. Doing so gives you the edge on melee weapon Attack Rolls using Strength during this turn, but attack rolls against you have advantage until your next turn.

Can barbarians use reckless Attack during a reaction or opportunity attack?

You may use “Reckless Attack” in 5e during your turn, declared a part of your first Attack. Suppose you get a reaction during your turn. And someone else uses a reaction during your turn. You react (such as an opportunity attack) triggered by that reaction. Only then can Reckless Attack 5e occur as part of your reaction. And only because it occurs during your turn. You may declare that during your initial Attack during your turn.

Suppose you already produced a normal attack. And then you perceive a reaction during your turn. It allows you to re-attack. It can not be a Reckless Attack. Furthermore, if you performed a Reckless Attack while you cast your turn. In that case, a reaction during your turn allows you to execute another attack. It will be a Reckless Attack. That may seem like an infrequent scenario for barbarians.