Russia Telegram Group Link List To Get Updates On Russia And Ukraine War

Russia Telegram Group Link List To Get Updates On Russia And Ukraine War

Russia Telegram Group Link List To Get Updates On Russia And Ukraine War

Telegram is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Russian civilians and a Russian-language news channel for communicating and disseminating information about the war. And now, the platform is a much more popular messaging service than WhatsApp.

What makes Russia Telegram a better messaging app of choice?

According to an organization’s information, in the first two months of March, the share of Telegram’s mobile traffic in Russia rose to 65 percent. This stat was 48% in the first two weeks of February. On the other hand, last month, shares of Meta and WhatsApp dropped to 30 percent from 48 percent. According to the analysis of Megafon, the average Telegram user in the country consumes more data per day than WhatsApp users.

Megafon attributed Telegram’s growing popularity to restrictions on other platforms. Facebook and Instagram are currently blocked in Russia, although WhatsApp is still working. But Russia and Meta are not on good terms – Especially after Russia labeled the company an “extremist” organization – so maybe WhatsApp users could read the writing on the wall. Telegram serves as a popular place to discuss debate wars and connect with the Western world.

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How does Telegram turn into the Digital Battleground in the Russia-Ukraine War?

It is challenging to consider how the Russian war in Ukraine would have ended without Telegram. The messaging app, which reached 1 billion downloads last year, has become a digital battleground for the conflict. It is a valuable tool for government and information centers for netizens of both countries.

Government officials of Ukraine, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, rely on the app for everything from garnering global support to issuing air-strike alerts and mapping local bomb shelters. The same is true of the Russian state and Russian opposition channels, now cut off from most mainstream social media. This app has been instrumental in displacing more than three million Ukrainian refugees, connecting them to safe routes and assistance.

Is Telegram a tool of communication for warriors?

Millions of Ukrainians abroad use it to look for news from their homes, desperately scanning countless photo and video feeds for landmarks or familiar faces. So did family members of Russian soldiers, which turned Telegram into the center of a propaganda battle, allowing stories of Ukrainian resistance or heroism to spread alongside Russian Disinformation. Now, amid escalating brutal attacks on Ukrainian civilians and a desperate crackdown on “false information” in Russia, both sides are racing to gain control of the Telegram war. Telegram has become a significant battleground in the information war, said Dr. Ian Garner, Russian historian, and war propaganda translator. Interestingly, this information warfare was outsourced to private companies.

What Are The Updates On the Russia-Ukraine War Around the Globe?

Ukraine is also using Telegram to bypass the Russian propaganda machine, warning people about false narratives — those Ukrainian forces are surrendering or that Zelensky has fled Kyiv — before they take root. The Ukrainian Center for Combating Disinformation, part of the National Security and Defense Council, urged ordinary citizens to “join the information front line.”

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This application is no less important for the Russians. Although Telegram has long been popular in Russia, hacks and subsequent media crackdowns have pushed millions of news-hungry people in front of the app. According to an analysis of 187 Russian-language news channels provided to TIME by Logically, a UK-based technology company that combats misinformation, its subscribers have grown 48% since February 24, jumping to 8 million.

Is Telegram an independent source of transmission during the Russia-Ukraine war?

It’s hard to say how many Russians turned to Telegram for independent news about the war. Many followed pro-Russian propaganda after turning to the app after banning Twitter and Facebook

The telegram app is used by many Russian opposition groups and was crucial in organizing Belarusian protests against Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko in 2020. Still, it seems unlikely that the Russian government will act again to ban it. The Russian government needs Telegram; their news sites keep getting hacked, deleted, and running out of work. So, they spread the news on Telegram.

Is Telegram Banned in Russia? 

During the war in Ukraine, pro-Russian accounts followed general guidelines to flood Telegram with Misinformation and bots. They have recently used fake characters posing as “war correspondents” through an arsenal of Kremlin-friendly channels posing as objective reports.

A Russian channel called “War on Counterfeit,” which pretends to be a service to verify the authenticity of the conflict in Ukraine, has spread misinformation and propaganda to its growing audience of more than 630 thousand followers. When Telegram banned the Russian government’s official media accounts for users in the European Union to comply with the new restrictions, Russia only used “mirror” channels that were difficult to track, said Jordan Weldon, a senior official.

How does Telegram beat WhatsApp in Russia?

Telegram has overtaken WhatsApp as Russia’s most popular messaging app, according to Russian telecom operator Megafon. He stated that Russians are flocking to the service as their government tightens restrictions on the social platform.

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Mobile Internet Traffic: 

Telegram’s share of mobile Internet traffic increased to 63% in the first two weeks of March from 48% in the first two weeks of February, according to Megafon data.

Crashing of WhatsApp’s marketing: 

WhatsApp’s market share dropped from 48% to 32% as prosecutors sought to classify its parent company, Meta, as an extremist organization. This scenario happened for the first time that Telegram has developed due to a WhatsApp bug.

Ban on other social media accounts: 

Russian authorities actively promote Telegram because they block other foreign platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Higher data usage: Telegram users consume an average of 101 MB of data per day, compared to 26 MB for WhatsApp users.

Top Telegram Group Links to Get Updating on War:

There is a list of some telegram groups which provide current news about the Russia-Ukraine war. This telegram group informs its member about the situation of war, after-effects of war, survivors of the war, and the relationship status between two countries after the war:


Telegram is the preferred platform used by Russian civilians and in many other countries. The use of Telegram in Russia has a significant increase. Telegram groups have also developed a popular place for Russians to discuss war and connect with the Western world.