How Savage Attacker 5e feat interacts Great Weapon Fighting in d&d ?

Dex Barbarian 5e

How does d&d Savage Attacker 5e feat interact with Great Weapon Fighting style?

The d&d Great Weapon Fighting style stats (PHB p72): When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack, you make using a melee weapon-wielding with two hands. You can reroll the die and utilize the roll, even if it is a one or a 2. And Savage Attacker 5e states: Once per turn, suppose you roll hurt to your melee weapon attack. In that case, you can reroll the weapon’s damage dice and use either total. Savage attackers’ only usefulness is to get a d12 crit machine. Most probably a half-orc barbarian rolling 6d12s that needs a second chance on 12 damage.

savage attacker 5e half orc barbarian
savage attacker 5e half orc barbarian

There are some possibilities that come to mind. Let us see which fits the best.

  • They are mutually exclusive. You may use the ramifications of one of those two on any given attack.
  • If you utilize GWF before SA, you can’t use SA. You can apply GWF following SA, but merely to one of those rolls. That relies upon the wording for GWF “must use the new roll.”
  • You are stuck with the outcome of the roll you implemented GWF to.
  • You can pick either of the rolls after employing GWF to one of them.
  • You can use both on precisely the same Attack, but GWF only applies to the original roll, not the reroll given by SA.

You can use both on the same Attack, but you have to choose among the rolls to apply GWF. It can not be both. It’s possible to use both on the same Attack, and GWF may be employed on either the roll and the SA reroll. If you decide to use 5e Savage Attacker feat, you resolve the roll in the same manner – which may include rerolls – that is, the “reroll” to get Savage Attacker. Then you decide to use the “roll” or the “reroll.” SO the best alternative is You can use both on precisely the same Attack, and GWF may be employed on both the role as well as the SA reroll.

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How helpful is Savage Attacker 5e feat for longsword barbarian?

Your ordinary damage climbs by 1.65 points into 7.15. It is based on your ability to reroll and pick the best. Let’s say you are level 5. You get extra attacks, and you are swinging with 16 strength. Against an AC 13 enemy, then you hit on a seven or greater and offer a total of 12.32 harm on average around.

Now, say you chose this feat. You would be coping a whopping 13.05 per round. It’s a bit lower than you could think, and that is because, in situations where you hit an enemy, you can utilize the reroll once. Its diminishing returns the more attacks you make.

However, if you took an easy +2 bonus to your strength, your typical damage on a hit goes from 8.5 to 9.5, and you are now hitting a six rather than missing. You are doing 14.25 extra harm. In terms of pure damage, a strength ASI is 264 percent more powerful than Savage Attacker. Additionally, it boosts how much you can jump, your abilities and strength tests, things like grappling.

savage attacker 5e sneak attack

How good is the feat in D&D?

Savage Attacker is a dreadful feat because it performs horribly at its niche. It has diminishing returns as you move up in level. It slows down the game because you’ve always must reroll. However, your reroll gives just a tiny boost on average to harm, and it’s just plain boring.

If you merely need more damage, you can take Lucky or Martial Adept. There’s no Build Defining feats like Great Weapon Master or Sharpshooter for sword and board in 5e, so you’re going to be less powerful than these items, and just strength bonuses would be your very best bet.

Reckless Attack makes it WORSE because it increases your precision and means that you are a lot more likely to hit an enemy twice, and there’s no excess advantage from this second hit.

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Finest case scenario, and you are rolling that super major crit of all 5d8 dice, your typical damage from your weapon goes from 22.5 to…25.4. With 20 strength and your rage damage, that is rather 31.5 to 34.4.

In other words, Savage Attacker makes the initial crucial hit you perform on a turn 9.2percent more powerful. And that’s the ideal case scenario. Trust me, it is a terrible feat, and you’d be better off with just about anything else.

Does the Savage Attacker feat allow you to reroll Sneak Attack damage dice in D&D 5E?

Sneak Attack, and it is associated dice are a different mechanic and represent extra damage and the Weapon dice: it is not part of their weapon dice.

No, Savage Attacker (PHB, p.169) does not permit rerolling of Sneak Attack damage: “you can reroll the weapon’s damage dice and use either total.” The Sneak Attack feature signifies the rogue’s ability to target and perform extra damage. Still, it does not represent the real weapon damage itself. Sage Advice replied to this (also in Sage Advice compendium). It is simply for the weapon damage itself, including extra damage from a magical weapon or Elemental Weapon.


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