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Seo in Guk

Do you know the actor and singer Seo In guk? He is considering a small-screen return with a function in the new T.V. series “The One Day Destruction Entered the Front Door of My House” (direct translation).

Latest news of Seo in Guk

Story J Company, the actor’s bureau, told Hankook Ilbo that Seo in Guk got a role, however, has not made a choice.

Earlier in the day, a news outlet reported that he had accepted the part of the series’ lead character A.K.A Kim Sa-ram, a mysterious monster that brings destruction in people’s lives.

Written by the author of JTBC’s hit series “The Beauty Inside,” the play will revolve around animation editor Tak Dong-Kyung, whose life requires a turn after fulfilling A.K.A Kim Sa-ram.Park Bo-young is in talks to the female lead.

If Seo in guk takes the role, it will be his first play in two years, since tv’s “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.”

How Seo in guk became a superstar?

Seo in guk garnered attention as the winner of popular K-pop audition show “Superstar K” in 2009, which led to his debut that year.

He widened his thing as an actor with a supporting role in the T.V. drama “Love Rain” in 2012. He has starred in several hit series such as “Master’s Sun” and “Response 1997.”

The actor’s latest film “Pipeline” is set to hit theatres later this season.

The drama stars Jang Geun Seuk and SNSD’s Yoona.

Seo in Guk welcomed the acting industry with melodrama “Rascal Sons.”

That is Seo In Guk’s first family drama and its really 50 episodes. The play centred on the story of a household with three toddlers of different personalities. Here Seo in Guk plays like the youngest brother who is already married but is prone to having affairs. He once said in an interview that the play’s length helped him learn a great deal from the mature actors in the cast.

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Seo in Guk’s lead role in The King’s Faces

Seo In Guk’s first and so far only sageuk work was “The King’s Faces”. He plays the lead role as Prince Gwanghae. 

He starred with veteran actor Lee Sung Jae who played King Seonjo. This role gave him a “Best New Actor” award from the KBS Drama Awards.

The crime mystery “Hello Monster.”

It is a fantastic crime-mystery drama that solidified In Guk’s art in playing lead roles. Hello, Monster is also the drama that started Park Bogum’s behaving to a new degree. This play stars so many great actors which you’ll quickly recognize these days.

SEO IN GUK’s recent Press conference


How was it like working together with your seniors (“sundaes”) So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in the Master’s Sun’? Are you anxious about it? Who made you more nervous?

Seo in Guk: The filming took place in a joyous and harmonious setting. Therefore it was a fun memory for me.


You play with security boss, Kang Woo, who quietly stood by the female lead, Tae Gong Sil. Perhaps you had run into similar instances before in real life, where your love confessions didn’t work out?

Seo in Guk: Yes, I had a one-sided crush experience. I left a tricky confession, though it did not work out.

From the drama, your character fell for Tae Gong Sil who is older. In actual life, would you be able to take someone older as your girlfriend? What’s your ideal girlfriend?

I prefer a smart girl over a pretty one as my ideal kind.

From the play, Kang Woo is extremely afraid of ghosts, how about you? Which type of ghosts are you fearful? Do you see horror movies? In case you have a chance to speak to a spirit, what is 1 question you would ask?

Seo in Guk: I wouldn’t want to see ghosts. I am fearful of ghosts.

We see your lean body and graceful moves’ The Master’s Sun’, and it was hard to tell that you were previously 86 kg. How can you lose over 20 kg?

I did not lose over 20 kg at once. I monitored my weight consistently through diet and exercise to get a long term period of 6 months.

Can you share with us a key of Seo In Guk?

As it is a secret, I can’t say it.

You did a fantastic job on the Master’s Sun’. What’s the most memorable experience or difficulty you had on that show?

‘The Master’s Sun’ was filmed in the middle of summer, but may function as a security officer needed me to be decked in proper wear at outdoor filming locations. That was most memorable to me.

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If you could rewrite the show’s script, then would you create Tae Gong Sil select Kang Woo instead of Joo Joong Won? In that case, how would you get it?

Even if I managed to rewrite the script, then I’d make Tae Gong Sil choose Joo Joong Won. In this manner, Kang Woo’s love would glow!

Which character that you’ve acted with so much has left the most memorable experience so much and why?

Playing ‘Yoon Jae’ in Reply 1997 is your most memorable experience for me. ‘Yoon Jae’ is a part which is like a first love to me personally, and we have many similarities collectively.

We read that you experienced a strict diet and physical exercise to your role on the Master’s Sun’. If your upcoming function requires you to gain a great deal of weight or take on an ugly appearance, would you take action?

I want to be an actor who’s faithful to his assigned role. If it is a character that has to put on a lot of fat and look awful, I will do some background work to immerse myself in this role.

Are you pleased with the progress you’re making in your career as a performer and singer?

Seo in Guk: There are distinct charms as an actor and a singer. It’s good that I can show various looks by being both in precisely the same time and I feel happy about it.

What do you think is your best success in 2013? Are there any doubts?

I did various activities in 2013. Even though it was hectic, I didn’t regret doing all of these as they were all excellent productions and tunes.

Are you interested in trying different genres — such as humor — or other roles — such as antagonist — in dramas or maybe films?

Definitely, can it be a comedy or an action movie, so long as it’s a high-quality production, I would not mind taking on this challenge?


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How do you find inspiration for your music or acting?

On rest days in your home, I watch many shows and listen to a variety of genres as much as I can.

What was your childhood ambition? At what age did you see that you wished to be a singer? And why would you want to be a singer?

I had this dream after viewing older, Kim Jung Min, play the song “Sad Promise” in the 90s.

How does it feel now you’ve made it as a singer-actor, and you are slowly gaining global fans too?

I am delighted with it. I want to produce even better work and songs in return for their support. Besides that, I’d like to hold an occasion soon to interact with my fans.

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What do you think makes you stick out among all K-pop artists? Can you consider starting at a T.V. reality series has helped you stand out in any way?

I figure I can show various sides of myself on T.V.

When I’m singing, I do my best as Seo In Guk the singer; and when I’m acting, I do my best since Seo In Guk the celebrity. I think that it makes me stand out in this manner.

How many auditions did you participate in before ‘Superstar K’?

I worked in my dream for three years later coming to Seoul from Ulsan. Of course, I’ve taken part in many auditions. With all the challenges and eliminations, the decision to reach my goal grew even more powerful.

What kind of artist would you hope to be famous? (e.g. a singer that can write tunes, or even a singer-actor, host) What are your aspirations for a showbiz career? (e.g. acquire an award, be famous)

I want to be a diversified artist – a celebrity with many different ‘colors’ and also a singer who plays great songs at the same moment. I want to be an artist doing the two fields together for a long moment.

Share some of your upcoming projects.

I cast in the film ‘Wild Dog’ (working title), and I am currently working and focusing hard on this particular function. I will give favorable consideration if I encounter any good productions or tunes.

Where would be your vocal inspirations?

I will look for older hits and songs from musicians with a long history and hear them. There are new music and plenty of relaxing pieces and that I get to learn a lot from them.

You are receiving a great deal of attention as a multi-faceted entertainer. What do you think of this?

Seo in Guk: I fulfilled my dream of being a singer, and I have set a new goal to challenge myself to carry on new acting genres. I am grateful to my fans that encouraged me and followed my progress. I’ll carry on to further pursue my career in the two genres and will attempt to set myself as a multi-faceted entertainer.

Seo in Guk Biography

Both an actor and singer, he launched his career by winning the reality competition series Superstar K at 2009. He broke through as an actor from the series Reply 1997.

Before Fame

He attended Daebul University where he studied Applied Music.


He’s won awards for acting and singing, including wins at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Korea Drama Awards, Style Icon Awards, K-Drama Star Awards, Melon Music Awards, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, SBS Drama Awards, and KBS Drama Awards.

Family Life

He had been born in Ulsan, South Korea, and would later reside in Seoul.

Associated With

He listed a couple of singles as a duet with Jung Eun-Ji for its soundtrack to Reply 1997.