How to do seven deadly sins tattoos of Meliodas and other characters

Seven Deadly sins tattoos

What is the reason why some of the Seven Deadly Sins characters have tattoos?

Lots of us want Seven Deadly sins Tattoos on our arms, back or leg. Let me start from the tattoo culture within Seven Deadly Sins. the manga reveals the power of Merlin created the tattoos of each animal from the seven deadly sins. The manga suggested that the one Merlin declared her love for was Meliodas.

Refer to Volume 5

In Volume 5, it’s revealed in a dialogue Between Hawk and Meliodas. ‘Merlin made the Tattoos for each Sin with the help of the Magic Spell.’ That is what makes Merlin The only of the seven Deadly Sins with a tattoo in line with the animal of the actual Sin she is a symbol of. Now let us look at Fans of The Seven Deadly Sins series. They will instantly recognize this symbol-turned-tattoo. It is named after the main manga character Meliodas the dragon-headed ouroboros-inspired design of its Demon Clan mark. The circular symbol, which typically symbolizes eternity, is an ode to Meliodas long-lived and youthful appearance, despite his age of 3000 years old.

Many people are eager to get a Seven Deadly sin tattoo done. If you’re one of them, then you have to pick one of the following characters.


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Main character tattoos in Seven deadly sins

Meliodas tattoos
Elizabeth Liones


Side Character Tattoos in Seven deadly sins

Four Knights of the Apocalypse


Goddess Race Tattoos

Supreme Deity


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Demon Clan tattoos

The Demon King
The Ten Commandments
Original Demon
Lower Class Demons
The Vampires of Edinburgh
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Liones Kingdom tattoos in Seven Deadly sins

Liones Royal Family
Holy Knights
Weird Fangs
Roar of Dawn
Pleiades of the Azure Sky


How to select the most appropriate Seven Deadly Sins Tattoo artists? Step by Step Guide

There are two ways of choosing the best tattoo artist. It would be best if you first decided what you’d like to achieve in terms of style, location, the amount you’re willing to spend and the distance you’d like to go. Next, you must think about the person you’d like to work with for it with, someone that you’re confident about. Did you choose the character from the table above?

There are many considerations to look at on both sides, so how should you begin. With all the kinds of styles and great artists on the market, it can be challenging to determine where to start when finding the best one for you.

It is possible to sit with your tattoo artist in a one-on-one session for an extended period of duration. You’ll probably talk about everything from the kinds of anime and manga tattoos he has ever made. Has he ever seen any of the Seven deadly sins episodes? So the person and the tattoo you decide to tattoo is significant and should not be made lightly.

  • Be aware of your style and Seven deadly sin characters/symbols.

There are numerous styles of tattoos such as traditional, neotraditional blackwork, fine realism line, watercolour. The list is endless and knowing what you’re trying to find is an excellent place to start.

The artist’s style will vary based on the kind of design or style you’d like to have. If you’re looking to choose a tattoo from a book and get some work done in the store you want to walk into a shop, this might be the best option. Suppose you’re looking for something more original and distinctive design. In that case, it’s worthwhile to do a little more investigation into the things you’re looking for and the person you’d like to work with.

If you’re looking for something custom, you’ll have to be able to trust their style. They’ll approach you to request an example of their work. It would be best if you didn’t ask them for something completely different from that or going through several rounds of revisions to the design they’ve created with them (they certainly won’t be interested in this either).

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“Before you start searching for a tattoo artist, you should study the style of tattoo (Black and Grey Old School Graphic, etc.) that you are looking for. For seven deadly sins, it might be only the face of the character, or a symbol or a combination of both. You make up your mind before proceeding to Step 2.

  • Do your research

You’re likely to be familiar with Instagram, the single and only social media platform that allows tattoos! Start by searching it. In the end, tattoo artists use Instagram as their online portfolios since it’s the most convenient and fastest way to display their work and what they can do.

You’ll quickly have an idea of the artist’s style through their social media profiles and can determine whether or not it’s the style you’re looking for. If you’ve decided on your preferred style, you can utilize specific hashtags to discover other artists. You’ll also be able to check out their social media followings established, and reputable tattooists usually have more followers.

“It’s so easy to find a local tattooist or a style you like by searching hashtags!”

There are also excellent Instagram accounts that aren’t exclusively devoted to just one artist. Some are focused on specific styles, while others have a more broad focus. However, they’re an excellent way to locate artists and ideas. 

Do not forget to conduct your research via Google as well. Review online and find out what other people have to say about the work of an artist. It is essential to be aware of their health and hygiene, as well as their skills.

  • Contact them

If you’ve found an artist that you like, reach out to them. They’ll usually tell you the method they would prefer being reached via their Instagram account (and typically, it’s through email). Are they on websites which you can have a look at? Do they have any information there about their preferred method of communication?

Don’t be shy to talk to several tattooists as well. Contact them with as much detail as you can, but don’t try to begin by asking, “How much will a Seven deadly sin tattoo cost?” Since asking about price at the beginning may cause artists to be hesitant.

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The first step is to explain the reason you’re interested and provide as much detail as you can. Think about the design, size, and location on your body you want the tattoo placed. If the artist replies to your request, you’ll have a clear idea of whether or not they’ll work for you. They’ll either like your idea and expand on it or be sincere and admit that they don’t believe it’s their style.

Be aware tattoo artists are busy, and replying to emails may take a while. Also, you can cut them some space if it takes some time to respond!

There’s always the old-fashioned face-to-face method as well. If they’re nearby, drop in to the shop and say hi. The first time a tattoo-loving customer is likely to be a little more anxious than an experienced collector, which is why meeting an artist can help put you – as well as them at ease about what you’re hoping for.

  • Ask for help

The word of mouth method is an excellent advertising tool. Ask your acquaintances (who have a good knowledge of the field) whether they would recommend someone, particularly one who can do the kind of seven deadly sins tattoo you’re seeking. Consider what is important to you when choosing an artist. Then, look into what people’s comments are on that individual. What is important to you could be anything from how skilled the artist is to how accommodating they are. If you’re planning to get a tattoo, You might need someone who will help you feel comfortable.

  • Take your time.

Then do not rush. Take your time selecting the best seven deadly sins tattoo artist and ensure that you’re delighted with the person you choose. Remember that the majority of top tattoo artists are booked for a couple of months ahead or may not be available for new projects at the time you’re looking for.

So Meliodas, Elizabeth and King from seven deadly sins are waiting for your arms and back. enjot your Seven deadly sins tattoo session.