Katsuki Bakugou magma facts, height, age, skills & affairs

Katsuki Bakugou magma facts, height, age, skills & affairs

Katsuki Bakugou magma facts, height, age, skills & affairs

Katsuki Bakugo, also is known as Kacchan Katchan, by his classmates from his childhood] and his hero name is Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight Daibakusasshin Dainamaito? ) He is a student in the class of Class 1-A at U.A. High School. He is preparing to be the Pro Hero. It is his role as the Deuteragonist in the show. This article will talk about Katsuki Bakugo’s magma facts, including height, age, abilities, and other matters.

How old is Katsuki Bakugo?

Class 1A are in the same age bracket; however, Bakugo’s 20th April birthday marks him as the class’s oldest by just a bit more than an entire month. Mashirao Ojiro is the second oldest student is born on May 28. It means Katsuki wasn’t even 16 when he entered into U.A. He was 14 at his debut. Now he is 16.

How tall is Katsuki Bakugo?

He’s 172cm or 5.6 feet tall. Apart from Katsuki Bakugo’s height, let’s look at the heights of all associated characters in the table below.

My Hero Academia Characters Names MHA Characters Height
Mezo Shoji 187 cms
Koji Koda 186 cms
Rikido Sato 185 cms
Tenya Ida 179 cms
Hanta Sero 177 cms
Shoto Todoroki 176 cms
Momo Yaoyorozu 173 cms
Katsuki Bakugo 172 cms
Eijiro Kirishima 170 cms
Mashirao Ojiro 169 cms
Yuga Aoyama 168 cms
Denki Kaminari 168 cms
Izuku Midoriya 166 cms
Mina Ashido 159 cms
Fumikage Tokoyami 158 cms
Ochaco Uraraka 156 cms
Kyoka Jiro 154 cms
Toru Hagakure 152 cms
Tsuyu Asui 150 cms
Minoru Mineta 108 cms


Katsuki Bakugo magma facts

He’s A Member Of Endeavor’s Hero Agency

Season 5 of My Hero Academia spends its initial half-hour focusing on thrilling strength tests in the Joint Training Competition between the students in Class 1A and 1B. The second portion of the season takes the protagonists to their studies.

Bakugo’s previous allies were Best Jeanist, but his disappearance led to Bakugo being a part of Shoto and Midoriya within Endeavor’s Hero Agency. Endeavour takes a while to warm up to Bakugo. However, he’s amazed by his dedication and willingness to grow. An understanding of sweet feelings develops between them when Bakugo stays with the Endeavor Hero Agency.

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He Briefly Possesses The One For All Quirk

My Hero Academia spotlights many diverse heroes, but Izuku Midoriya is frequently in the spotlight because he’s the next-in-line to the coveted”One For All” Quirk. Numerous criminals are targeting Midoriya to gain the ability or wipe it out. However, other Pro Heroes have emphasized that this isn’t a Quirk handed out casually. The My Hero Academia movies tell many epic tales, and the final scene involves Bakugo temporarily sharing Midoriya’s One For All Quirk. Both of them launch a tandem attack on Nine which ends with his defeat. However, it is important to remember the importance of ensuring that Bakugo can maintain this Quirk.

He Shows Off In Public

Katsuki believes that heroes need to hide who they are, and that’s why Katsuki has no issue displaying his quirks to the world. It is often used for various reasons, including stress or displaying pride or intimidating the person he’s screaming at. But, even though it is possible to be a show-off and boastful, he’s truthful about who he is and, as a result of that, the fact that he’s able to discern who has been lying to him. That proves that he can assess the character of people quickly and precisely.

His Battle Strategy Is Shockingly Well Thought Out

One of the only times when he doesn’t yell is in battle. Although he’s young, he takes his fight seriously. Because of this, when he fights in battle, he’s extremely peaceful. This sense of calm allows his peers to view him differently and be impressed by him for how he performs in battles. Not just is the incredibly sensible, but he’s also able to create a complete plan of attack while fighting. He also does not underestimate his adversaries.

He Has Turned Over A New Leaf

Bakugo isn’t the savage bully he was in the past, but he occasionally gets into trouble when he cannot keep his cool. He is now at peace with Deku’s strength and can see that it’s impossible to compete with his rival in pure strength any longer. All Might is particularly pleased with this change. He says that Bakugo has been so supportive of Deku’s program because it’s a way of repenting for his previous actions. All Might doesn’t deny this and even goes so far as to affirm his faith in Izuku and One For All.

Can Bakugou Katsuki defeat Overhaul in a battle?

In the beginning, Bakugo has the edge (more than Deku at the time anyway). If we think of the Bakugo as merely being in the arena to fight the final battle and the final fight, he’s got, Sir. Nighteye’s support and he’s able to fight Overhaul’s more powerful attacks. Remember that, unlike Deku Bakugo, Bakugo can use maximum power without a lot of risks because of his gauntlets. As such, he’s able to clear any obstacles Chisaki throws at him.

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He also has an advantage in manoeuvring around with his weapons (Deku’s moves are just replicating his moves as well as Gran Torino; Nighteye already said that he’s “a pale shadow” if Gran Torino and I think Kacchan’s knowledge of Deku’s fighting style is a bit sloppy at the very least when compared against the man) and has greater speed in the air that could increase his advantages over Overhaul. Bakugo also has an A.P. shot that could penetrate the top layer of concrete, so it is possible to use these shots to inflict damage on Overhaul. Bakugo also Bakugo can launch attacks from a distance, which means that, unlike Deku Bakugo, he doesn’t need the worry of Overhaul tearing apart his body.

Suppose he’s present at the initial attack at the Yakuza base. In that case, he may get through the walls and other obstacles caused by the bizarre imitation guy’s Quirk with his gauntlets and tag team Overhaul alongside Lemillion, which could mean the game is won for Chisaki.

Katsuki Bakugou affairs and relationships

What do you think you’ll see Katsuki Bakugou having a romantic relationship with, or do you think there will be a love interest later in the show?

Deku Izuku and Bakugo have been in contact since the beginning. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect acquaintances. Bakugo has always been an immense personality as well as his friendship with Izuku has strained due to this. However, as Deku Izuku and Bakugo have this great rivalry, they know how to push each other ahead so that they each advance in the future. There are two possible ways this relationship can go. A relationship of brotherly love or not or total hatred for each other.

Although it might seem as if the constant teasing Bakugo is prone to causing Ochako may be a childish expression of Bakugo’s hurt feelings towards her, that’s probably not to be the situation here. Ochako appears to be the most popular fan choice for Bakugo, possibly because of their adversarial relationship. Their personalities are not compatible, mainly because of Ochako’s unwavering compassion towards the people around her.

Eijiro and Bakugo have been known as thieves for a long time, ever since they first got to know the other. To say Eijiro in his interview with his pal Bakugo in a direct manner, “When I heard that they were after my buddy… I couldn’t do anything!! I didn’t do anything!! If I don’t act now forget being a hero, I’m not even a man!”. Eijiro and Bakugo are among the most powerful bromances in the show, and there’s an even more unlikely ship to be imagined.

Tenya Iida and Bakugo could not be more opposite in certain ways, but they’re too alike to be comfortable in others. Iida is a woman with some crucial concerns regarding family, while all Bakugo’s weaknesses are based on his comparisons to his peers in extremely unhealthy ways. Iida is also guilty of this but within the context of his idealization of the brother he has. They never got along as they were paired up, and it’s unlikely to change.

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In the beginning, Kyoka and Bakugo weren’t a good match first, However. That doesn’t mean they’ve never developed an understanding of one another over time. Kyoka and Bakugo have proven to be very effective in a couple or as teams that can work together. Kyoka is also more tolerant of Bakugo’s rants than any other. If they work more frequently together, the mutual respect they share could develop into real romantic love.

Katsuki Bakugou Skills

Powers and Abilities

Katsuki has proved from time to time that he’s one of the most formidable students in the U.A. When paired with his hard work, awe-inspiring capabilities, and exceptional intelligence Katsuki has proven that he is a formidable hero, able to fight against formidable foes and develop strategic tactics.


Katsuki makes use of his Quirk by using an exclusive fighting style. The Quirk of Katsuki permits him to create powerful explosions. He achieves it by sweating out a substance resembling nitroglycerin out of his skin, which can explode at any time. The initial use of these explosives was to attack. Still, over time, his abilities have become more imaginative using his Quirk, and he is now able to utilize the explosives for defence purposes and increase his speed. He can deal with his blasts constantly and break through barriers and structures like Ejiro’s hardening shield and Shoto’s Ice. He should not use his Quirk with reckless abandon. This could result in his arms aching and weaken his explosives.

Superhuman Strength Katsuki demonstrated that he’s physically very strong in competing with Izuku repeatedly using his strength. He’s also been able to nail down villains like Kurogiri by using just one arm.

Superhuman Speed: When combined with his Quirk, Katsuki can blast himself off with his explosions and speed through the air at amazing speeds. Katsuki can even Fly because of his Quirk. His speed is in line with Izuku’s.


Keen Intellect: In opposition the aggressive and violent behaviour, Katsuki is very smart. He can analyze his adversaries’ strengths and weaknesses and formulate plans of his own in light of his current circumstance.

Musical Talent: During the U.A. Culture Festival, Katsuki was able to show his ability to play the drums and consequently was able to play a significant part in this musical display.

Former Powers

In the battle with Nine, Izuku transferred One For All to Katsuki, who was granted the power to store it, increasing his speed, strength, and endurance. One For All also provided Katsuki with an enormous boost in power concerning the Explosion Quirk and the ability to utilize this power along with Izuku to take on the villain. One For All was eventually returned to Izuku.