Should You Change To A VPS?

Should You Change To A VPS?

Should You Change To A VPS?

It is best to look at your site to see if should be upgraded to VPS. These are eight ways to tell if it’s time you go virtual.

1. Security Worries Are Top Of Your Mind

VPS is a great option for anyone who needs enhanced security features, monitoring capabilities, more backup space, and plans to accept online payments. VPS allows you to have reliable resources while ensuring that your website is secure.

2. You Will Begin To Notice High Traffic Volumes

Shared hosting is a good option if your website is new and doesn’t receive a lot of traffic. If your website is growing in popularity, however, it’s worth upgrading. It is not a good idea to risk your website going down, or worse, your server failing to handle the increased traffic. VPS servers are a great option for those who anticipate an increase in visitors.

3. Your Website Is Slowing Down Consistently

If your website uses a lot of RAM, then shared hosting isn’t for you. As your website expands and adds more content, you’ll start to notice a decrease in your website’s load time. This indicates that you have exceeded your limits. Upgrading from a shared hosting account will allow your website to grow without worrying too much about slow load time.

4. You Have An Online Store

When you plan to operate an online store, you should upgrade your hosting plan. Why? Because you can have a private and secure server on which you are more likely to pass the PCI compliance tests. Major credit card brands have created the payment card industry data security standard to protect against cardholder theft.

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You should do all you can to ensure that credit card transactions are safe via a Payment Gateway. Cheap VPS hosting is much more secure than shared hosting. It’s, therefore, the best choice for eCommerce sites.

5. You Must Install Custom Software

Site owners who are using WordPress to build their website or other Content Management Systems will love shared hosting. If you need to install specific software, create a custom server configuration, and engage in another advanced programming, then you should consider a hosting solution that offers more control.

In the same way, many standard integration programs like tax, billing, or bookkeeping require 24/7 server availability and high-speed web. Either a dedicated hosting account or a VPS is required to run these applications.

When you use a shared server to run your apps or learn that certain actions are prohibited or don’t support them properly, it will be frustrating. VPS hosting will allow you to immediately take control of your programming actions and avoid dealing with these potential problems.

6. You Run Into Server Errors

Are you regularly getting “Service unavailability”, 50X, or “Internal Server errors”? It’s possible that you also see errors when dealing with potential customers. While you can resolve downtime issues, it’s impossible to allow server errors to occur if you own web business. Get a VPS upgrade to prevent this problem.

7. You’re On Budget

A dedicated package of hosting can fix many of the issues on this list. But you must keep in mind that dedicated plans tend to be more expensive. VPS hosting offers the most cost-effective option if you need more bandwidth, security, and RAM.

8. For Your Clients, You Can Create Websites

Is it part of your job to develop websites for clients? A VPS lets you host unlimited domains and ensures that each site functions properly.

What Is The Best VPS Hosting Plan To Host Your Website?

Let’s start by defining a VPS, and then let’s look at when it’s time to upgrade. As you know, you won’t trust any website with just anyone.

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Managed VPS Service

If you want to manage your VPS yourself, you’ll need to know how to troubleshoot and server administration.

If you don’t have the skills required to administer a VPS, or you simply want your hosting company handling it, a managed VPS plan may be for you.

Monovm offers VPS plans that are fully managed. That means you can forget about worrying about technicalities and instead focus on creating great content. To get root access, opt for Monovm’s web hosting.


Although you may think this tip falls under the obvious category, it’s worthwhile sharing. Make certain the hosting package that you choose is compatible with your operating system. Monovm, for example, does not offer Windows hosting because most of its users prefer to run Linux VPSs.


VPS hosting should offer uptime ratings of at least 99.5%. Any less from your web host will be considered unacceptable. Monovm boasts 99.98% of industry-leading uptime. We’re blushing.


When you purchase a VPS hosting plan, ensure that your service provider offers the latest in hardware, including SSD — the fastest storage technology. SSD is a low-maintenance storage technology that makes it easy to run high-speed applications.

Ready For Your Private Server?

Have you made it to the end of the guide? Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on being a VPS novice!

The bottom line is that if your website is growing, and you are starting to receive some well-deserved attention from it, you will want it to perform at a high level. It is now time to upgrade your VPS server so that your site has more resources.