Sites Like Onlyfans To Make Money | 10 Best Alternatives

Sites Like Onlyfans To Make Money | 10 Best Alternatives

Sites Like Onlyfans To Make Money | 10 Best Alternatives

If you’re looking for sites like Onlyfans, but aren’t sure how to start making money with them, here are some alternatives to only fans. These sites allow you to earn money by posting adult content on their platform. These sites offer free and paid accounts, and you can easily earn $1,000 daily by posting ads. However, you should consider all the pros and cons of each one before making a decision.


Many creators use Onlyfans to monetize their content. This social media site offers a free account for creators, allowing you to keep up to 80 percent of the earnings you earn. You can even choose to keep your page anonymous. In addition to your regular account, you can promote your page offline and use your stage name, which will keep your followers from seeing your face. The benefits of using Onlyfans to make money are plentiful!

Once your content gets enough exposure, you can charge your fans for it! You can also offer exclusive content through your tips. OnlyFans allows creators to sell their exclusive content directly to their subscribers in private messages. However, before selling your content, you should have at least five published contents to earn money from this method. You can earn tips on your posts, live streams, and videos. You can also earn from your private chats with your fans.

Just For Fans

It offers affiliate programs to users. Affiliate links earn you a percentage of each sale. Rev-share is a 5 percent commission on every sale. You can also earn extra money by promoting your content outside the website. OnlyFans also has a creator referral program. It means you can sell more content and earn more money with OnlyFans. It is worth noting that OnlyFans isn’t the same as 

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Scrile connect

Scrile connects and Onlyfans are two excellent options to choose from if you are the content creator. Both allow you to monetize your audience with various features, and Scrile connects a white-label platform perfect for beginners. Scrile connect will enable you to customize and manage all aspects of the platform, from the homepage to the payment systems. You will also enjoy a 0% transaction fee for all revenue generated from your content.

The best part of Scrile Connect is that it is completely free to sign up. The startup package costs $10 per month and gear toward individual creators. However, the professional package intends for creators with existing followers. It requires $250 per month for the first month and $500 for every subsequent month. You can try Scrile Connect for free, and if you are happy with the platform, you can decide to pay for the professional package.


One of the most important things to remember about OnlyFans and Patreon is that the growing methods are similar but take a little longer. Both methods require persistence, patience, and timing. It’s important to create a compelling reason for your fans to support you and deliver on your promises. To get started, cross-promote your Patreon account in your YouTube or social media bios, and use videos to showcase your work.

OnlyFans targets adult entertainment creators. Since its 2016 launch, it has paid more than $600 million to its creators. It has approximately 50 million users and one million creators. Patreon, on the other hand, is a subscription-based service that caters to the general public. It charges creators 8% to 12% of their service fees, significantly lower than the 20% cut on OnlyFans.

Unlike other content creator platforms, Patreon allows you to sell your content in exchange for a subscription or one-time payment. The rewards range from small custom artwork to meeting the creator in person. There are rewards for every budget and level, from small donations to high-end meet-and-greets. Getting the most out of Patreon is a win-win for the creator and the fans.

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If only fans are too expensive for you, then perhaps an alternative to OnlyFans is Unlockedd, an adult social network. Founded in the year 2020, Unlockedd has the potential to become the next subscription-based social platform. It pays creators 85% of their earnings, with only 15% going to Unlockd. As a creator, you can choose to set your prices for content and decide how much to charge. Unlockd also guarantees to pay within 24 hours.

Like OnlyFans, UnlockedD offers several ways for you to earn money by monetizing your feed. One of the options is to create a monthly subscription for exclusive content. Alternatively, you can charge for content and generate tips from your feed. You should consider your needs before deciding which platform will work best for you. Make sure to diversify your content and choose a platform that will give you the most opportunities for profit.

Audrey Aura

Another option for making money on OnlyFans is to use private messaging. Audrey Aura, a popular model on the site, has over 3,000 subscribers and has turned this private messaging method into her most significant income source.


Unlike OnlyFans, HeyWith enables content creators to connect with their fans and book promotions. HeyWith offers a free subscription, mass messages, and 85% revenue share for the first year, and a 3% lifetime referral bonus. Although HeyWith has fewer features than OnlyFans, it is easier to promote on other social media. In addition, both services have good support for their creators.

Thousands of OnlyFans models and bloggers have turned to HeyWith as an alternative to make money with their content. Like OnlyFans, HeyWith operates on a subscription model, but unlike OnlyFans, it is possible to withdraw the money on demand. Users can also opt for a trial period before becoming a full member. In addition, unlike OnlyFans, this monetization platform offers personal managers for each model.

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Another alternative to OnlyFans to make money includes Cliq. Cliq is similar to OnlyFans but allows creators to sell subscriptions to their audience. The platform also offers paid text messages and phone calls. Cliq is free to join and pays out 85% of your revenue within the first 12 months. Similarly, HeyWith allows creators to set their prices and receive commissions on sales.

AVN Stars

One of the top alternatives to AVN Stars is Onlyfans. This site has mind-blowing features and earning potential. Its interface is easier to use and provides an engaging experience for visitors. In addition, it has a large fan base, making it a great choice for content creators. The earning potential is significantly higher compared to its competitors. Onlyfans also has a solid fan base and an impressive amount of content.


It does require you to have a profile to subscribe. Once approved, you can set up your subscription price and offer your fans discounts on certain items. Afterward, you can start promoting your account using Hubite to get more fans. Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to add perks for your followers.

Final Words

The site enables creators to attract new supporters by offering exclusive content to subscribers. Donors can control their payment amounts and whether they want automatic renewal. Creators can set up different subscription plans and explain why they need help. They receive payments through PayPal or Stripe and contact their fans to ask for support. Unlike Patreon, Tribe is a nonprofit organization. The code behind it is open source.