Sodius Willert – Connecting the Engineering Enterprise to Jira

Sodius Willert - Connecting the Engineering Enterprise to Jira

Sodius Willert – Connecting the Engineering Enterprise to Jira

Sodius-Willert is a software company that focuses on improving the traceability of engineering data. Its tools support complex systems engineering processes and integrated design toolchains. For more information on Sodius-Willert, visit its profile. We have detailed information about this 3M company. We’ve also compiled a list of their key products and services. Interested in learning more? Download the profile for this company to see how it compares to other companies. Keep reading this article to learn more about Sodius Willert.

Integrate Jira with the Engineering Enterprise

Sodius Willert connects the Engineering Enterprise to Jira through a traceability list. This solution offers users the ability to create any issue type from Jira and Siemens Polarion ALM, and it integrates seamlessly. Using OSLC Connect for Jira allows users to extend the capabilities of their Jira installation by enabling native Jira APIs. They can also continue using their favorite tools within Jira while connecting the two tools.

In addition to creating a new product to integrate Jira with the Engineering Enterprise, Sodius provides integrated engineering solutions. They serve as a hub to integrate engineering data. In addition to offering software solutions for engineering data integration, they also offer integration technology and code generation for embedded systems. The new Sodius Willert platform is designed to improve engineering data exchange and traceability.

Sodius Willert’s Jira Align integration with engineering-centric business processes enables teams to have real-time portfolio views and resource tracking. This software helps managers create data sets to manage the program portfolio. Jira Align also helps development teams build out these datasets so that they can track the progress of individual programs. Jira Align helps businesses embrace change and transform their organization’s speed into a competitive advantage.

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Why I Use Jira In My Role as a Technical Writer?

As a Technical Writer, I am constantly frustrated by the time I spend in Jira. Fortunately, the UI of Jira has been evolving and is now easy to use even for non-technical users. One of the newest features, templates, makes Jira easier to use for everyone on the team. But it is not perfect. I’ll list a few reasons why I prefer Trello.

First of all, Jira helps to group work into projects. Issues are organized by team, product, or stream of work. A project may contain one issue relating to generating sales leads, but may have hundreds of issues related to developing a chatbot application. There are various templates for different types of projects and business units, from marketing to sales. Jira makes it easy to manage multiple projects with different team members.

Next, Jira’s powerful bug tracking system helps teams stay on top of the progress of projects. Bugs are to-dos within software projects. Teams should prioritize big-picture goals, but the bug tracking feature makes it easy to track and assign them. Lastly, Jira’s powerful workflow engine lets teams keep track of bugs from creation to completion.

They specialize in software engineering

Sodius, a Royal Oak, Michigan-based provider of engineering software solutions, has merged with Willert Software Tools, a Germany-based company, to create a global engineering software vendor. The combined firm will provide software solutions for the embedded systems industry, as well as integration technology and code generation. This new company will enhance engineering data and traceability by integrating engineering information.

Willert Software Tools is a global software developer and software tools provider. Its customers range from individual software editors to large enterprises. The company implements intelligent systems for a variety of products and applications, including hearing aids, fire detection systems, X-ray machines, and many more. These solutions are used in everything from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. Customers can also benefit from the company’s consulting and training services.

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Sodius Willert’s BS in software engineering combines real-world design with interdisciplinary learning. According to U.S. News and World Report, the job title of “software engineer” is the best technology career for the next decade, and is the second-best job in all categories. Students in the program take electives from eight different departments, and learn about software DevOps, Agile methodology, and cloud-based infrastructures.