XPro Markets Review – Interesting Facts [2022]

H1 XPro Markets Review - Interesting Facts [2022]

XPro Markets Review – Interesting Facts [2022]

A broker’s security and privacy assurance are arguably its most valuable asset because people need to be strongly reassured of their financial and personal data safety. XPro Markets is registered in South Africa under registration number 2020/735868/07. XPro Markets’s security, in this case, could be its:

  • Privacy policy
  • Account verification and KYC
  • Complaints procedure
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  • Usage Policy
  • Logging into account

XPro Market’s usage privacy policy is not overly demanding

It ensures that users are well secured and states:

  • How users’ information is received
  • Grounds for data collection
  • Type of information users upload
  • How it uses the information
  • How it safe-guards its customers’ data

Using XPro Market services means you’re consenting to their privacy policy.

How XPro Markets receives users’ information:

XPro Markets receives users’ information majorly during:

  • When the user opens an XPro Markets account
  • When users connect to a third party from XPro Markets to deposit or withdraw funds

Types of user information XPro Markets collect

Personal information:

  • Registration information
  • Voluntary information etc., among other things.

And non-personal information:  your IP address, your web browser’s information, and information on the device from which you’re accessing XPro Markets.

How this information is used?

  • Provision of service
  • Marketing purposes
  • Research purposes
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
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The regulations mean that XPro Markets has to:

  • Verify the client’s identity and residence
  • The client’s business
  • The intended purpose of the account
  • Keep the document and records for a minimum of five years post-termination of account.
  • Actively track the account to identify suspicious transactions.

Read more at https://XPro Markets.com/wp-content/uploads/AML-Policy.pdf

In addition, to open an XPro Markets account, the potential client must:

  • Be 18+
  • Be a permanent resident in a non-European-Economic-Area (EEA) Country.
  • Provide personal information like name, email, address, date of birth, annual income, estimated net worth, employment status
  • Fill and complete the various other assessment.
  • Prove the credibility of the supplied information by:
  • Providing proof of Identity: A valid Government-issued ID Card, or Passport, A valid resident permit
  • Providing proof of Residence: A utility bill, phone bill, Bank Statement or tax bill

PS: All submitted documents should be less than 3-months old and needs to be updated when they’ve expired

XPro Markets Withdrawal process:

To withdraw from the XPro Markets platform, the user must provide a valid bank account or credit card details that reflect their name and address on the XPro Markets account profile.

Funds withdrawal from the XPro Markets might make users get a bit tight faced because they involve two phases,

Phase I

  • The user must first complete a digital withdrawal request form containing their account details and other materials.

Phase II

After submitting the withdrawal request form to the XPro Markets department, the user will wait for the finance department to do the following:

  • Confirm the account balance
  • Confirm the validity of the account and provide a document
  • Affirm that the client seeks to withdraw the funds through the same deposit method they used.
  • Crosscheck the client’s deposit/withdrawal history to burst any fraudulent activities
  • Flag any suspicious activities and treat them according to XPro Markets’s regulation status quo for attending to such activities.

FAQs and interesting facts about XPro Markets

What currencies can you deposit in?

Users can fund their XPro Markets account with USD or Euros.

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Is it possible to sign up without depositing?

Users can submit their names and details to sign up, but their account will not be activated, and thus, they would not be able to trade.

What account types does XPro Markets offer?

XPro Markets offers four different account types; Contract, Silver, Gold, and VIP.

The account has different, among other things, spread charges but has the same 1:400 maximum leverage and a 100% margin call.

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