Sour patch Kids Mystery Flavor Reviews

Sour patch kids mystery flavor Reviews

Sour patch Kids Mystery Flavor Reviews

I don’t think I did very well in my Twizzlers Mystery Flavors review.

For days, I tried and failed to answer that taste issue, and it left me a shattered man.

I resolved to never return to the snack detective game! My hounds tooth cap and magnifying glass were put away, and I waited. Is there a new mystery flavor from Sour Patch Kids? They drew me back in just when I thought I was free!

Unlike the usual colorful and brilliant Sour Patch Kids, these mystery pieces are entirely white. I made every effort not to let that affect my guess.

As we all know, Sour Patch Kids are sour before they’re sweet. It took an extremely long time to get to the last one.

Some Speciality About Sour Patch Kids Mystery Flavour Candy

I was left with a startlingly faint sweetness once the acidic crystals went away. I was immediately stumped, and I began to regret returning to the mystery game. Other than “confectionary,” I’m not sure how to characterize the flavor. I realize that’s an extended term, but it tasted more like a pastry flavor than the typical fruity Sour Patch stuff.

My first thought was mild coconut, but I realized I had broken my rule by allowing the color to affect my choice, so I settled on it. Banana, which is also white. Is it possible that the color is a hint?

The flavor isn’t robust. It’s nice, but it’s the poorest Sour Patch flavor I’ve ever encountered.

Review No#01

“It makes people giggle and maybe a riot since no one is quiet while it flies.”

“It’s called something else across the water, but there’s an extra component in the game.”

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I settled on Banana Cream Pie, even though these clues suck.

I’m guessing the first suggestion suggests a clown is humorously flinging a pie, and everyone else is causing a stir and laughing hysterically.

The second clue is a little more understandable. In the United Kingdom, a banana cream pie is known as “Dame Madeline’s Stupendous Yellow and White,” The added ingredient is baked beans, as we all know. Is it the flavor of these Mystery Kids, or is it an acquired taste?

Review No #02

What do you think? I’m at a loss once more. Maybe I’m not made out for this game of snack detective. Don’t employ me to look for your misplaced doughnut.

I’m guessing it’s banana, maybe a banana cream pie, and I’m also thinking that, despite being difficult to identify and tasteless, they’re delicious. If they are simply another in a long series of “birthday cake” flavored nibbles, I’m going to be very disappointed. Is it possible that I forget about the kids’ birthday?

Review No#03

You may purchase Mystery bags or standard Sour Patch Kid bags with surprise flavor pieces sprinkled in, but be aware that the OG varieties will outnumber the mystery flavor.

You can enter your guess on their website, but if “Dame Madeline’s Stupendous Yellow and White” win, you owe me a portion of the $50,000 prize. I’m looking for at least $3! I take Venmo, PayPal, and whatever cryptocurrency is trending at the time.

Review No#04

When I was shopping for the new Deadpool 2 candy, I came upon the new Sour Patch Kids Tricksters at 7-Eleven. However, if I see a new Sour Patch flavor, I have to have it. Furthermore, the packaging piqued my interest as to what constituted these tiny fellas “tricksters.”

Fortunately for me, it’s right on the bag. Flavors might appear to be one thing yet taste very different. Isn’t it crazy? No, not at all. This lunacy has no rhyme or reason, making it a challenging experience.

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Review No#05

I like Sour Patch Kids, but I’m not a fan of “mystery” tastes. I don’t have the right taste buds for it. Just let me know what it is. I understand what is good and what is evil. I’m not sure what the distinction between blue raspberry and raspberry is (kidding, of course).

That’s why I’m so disappointed with this sweet. You can expect one flavor and end up with another. On the other hand, you can eat the orange one and still get the dreaded orange flavor! 

Review No#06

If there’s one thing the abundance of true-crime TV has taught us (apart from a macabre fixation with serial killers), it’s that people enjoy a good mystery. Sour Patch Kids has decided to design a mystery that we might be able to solve for ourselves, rather than merely following along and second-guessing investigators as these terrible sagas twist and turn.

Review No#07

As with any good mystery, a trickle of clues will be provided over time, with the “Mystery Kid” teasing their identity both on and off, with a new hint offered on social media each week during July. That should make it simple to pinpoint the taste, but if you want to win the top prize, you’ll have to make that decision for yourself when the mystery flavor’s real nature is revealed in August.

So, if you think you’ve figured out the Twizzler’s surprise flavor and want to leverage your sweet foresight into a chance to win money, keep an eye out for the Mystery Kid when Sour Patch Kids’ mystery flavor hits stores throughout the country.

Final Verdict

Even though some people prefer blue Sour Patch Kids, the sweet and sour candy has an enticing appeal. Whether you eat one color at a time or grab a mouthful of candies, the flavor is always robust.

The iconic candy will be available in a mystery flavor for the first time. A mysterious Sour Patch Kids flavor will be featured in specially labeled bags from now until July. The individual who can get the proper answer while those cheeky candy kids are dropping flavor clues might win. Even if you’re not a master taste detective, there will be plenty of prizes to be won during this special promotional event.

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