Stone Sorcerer 5e Build Multiclass dnd Spells

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Stone Sorcerer 5e Multiclass dnd spells

Your magic will spring out from a mystical link between your spirit and the magic of elemental earth. You might follow a distant Ancestor into the Plane of Earth, or your loved ones might have got a mighty boon in return For a service into the dao lords. No matter your previous, the magic of elemental earth is yours to command. So your connection to ground magic grants you exceptional resilience and stone sorcerer in 5e. They have a natural affinity for combat.

Stone Sorcerer 5e Multiclass dnd spells

Sorcerers with this source have a knack for wielding both shields and weapons. In combat, your location is amid the fray. You rely on your elemental nature to shield you from harm and your magic and metal Weapons to overwhelm your foes.

Bonus Proficiencies: At 1st degree, you gain proficiency with protects, simple weapons, and martial weapons.

Metal Magic

Your affinity for metal Gives you the option to find out some non-sorcerer spells that concentrate on weapon strikes. When Your Spellcasting attribute lets you learn that a sorcerer spell of 1st level or the charm from another list of charms. It is along with the sorcerer spell list. Otherwise, it would help if you obeyed all the restrictions for choosing the spell, and it becomes a sorcerer spell for you.

Stone’s Durability

  • Connection to rock gives you extra fortitude. Your hit point maximum
  • Increases by 1, and it increases by one whenever you obtain a level in this class.
  • Gain a base AC of 13 + your Constitution modifier if you are not wearing Armor, and your skin Assumes a stony look. This effect continues until you end it as a bonus action. You’re incapacitated, or you don armor aside from a shield.

Metal Magic 5e

Stone Aegis

Your command of earth magic grows more powerful, allowing you to harness it for your allies’ protection. As a bonus action, you can grant an aegis to one allied creature to see within 60 feet of you. The aegis is a dim, gray setting of ground magic that protects the target from piercing or slashing damage. Each target takes them and decreases by two + your 5e stone sorcerer count separated by 4.

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This effect lasts for one minute until you use it or until you’re incapacitated. Additionally, suppose a creature you can see within 60 ft of you hits the secure target with a melee attack. You can use your response to teleport to an unoccupied space you’ll be able to see.

Very best Plan for Stone Sorcerer Build 5e

At level 7, Mountain dwarf 5e, stats 16 10 16 10 10 14. You can take Warcaster at 4, protect and Warhammer, focusing nearly exclusively on concentration/defensive spells and Booming Blade. It works nicely. Decently tough, almost impossible to lose concentration, good group support, and moral damage. High cha is not helpful. You have noticed the redundancy in weapon and armor proficiencies, as well as the valued WIS bump and health. There are different races with proper stat bumps and additional racial capabilities. Here are a few suggestions.

Stone Sorcerer Build 5e

Earth Genasi is very thematically appropriate. The CON+2 STR+1 fit well since you would like to concentrate on weapons, wellness, and AC rather than charms, along with the pass without trace once daily can save your celebration whenever they need to stealth. Ignoring earthy or stony challenging terrain is also a situational bonus that is fine when it ends up.

Goliaths are apt because They are of giant kin, most closely to rock Giants, with stone’s endurance and higher altitude acclimatization. Stone Sorcerer 5e endurance is excellent since it has damage reduction based on CON rather than recovery based on a level like a fighter’s following wind. Thus it may make a concentration test that much easier when you need it. Apart from that, the STR and CON bumps are still lovely, and competence in sports is excellent since a sorcerer could get it from backgrounds or rogue/ranger multiclass. It lets you be good at grappling and shoving even though a slightly lower STR score, which can be super helpful for setting up a heavy batter.

Is Stone sorcerer 5e a confusing dnd spell?

Stone Sorcerer 5e seems confusing to many. Half-orc 5e has the stat bumps as goliaths. However, sports are beneficial for intimidation (which is always great on a sorcerer). And robust build and higher altitude living replaced with relentless and savage strikes. Relentless means you may keep focusing on that spell (in case you create the concentration saving throw), as well as allow you to step out to security next turn. Savage attacks aren’t as commonly employed but are satisfying as it comes up.

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Variant human is solid. As always, possibly picking up Durable to acquire 16s in CON and STR, and take advantage of your minor hit die (with 16 CON, that’s already your highest dice roll).

Yuan-ti purebloods also Work nicely with the CHA bump, but more importantly, the absurd advantage to all saving throws against spells and magical effects. With your AC and wellness, it gets you more difficult to harm.

Stat Bloc for Stone Sorcerer 5e

Stone Sorcerer 5e is a Protector plus a punisher. If you strike my buddies, I will make you pay for it. The taste of the Scourge Aasimar has that ideal written around it. Having the ability to cure your friend for a little bit is pretty nice too. Additionally, I like the capability to perform extra radiant damage. The ability could have said once per turn instead of once each of your turns. But it isn’t a massive reduction. A Perfect stat block for the character would be as follows: 14 Str, 16 Con, 10 Dex, 8 Int, 10 Wis, 16 Cha.

You may pick up Quickened Metamagic and use the Aasimar trick and still cast a spell/attack with all the added damage on precisely the same turn.

The most significant flaw in this Construct is 14 Str. How do you apply the best strategy for the Storm Sorcerer 5e problem? Undoubtedly the best hope would be to acquire something like a Giant Power buckle or Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Since the character is will not be lawful in AL anyway, it could be more difficult (or easier) to receive one of those items depending on your GM.

Other spells

You would probably pick a Greatsword. You can see where the Sword / Board style would be better. You may not believe that Feats would be especially helpful for this character. However, Spell Sniper using a polearm may be intriguing.

Mending (Flavor), Booming Blade, 1 Other exceptionally valued spells include Shield (if you are by yourself just ). Magic Missile (Guarantee the damage from Aasimar), Blur (Balance not having a defense ), Misty Step, Earthbind (Flavor), Erupting Earth (Flavor), Greater Invisibility. Decrease attacks on you, Enhance opportunity to activate reaction, increase the chance to hit others.

What is the best way to get the best out of 5e Stone Sorcerer?

The best way to use Stone Sorcerer 5e is as follows.

  1. High Charisma
  2. High Constitution
  3. A way to dip in and From front line combat
  4. Shillelagh cantrip
  • You’re a sorcerer. First and foremost, so when a large team threatens, use spells, and they need to strike hard. Plus, paired together with Shillelagh, your melee skills are fantastic!
  •  HP + AC + Concentration all wrapped into one.
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Twinned spell action

Attacking one or two enemies will be either Twinned Booming Blade OR Green Flame Blade (OR Hastened + Twinned in certain conditions ). However, to pull this off, you need to create some distance and induce the enemies to either move and take harm or play the role of the punching bag. For this, you will either take 3 Bard levels for School of Satire, which give you the Tumble ability (1 bonus action used to give dashes & disengage actions.) Or take the Mobility feat, so it’s possible to proceed without drawing an attack of opportunity in any creature you assaulted. It is irrespective of hit or miss (booming blade calls explicitly for a melee attack as part of the spell). I would recommend taking one of these options, but you could also rely on the Blink spell to step from the range 50% of this time.

You may be a massive fan of Guidance, so there is that. And arresting Healing Word if you didn’t dip into Bard is fantastic for turning your Sorcerer into an adequate combat healer. It is crazy satisfying to turn your wee small club into an earth-shattering, flaming green. The passing stick will have a maximum damage potential of 23d8+25 in one twist for ZERO charms and just three sorcery points.

5e Stone Sorcerer Spell Table


War Caster is also a MUST. Being more front line means more significant concentration checks. Let’s you cast spells while wielding the stick-o-death & Shield. AND you are throwing more spells due to the opportunity attacks. War Caster + high Con + sorcerer constitution proficiency means you’ll seldom neglect. Slap on Stone Skin, and you’ve got near Barbarian levels of tanking.

Human variant & Scourge Aasimar are great for this particular build. One gets more feats while another can turn into the human torch.

So the recipe of success in Stone Sorcerer 5e is:

  • Avoid ALL Smite spells. They do not add much and somewhat reduce your limited sorcerer spell choices. They also use up your Shield utilizes, your bonus action for freedom, and price points that could help Twin Spells during prolonged conflicts.
  • For mobility and to expand your spells or sorcerer spells, you can focus on the higher levels.
  •  Blink is enjoyable, but you may not rely on it.