Stop! These Modifications on E-bikes are Dangerous and Risky!


Stop! These Modifications on E-bikes are Dangerous and Risky!

Adding changes to your electric bike can be exciting, especially when it’s straight out of the box. One good thing about ebikes is that you can easily swap their parts and upgrade them according to your preference. Several options are available, from adding a Rearview Mirror to a shock-absorbing Saddle. Adding one or two ebike accessories can make you more comfortable and improve your riding experience.

However, modifying your electric bike can have consequences, especially when they endanger you. These changes may enhance your biking performance but not at the expense of your safety or others. There are several factors to consider before you make these adjustments on your electric commuter bikes, such as state laws and your ebike’s warranty conditions.

The following are some modifications that can be dangerous:

Speed Limit Alterations

The e-bike’s battery capacity determines its speed, and one alteration some ebike owners often make is increasing the maximum speed limit of their ebike. They do this by changing the battery to one with a higher voltage. Technically, it’s possible to increase the speed via this means, but doing this is not advisable since each bike has its specific speed limit for its ebike class. When you add to the limit, getting a license to ride your ebike using other designated paths is essential. Once your ebike exceeds its exact speed limit, it’s no longer categorized as an electric bicycle but as a motorcycle or moped. Therefore, you must obey other road laws and regulations governing road vehicles. Hence you would need a license, and you also can be fined for illegal speeding.

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Unlawful Adjustments

How to remove the speed cap on your electric bicycle’s motor is one of the top search results you will get if you search for “ebike mods.” Electric bikes are not permitted to have a battery output installed that is more than 250 watts. E-bikes can be modified illegally by adding stronger motors enabling them to travel at speeds more than 25 km/h. The speed sensors of your ebike lets you know your speed level through the dashboard, and the motor shuts down when it exceeds 25km/h. Thus, when there is a modification in the speed rate, battery, or engine, it is illegal.

Battery and Motor Modifications

You altering the speed limit of your ebike means you have to adjust the motor and battery. Doing this can also be dangerous, as the original charging and discharging setting may not be suitable for a higher battery capacity. Modifications can make the motor operate at a higher level which can deteriorate or burn its electrical components. It also causes overheating and can reduce its lifespan. It’s advisable to keep your Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze battery and motor the same since modifying your ebike affects other parts.

What are the Dangers of Modifications?

Some issues come with changing and tuning your electric bike. These modifications can cause danger to your ebike, yourself, and other riders. Below are some results of these changes:

Warranty Issues

Warranties give riders confidence in their purchase. Some ebike companies allow some degree of modifications. However, they usually have a limit that you can only go past if you are okay with losing the bike’s warranty protection. Some electric bicycles only allow you to modify the motor to a certain extent, while others may just let you change the saddle, handle grips, or suspension support. Before making any extensive alterations, make careful to verify your warranty terms. You don’t want to ruin your ebike only to discover that your modifications made you ineligible for warranty coverage. KBO has a guarantee of two years that covers manufacturers’ defects. Defects caused by maintenance, installation, changes, or adjustment that differs from the owner’s manual and assembly instructions aren’t covered. Hence, your KBO electric bike warranty will be invalid if you tamper with the batteries, speed, and motors. Adding other unapproved components to your e-bike can render your warranty invalid.

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Overloading Components

Modifying some parts of your ebike may seem harmless, but it can reduce your electric bike’s lifespan by increasing its load. Overload and quicker drivetrain degradation result from riding at speeds it can’t tolerate. During a ride, your battery will drain more quickly, and the added heat from traveling at high speeds it can’t handle may hasten the battery’s demise. All of this results in more frequent maintenance and higher part replacement costs.

You could harm yourself or another person.

Whether you enjoy driving or not, going faster increases your probability of an accident. Thus, this is especially true on cycle lanes that are heavily trafficked and with vehicles that aren’t suited for this pace. At higher rates, accidents are also frequently more severe. The rate of accidents will likely increase injury as you accelerate your ebike past the speed limit. Accidents involving illegally modified ebikes can result in injuries and even fatalities. Avoid endangering yourself or others with these modifications.

You expose yourself to legal issues.

A lot of alterations are illegal. One thing, however, never changes: putting yourself and others in danger will have serious consequences. According to the law, modified or tuned e-bike systems could convert your vehicle from a standard class 2 e-bike to a moped or motorbike. However, as e-bikes do not have the same safety features as motorcycles, doing so could endanger your health and result in unnecessary fines.

Damage your ebike in the long run

When you modify your pedal assist, other parts of your ebike can be affected without your knowledge. Hence, these changes can result in the malfunctioning or overstressing of individual components. Since controllers aren’t to be run at a higher voltage, adjusting them at a greater power can damage the inner workings of the controller. Additionally, heat and excessive starting torque can bring about the wearing out of some components and shorten their life span.

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The intent of modifying your ebikes may be to achieve a better riding experience, but they can be harmful. Making motor, speed, and battery modifications may harm your ebike, yourself, and others. When you need to figure out whether a change is legal, choose the side of caution. Doing this ensures your safety and that of others. In addition, there are several improvements you may make on your ebike, from changing the color frame to adding extra lights. Whatever you do, keep safety in mind.