What Are E-bikes? How Do They Work?


What Are E-bikes? How Do They Work?

Electric bicycles are a popular means of transportation all over the world. Being without any of the hassles that come with ownership of other vehicle types, electric bikes have been used for solving transportation problems in many countries. Taking children to school or commuting to work, electric bikes are a valuable asset in many homes. This popularity means e-bike sales have doubled in the past year alone!

As of last year, electric bikes are almost a $30 billion industry. With so many people using e-bikes around you, it is normal to have questions. Have you seen people riding e-bikes and often wondered what it felt like to ride one? Here, we provide everything you need to know about e-bikes to guide you when choosing one.

What Are Electric Bicycles?

An interested person with no idea what this is about is probably wondering, “what is an e-bike?” If you are curious and don’t know what these beauties are, we are pleased to enlighten you. An electric bike is an improvement on the traditional bicycle with the inclusion of a few special items.

An electric bicycle is a battery-powered bike with a motor to provide propulsion power. The battery is added to store charge for when you need it. Both tend to power the pedal-assist feature useful for enjoying different levels of convenience and personal effort as you ride.

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

Electric bikes are not complicated or confusing to use at all. Using an e-bike mainly requires one that can meet some of your specific requirements. However, to do this, basic knowledge is needed of how electric bikes work.

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When you are on an e-bike, you have two options for propulsion at every point in time. Pedaling is one option for propulsion, and electric power is the other option. Many e-bikes provide different levels of pedal assist, each one requiring less effort than the previous. This allows you to use electric power as you pedal on your bike.

You can ride on full electric power to commute without sweating as long as you remember to charge your battery to completion before setting out. Once you start riding, it is easy to get in the rhythm and determine whether it will be pedal-assist or fully electric power. Some e-bikes provide intelligent pedal assist, using a sensor to measure the amount of motor power released to boost your pedaling.

How to Choose the Right E-bike

If you are ready to get riding, choosing the right e-bike requires that it be the best decision for you, considering your specific requirements and your pocket. The main features to look out for include the following:

● Motor Power

Motor power is irrelevant to the non-rider but crucial to the cyclist because that is essentially the amount of control they have over the ride. The total capacity of an electric bike’s motor shows the level of its quality. An e-bike with high motor power is necessary to ride up hilly areas and crush rocky terrain with less effort than necessary. In addition, it takes the pressure off the battery so you can enjoy more range.

The motor power is usually measured in watts (W) and is designed to assist your riding up to a certain speed. Your weight and the weight of your load will exert pressure on the battery as you ride. If the motor is not at least 250W, this pressure could cause your battery to deplete sooner than expected and limit your distance. The different types of motors used in e-bikes include mid-drive, front hub, and rear hub motors.

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● Battery Range

The battery of your e-bike functions similarly to the one used in any other device around you. It provides the juice you need, you find ways to maximize it, and then you use the charger when it is depleted. Your battery range is essentially how far you can go on a single complete charge. Therefore, your e-bike must provide enough range for your riding needs.

A fully charged electric bike battery should be able to provide at least 50km, which is usually enough to cover most trips around your city and place of business. Adequately take care of your battery, as it will impact your overall riding experience. Use the charger included by the manufacturer to reduce the time spent charging between rides.

● Payload Capacity

An e-bike does not usually weigh much but can carry much more than its own weight when built with the right materials. The total amount of weight an electric bike can carry is what is known as the payload capacity. The total payload capacity includes the weight of whoever you give a ride to and is not limited to yours alone. If you have to shop for a ton of groceries or move heavy equipment, you have to be sure it won’t break your bike.

Before purchasing, determine the total payload capacity that will be enough to suit your requirements. Himiway Cruiser, for example, can support a total weight of about 180kg while still providing a smooth, convenient ride.

● Frame Size

The level of comfort you enjoy when you ride is in your hands, to a certain degree. Other than this, the frame size can be one of the biggest sources of discomfort when the wrong choice is made. Think about it, how comfortable are you in shoes that are not your size? You should see your bike this way. If you can, measure yourself before deciding on your bike size. If not, go for e-bike sizing at a local bike store. Himiway e-bikes provide sizes that can be generally applied to various heights.

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Is a License Required to Ride an E-bike?

An electric bike is different from most other means of transportation. You can enjoy it independent of most regulations guiding vehicle use. Even motorcycles, since they can provide more than double the speed of an e-bike. In most countries, e-bikes are placed under regulations guiding traditional bicycle use, which do not require that cyclists possess a valid license. In short, it does not matter in most places whether you are too young to get a license or unable to get one; you can ride an e-bike.


There is no rush when considering putting money down on an electric bike as a second vehicle to your car or as your only commute. You only need to pay attention to your specific requirements to arrive at a range of e-bikes suitable for your needs. Apart from this, you can read this article to know what to look for in the best e-bikes.

Consider getting a Himiway e-bike today to enjoy the outstanding features that define a great riding experience, like high motor power and battery range.