Study to Show Yourself Approved

Study to Show Yourself Approved

Study to Show Yourself Approved

The commandment to study to show yourself approved carries the idea of testing yourself and presenting yourself to God in a way that earns His approval. In this light, it is essential for followers of Jesus Christ to study His Word to understand it and explain it to others. This is especially true for teachers and pastors. This is because the word translated “approved” has the idea of undergoing a vetting process. The approval of God signifies that you have passed the test and have received His blessing.

Work hard to present yourself to God.

We all know that idle hands never accomplish much. Laziness is frowned upon by God. But He looks down upon laziness and gives strength to those who do His will. Just as Christ, Paul, and Peter worked hard for the kingdom, so should we. 

Christians should work hard in all areas, whether studying, praying, preaching, or studying. They should ask the Holy Spirit for guidance each day. Likewise, they should memorize Scripture quotes and store them in their hearts.

Be a good worker to present yourself to God.

Be a good worker to present yourself to the Lord. The word “work” is synonymous with being productive. It means to perform a specific task well. However, it can also refer to various other activities, such as volunteer work or other pursuits that require hard work. 

But, for God to give you his approval, you must do them well. The following verses outline how to work well for God. “Be a good worker to present yourself to God” is a guiding principle for Christian living. According to 2 Timothy 2:15, we should present ourselves to God as proven workers, faithful teachers, and trustworthy preachers. This is a crucial principle since the word “proved” in Greek means “approved.” Just as metalsmiths test the quality of metals before making them, our faithfulness to God’s Word will be tested. Some people will receive praise and approval, while others will hear “Wicked and lazy servant.”

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Be a worker who isn’t ashamed to teach the word of truth correctly

The challenge Timothy is given here is to be an approved worker who needs no shame in teaching the word of truth. This is a continuation of Paul’s teachings on not being ashamed, which focused on boldness in the face of persecution and adequately handling the word of truth. However, the context of Timothy’s teachings was different, as he had learned Scripture in his youth.

As a worker who isn’t ashamed of the word of truth, you must handle it reverently and without slander or accusation. This will make you blameless and prevent the stinging feeling of guilt when you come before God. Be a Berean by nature, so you don’t have to fear being put to shame when you do your work.

This line is an antiquated language that will challenge the understanding of the current-day Bible readers. Do your best to present yourself to God as approved and work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. These are more modern renderings that will bring transparency to the original text for today’s readers of the Bible.

False teachers were also a problem in the early church, just as they are now. Pastors and church leaders are charged with the great responsibility of keeping god people safe from the gangrenous teachings that will spread and choke out the truth of the Scripture and lead to the ungodly living. 

Pauls says that to warn God’s people before God is against quarreling about the words; it is actually of no value and will only ruin those who will listen. Timothy was actually of the command to the people in the presence of God to stop fighting over the words and to stop listening to those who were stirring up trouble with their pointless, hair-splitting debates. Getting caught up in such ideas-building theological mountains out of mere foolish talk would be spiritual ruin. 

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Showing them self-approval means presenting yourself to God so that you will receive His approval. Followers of Jesus Christ, especially pastors and teachers, must persistently understand and explain the truth of God’s Word correctly. 

In the original language, the word rendered will carry the idea of being tried and true or tested and proven genuine; receiving God’s approval seems to suggest having passed a vetting process. 

God did approve workers to handle the word of the truth correctly. 

Pastors and the teachers are to be skilled workmen of God’s Word who can carefully and thoroughly search the revelation of the God in Scripture, Not deviating which is from distorting its message in any other. They will cut the straight lines and help build a stable foundation that will stand the test of time. 

The approved worker is just like the Bereans who received the message with great eagerness and will examine the Scriptures every day to see if what the Pau said was true. He studied God’s Word and then sought to apply it to his own life.