Submit guest post in education niche for Seo and backlinks 2022

Submit guest post in education niche for Seo and backlinks 2022

Submit guest post in education niche for Seo and backlinks

Are you looking for an educational guest posting site for SEO ranking and backlinking? For beginners who don’t know what guest blogging is? Most importantly, guest posting is a way to get backlinks to increase brand awareness with a new audience. If you’re looking for an educational blog to build backlinks, you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, this article reviews the free educational websites for guest blogging in 2022.

Educational Guest Blogging Sites – Overview

Educational blogs are known to have a higher level of authority on Google due to high-quality content. If you’re interested in this niche then guest posting is a great way to begin the journey. Guest posting includes many benefits such as quality traffic, increased brand reach, and awareness. Additionally, It will also help to increase the online authority and personal network expansion.

Today, the education sector is one of the most prominent sectors. However, it attracts many people who want to study in a variety of industries. This field is limited to formal and informal academic institutions such as casual online classes. Today, many people are actively seeking education in various areas of their lives. Certainly, these educational blogs have useful resources.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Traffic is one of the main reasons to invest in guest blogs. Guest blogging helps you get quality targeted traffic. These sites help to introduce your brand to a whole new audience. Additionally, it can help you attract new potential customers to your website or brand.

Educational guest posts are a great way to attract a new audience to your brand. When you write quality informative posts on other blogs to target your audience, they infiltrate your brand and follow new positions and knowledge. Introduce your brand or yourself to a new audience as an expert in a particular field.

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List of Best Educational Guest Blogging Sites In 2022

Guest blogging is a popular way to build quality backlinks. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading the guest posting rules before submitting any guest post. is the best guest blog site for posting educational blogs to get backlinks. Certainly, it raises the expectations of readers. The mission of this website is to promote e-learning innovations, applications, and policy ideas that advance the global conversation. This website is dedicated to publishing the most trusted current affairs, health, entertainment, food, education, etc. Certainly, it is committed to providing quality, unique, reliable, and fresh content.

Do you want to publish to They seek guest posts that combine research and practice to reach a broad audience of experts, researchers, and educators. All the guest posts must be original content that has not been published before. Please note that webnews21 reserves the right first to reject any material submitted. For more details or to submit your posts, click here.

Elearn Magazine

Elearn Magazine is a blog post submitting site posting the stories of real teachers and educators. As a teacher, it’s an opportunity to share your story and reach a wider audience in and out of the classroom. If you’re not a teacher, but you are trying to invest in the advancement of the education sector then this site will be best. You can also share your ideas and stories in blogs that will benefit teachers and educators.

In order to submit a post, write a selection of skills, knowledge, or experiences that will be useful to anyone working in education. Meanwhile, your articles should be between 600 and 800 words and contain up-to-date job information and useful resources for teachers. Be sure to cite other sources and include 2-3 high-quality images and videos. Articles must be submitted as text documents via email included on the referral page.

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Get Smart

Get Smart is a platform where education leaders can share learning innovations to find and implement the next step. The team includes educators, school administrators, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, and marketing strategists. Together, they lead school trips and track the best innovations to advance the education sector. Their blog plan is to write about their current work, get information and innovative ideas from others in the education field.

Your articles must be 1,000 words long, high-quality, and free from grammatical errors. Be sure to include links to relevant sources and include real, high-quality images.

Education App Store

The Education App Store helps teachers and parents use educational apps for kids. They are looking for teacher and parent bloggers who will be happy to share their knowledge. Both teachers and parents are trying to use these sites to improve children’s education. If you are looking to publish your content on this particular site then must follow the guidelines. Your articles should contain 700 to 1500 words with headlines and citations that stand out from the text. You should also include:

  • 23 high-resolution images.
  • A link to your website.
  • A short biography of the author.


This website welcomes proposals from all academic subjects and grades, from pre-K to 12th grade. Certainly, it is always interested in pitching for key strategies. Of course, this includes project-based learning, social and emotional learning, skills integration, vocational training, comprehensive assessment, and integrative research.

Your guest post should include a few sentences describing the post with a general outline of about 750-850 words. Additionally, it should include a few words about the target audience of your blog (e.g., high school math teachers, administrators, etc.). Moreover, your content should include 3-5 links to other articles. For detailed instructions, visit their website.


With the introduction and dissemination of online learning, the education sector improves and can expect more. Education is increasingly moving beyond traditional learning methods to show improvements and consistency. Suppose you have a role in an educational field. In other words, guest postings are a great source to connect with a large audience and share your insights on the latest trends.

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