Suleyman Kerimov: Personality, Business, and Charity

Suleyman Kerimov: Personality, Business, and Charity

Suleyman Kerimov: Personality, Business, and Charity

Suleyman Kerimov is a successful entrepreneur and a major philanthropist, whose name is closely linked to humanitarian projects on education, culture, and spiritual matters.

Biography highlights

Suleyman Kerimov was born in the spring of 1966 in his hometown Derbent (the Republic of Dagestan). Teachers could not help but notice his leadership qualities, entrepreneurial talents, and ability to achieve goals.

By the time of graduating from high school, Kerimov knew that he wanted to get into Dagestan State University. He successfully passed the entrance exams and graduated from the university in 1988 (Faculty of Economics).

After receiving his degree, the young specialist started working in the Department of Economics at the Eltav plant (the city of Makhachkala). Starting as an ordinary economist, he skyrocketed his career in no time and took the position of Assistant to the CEO.

Entrepreneurial career

In the early 90s, Suleyman Kerimov launched his first business project in the banking sector. While his company had been growing steadily, over the next decade the businessman’s interests expanded to oil, gas, mining, metallurgy, real estate, and telecommunications.

By 2015, Suleyman Kerimov became the owner of 95% of Polyus, the largest Russian gold mining company. This project has become one of the businessman’s major investments. Later, he transferred the assets to his son Said and introduced him into the Board of Directors. Back then the company was headed by Pavel Grachev.

In the spring of 2022, Kerimov transferred 46% of his shares in the gold mining holding to the Islamic Organizations Support Fund in Russia, and another 30% he sold to the Akropol corporation. Meanwhile, there was a change in the top managers of Polyus – Pavel Grachev resigned as CEO and was replaced by Alexei Vostokov.

Charitable activities

Suleyman Kerimov, one of the most famous Russian philanthropists, provides large-scale support to educational, cultural, sports, and religious projects.

The patron sponsors the construction of “School 21”, a free coding school in Makhachkala. He established individual scholarships, and also allocates grants for gifted students, and supports several educational programs.

Kerimov actively promotes athletic activities in Dagestan. He invested heavily in the construction of the Anji Arena football stadium capable of accommodating 30,000 fans, financed a children’s football academy and the football club for which the stadium is the home ground. Supporting culture and spiritual growth is another area where Suleyman Kerimov puts his heart and soul. He offered his own funds to reconstruct the Moscow Cathedral Mosque and build the Makhachkala Mosque named after the Prophet Muhammad.

Kerimov donated a considerable amount to the development of his hometown of Derbent. He helped to landscape the city park, install a multimedia fountain, and erect a museum and an observation tower.

For many years, Suleyman Kerimov has been providing financial aid to pilgrims who want to make the Hajj to Medina. Every year, at his own expense, he sends hundreds of Dagestan residents on this pilgrimage.