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Supreme kai of time

Chronoa: Supreme kai of time true form height

Chronoa is the Supreme Kai for Time. She was a deity that watched over the flow of Time from the cosmos. She is a crucial character in the Xenoverse anime series and is also mentioned in Dragon Ball Online as the Lord of Time (“World King of Time”). She was 132 Cm (4’3″) tall.


Chronoa, also known as Supreme Kai for Time, is a petite Supreme Kai with a pretty, youthful appearance. She has pinkish-red hair and pink/purple eyes. She wears a pair of Potara earrings, a robe, and a similar style to the Supreme Kais of the Sacred World of the Kai. However, it is more casual. She also wears high-heeled boots. That may be because she is noticeably shorter than Future Trunks or Goku. Despite her youthful appearance, she is 75 million years of Age and was alive when Lord Beerus sealed Old Kai with the Z-Sword. That would make her one the oldest living Supreme Kais. Elder Kai reveals in Xenoverse 2 that he is approximately 1,000 years older than her. It indicates that she is the second-oldest Supreme Kai currently living in Universe 7.


Chronoa is a kind, friendly, and sassy person, regardless of her role. Chronoa, despite her childlike appearance, can have angry outbursts. For example, Tokitoki made Chronoa’s introduction to the Future Warrior a disaster by perching her forehead. However, she is a very generous lady. Xeno Trunks was not stopped from lying to her about her plans to work for her. He had used the Time Machine to alter historical events, but he didn’t commit ae. Chronoa thought she would not take Trunks’ words as seriously as he did. And allowed Future Trunks to continue with their alterations because she knew Trunks’ intentions were noble and ultimately for her greater good.

Chronoa also seems to be very proud of herself, believing that the meals she makes are worthy of a god. Whis was quick to stop reaching for her pudding cup after realizing she had prepared it. However, she is not aware of this. She mistook Whis’ criticism of her cooking as a compliment. She appeared unaware that she nearly caused another time distortion because she was angry with Beerus.

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Chronoa is also a horrible housekeeper, with a lot of junk in her Time Nest home. It is implied that she is lazy as she will quickly pawn the task of looking through all the Time Scrolls. 

It was to locate the wormhole that sent Broly and Bardock to her assistant Xeno Tunks in Xenoverse. It would have been much faster to build Canton City over the Toki Toki City ruins rather than rebuild it after it was destroyed.

She is highly protective of the Time Nest/Time Vault. She refuses to let anyone (even Beerus) fight near them out of fear that it might be damaged or destroyed. As Supreme Kai of Time, she is very protective of Tokitoki, its eggs, and Tokitoki. Chronoa, except in grave situations, is more relaxed and will take her Time with less serious threats or let others take care of it while she tends to other things. Despite her high self-esteem and her ability to do things well, she doesn’t consider herself superior to others. She is open to meeting Time Patrollers and will even invite them to tea.

Xeno Trunks credits her friendliness to her Time alone in the Time Nest, with only Tokitoki as her companions in the years before the founding of the Time Patrol. Chronoa also shows a keen interest in technology. She often asks Xeno Trunks questions about the Future Capsule Corporation’s inventions and keeps various technology pieces in her yard.

Although she has not changed much since her last visit, Elder Kai mentions that she is now a little ruder than she was in the past. That indicates that she was once more respectful towards him.

She respects Goku and has a similar laid-back personality to him. However, she can sometimes be frustrated and annoyed by him. For example, when he tried Tokitoki Egg after Mira saved it.

Chronoa’s brainwashing by Mechikabura causes her to speak robotically and have a blank expression. After transforming into her Brainwashed Berserk body, she adopts a darker personality. Xeno Trunks also uses the Key Sword to purify herself of the Power of Darkness. Her final expression is one of frustration and anger as she observes that the Power of Darkness has been purified.

Chronoa is freed from Mechikabura’s brainwashing and returns to her normal personality. Chronoa shows a sense of regret over her brainwashing and attacks on her subordinates under enemy control. Xeno Trunks dismisses the apology and tells Chronoa that he has seen her brainwashing memories after being hit by Brainwashed Chronoa’s Time Clock. He then holds the Dark Empire responsible for her brainwashing and her actions under Mechikabura’s supervision.

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World Mission reveals that she was more involved in Sealas’ early years as a Time Patroller and her disciple. She accompanied Seals on his missions. Like Gowasu’s failure to mentor Zamasu, Chronoa fails to mentor Seals to become a proper Time Patroller. His sense of justice conflicts with darker historical aspects, such as Majin Buu’s rampages between Time Immemorial & 5 Million Before Age. Sealas defies orders to save an innocent child from being attacked by Buu. His interference did not change the boy’s fate as the Ultimate Majin destroyed his planet after Chronoa returned to the Time Nest.

Sealas’ failed attempt to save the lives of innocent people was understandable. She tried to explain that it was a Time Patroller’s duty to preserve history regardless of how dark. Seals discover the boy’s fate and betray Chronoa and her Time Patrol. Chronoa is forced to take responsibility for the boy and seal him away, just as she did with Demigra. Chronoa, unlike Sealas, fully understands the importance of preserving even the darkest aspects of history. She did not stop Kid Buu from killing his fellow Supreme Kais, West Super Kai, and North Supreme Kai. Nor did she prevent his absorption of the South Supreme Kai, Grand Supreme Kai, which led to Innocent Buu being created. That would result in Bibidi sealing the boy within the Sealed Ball, allowing the East Supreme Kai Shin to kill the wizard on Earth. Thus, history would eventually lead to being as it should. Chronoa also learns from her experience with Sealas and can mentor Xeno Trunks and Xeno Geku, and the Dragon Ball Heroes team. They all reject Sealas’s evil plan to rewrite history and are willing to fight for the preservation of the present.

What happens to the Supreme Kai Of Time?

Life Link – The Supreme Kais are connected to the God Of Destruction to preserve the balance of the Universe they oversee. To maintain the balance between destruction and creation, one will be killed, and the other will die.

Supreme Kai of Time voice actor

Yuji Mitsuya, a Japanese actor, voice actress, director of audiography, and sound supervisor, is from Toyohashi in Aichi Prefecture. He is also affiliated with Combination. He graduated from Meiji University.

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Shinichiro Ohta, a Japanese voice actor and TV announcer is most well-known in English-speaking countries for his role as Iron Chef’s kitchen reporter. He was also known for his fast-paced announcing style.

Taishi Murata, a Japanese voice actor, is Taishi Murata. He is associated with Across Entertainment.

How powerful is the Supreme Kai of Time?

Sealing Spells: The Supreme Kai of Time has demonstrated her proficiency in sealing spells. She can also erase changes made to the timeline by other people. Sealing was sealed inside the Crack of Time by her after she failed to take control of the Time Nest in 75 million Before Age.

Is Supreme Kai of time, in her true form, more powerful than Goku & Frieza?

The supreme kai was supposed to be the strongest in the universe. As Supreme Kai, she is presumably at least a thousand times more potent than Frieza. (before her training) and managed to seal the Demon God Demigra during his failed attempt to seize control of the Time Nest in 75 Million Before Age. However, at that time, Démigra was much weaker and during the 75 million. She was not paying attention to the creatures of the universe. They were Goku and Vegeta and the other z fighters getting more potent. That is why he became weaker than them. He would have been the strongest of the universe.

Supreme kai of time True form: Techniques and Abilities

  • Magic – The Supreme Kai of Time can use magic, and magically-based techniques and counter/dispel other forms of magic such as Demigra’s Dark Magic.
  • Time Manipulation – As the Supreme Kai of Time, she is capable of managing and controlling time. She is also capable of dispatching changes to the timeline by others should she choose to.
  • Sealing Spells – The Supreme Kai of Time is shown to be quite proficient with sealing spells. She sealed Demigra inside the Crack of Time after her aborted attempt to seize control of the Time Nest in 75 Million Before Age. She also uses a sealing spell to contain/counter Démigra’s Self Destructing Majin Emblem inside as an energy sphere. That allowed her to throw it away before it detonated.
  • Healing – The Supreme Kai of Time uses this technique to heal Future Trunks’ injuries sustained during his fight with the Future Warrior while under Demigra’s Dark Magic control.