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Taco Diner

 Located directly on Sundance Square Plaza, Taco Diner is a party of this real taco stands of Mexico City along with the traditional American twist. The restaurant atmosphere is metropolitan and lively, with a new and modern spin on the compact Diner designed. Large storefront windows open into the outside patio and Sundance Square Plaza. Taco Diner is open at lunch, happy hour, late-night, and weekend brunch.

Yummy Guacamole in Taco Diner

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Preston Center, this Taco Diner place offers what could be the very best food and service of all of the Taco Diners from the metroplex. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and helpful. They answer all your queries regarding the menu, and support is fast and attentive. The food does not disappoint either-the guacamole is fresh and yummy. The tacos are fatty and cooked to perfection. The margaritas are powerful. Do not overlook the thick, daring queso, and save space for flan.

The chicken tinga is guisado influenced, tender chicken thigh, slow-braised with Morita chiles to get an earthy, charred, and hot taste. The must-try dishes are tacos with queso fresco and onions and lots of salsas, such as the Salsa Pequin and Creamy Serrano to make it your very own.

Their Summer menu

The brand new summer menu at Taco Diner focussed on the comfort food of Mexico. From components to cooking methods, this brand new menu highlights the flavors of Mexico with American diner classics. Try the tacos served with french fries and pineapple jicama slaw and the sterile shrimp ceviche served with potato and root chips — an exceptional mixing of cultures and cuisines.

Reviews from the customers.

Some of the customers liked the most traditional frozen margarita containing Sauza Blanco tequila with Mi Cocina homemade Sangria. Others said, “It was for a fast bite of lunch. The food was quick and great. Wait employees did a fantastic job from the welcome into the meals support. I didn’t have a taco that seemed great, but I had a salad.”

Well, Taco Diner also has good reviews from vegetarians.

“Fantastic terrace with heaters, clean inside, and most of all I enjoy the vegetarian choices! Fantastic stores nearby in case the restaurant is about a waiting list. Easy walk across the amazing courtyard/fountain facing Marriott. Yum – consistently Good.”

The meat lovers commented.

Delicious food. Fantastic support. Always a fantastic experience. Brisket tacos and that avocado salad item are my faves. Best company lunch, by the way, Went by this area at the Shops of Legacy that I happen to operate in the Region. It had been quite busy, and I discovered there were approximately three servers around the ground. I am saying that with all due respect. Perhaps not a beat was missed that our food was on stage so much taste. Along with the supervisor, Rachael took 1 minute to stop and refilled our drinks. Overall we spent less than one hour in this location.

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Other Reviews includes

  • Outstanding flavor and Assistance!
  • Decided to get dinner before the film and picked the Taco Diner as an intriguing change of pace.
  • They have a happy hour’ unique, and that I picked three different tacos… had a fried chicken taco!
  • The restaurant is fine, wide spacious with great décor, and readily reachable.
  • An extremely pleasurable experience. The next time I will not purchase as much for supper, because I had been jealous of the tasty ice cream creations others needed for dessert!

Bad reviews of Taco Diner

  • Long-time clients, but will not return
  • Our favorite menu item, tacos, and the brisket were served on a single plate for two people, not at the metal dividers on different plates, and the tacos soaked in the dirt. I complained to the supervisor, that must have comped the meal, but just comped that the tacos p brisket and black beans. As a result of slow service and haggling over the test, we missed the picture we had been likely to attend in the Angelika second door.
  • This urban café is casual and fun, providing fast complete service from lunch to late night. The Diner also can accommodate private parties up to 75. But we were not happy with the food last time, and we had a get-together.

MCrowd Restaurant Group

The inside decor of Taco Diner is outstanding. It includes nostalgic dining counter chairs and heavy comfy Pullman booths. Enjoy many different handmade tacos and diner customs like Blue Plate Specials as well as the traditional all-American cheeseburger with chips.

Taco Diner is just one of those concepts created by this MCrowd Restaurant Group, who will also be behind Mi Cocina and The Mercury. The Mercury is a fine dining room, using a kitchen helmed by prestigious community chef Chris Ward. Mi Cocina and Taco Diner are alike because they have Mexican-inspired menus, and the two provide somewhat elevated variations of Tex-Mex and Mexican favorites. Mi Cocina isn’t my favorite. However, tacos are, therefore, I chose to provide Taco Diner with an attempt.

Food in Taco Diner

The menu has a lot of segments: 2 distinct sorts of taco, starters, and”blue dishes” being the greatest choice, then breakfast alternatives, sides, and soups, and salads. The Burger has its segment; the editor is not certain why it is not tasty.

Tacos are the main highlight of “road” and”de la casa,” that exemplifies the aesthetic of Taco Diner. For the road tacos, we tried the chicken tinga, the choriqueso along with the warrior. 

The tinga that is chicken cooked at a tomato-based sauce was hot and smoky, exactly like a legitimate chicken tinga ought to be. The choriqueso is full of chorizo and Oaxaca cheese and, again, the chorizo needed a wonderful kick, balanced with the cheese.

A food blogger recently wrote, “These would be the very best tacos we attempted at Taco Diner. I am additional picky about warrior tacos; I need a sharply-flavored warrior, thick on the chiles, and also a noticeable twist of vinegar or sour orange juice. Thus, Taco Diner’s did not do it for me. They were yummy, and most individuals are much less fussy about pastor as I’m, so want them.”

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Taco Diner

The tacos from the”de la Casa

The tacos from the”de la Casa” class are somewhat fancier, with ingredients such as ribeye, brisket, and fish. We tried both of these, in addition to the campechano along with the crispy fish. The brisket taco was fantastic, filled with smoky shredded beef. The feel at the ribeye taco was exceptional, but the taste was level. The accession of chorizo to make a campechano taco helped a lot. A crispy fish taco wasn’t crispy, sadly, also was underseasoned into the point of blandness.


We tried a few those enchiladas too, each of which was powerful. The sauce has a beautiful balance of earthiness and tanginess that pairs nicely with the cheese within the tortillas. We picked brisket to go on top, and it had been the same smoky, flavorful brisket that we had seen in our taco.

 The taste of the filling along with the green sauce was equally spot-on. The tortilla is fried, then coated in sauce, which provides the endings with a satisfying crunch, but leaves the center somewhat tough, such as a half-cooked flauta.

Sides are largely fine. Black beans, rice, and elotes were standard, nothing exciting, but not dreadful. A side of sauteed veggies (mostly squash) had zero taste but cooked nicely. Salsas don’t have any warmth and need more acidity.

The chunky guacamole

The guacamole was the best thing we’d at Taco Diner; paradoxically, it is the dish that they appeared to do the very least. Full with chunks of avocado, it is a perfect balance between salty and creamy, with pickled onions and onions on the side. It had been the first dish we tried and placed this regular that we were perplexed by the remaining dishes.

The space is quite bright and clean-looking, with floor to ceiling windows on the two ends of the construction. Service is friendly if a bit inconsistent. We had very pleasant servers, but they’d disappear for long lengths of time throughout our meal, leaving us empty glasses and plates for a long time.

Again, I’m not a massive fan of Mi Cocina. Therefore it is not a huge surprise I did not adore Taco Diner. If Mi Cocina is the favorite Mexican restaurant, then it’s likely that you’ll likely like Taco Diner. Otherwise, I would give it a miss and visit a taqueria.

Jicama Slaw at Taco Diner

One of the best dishes to try in Taco diner is the jicama slaw. The word, ” Jicama slaw ” may be unknown outside the USA, but the best way to describe Jicama slaw is Coleslaw with jicama.

What is Jicama

Jicama is a root vegetable, from Mexico and Central America in which it’s indigenous. Manufactured to a vigorous vine growing around 15 feet, jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus) requires a trellis. Still, it may do dual duty to color an arbor, porch, greenhouse, or drop through a long, hot summer. Growing jicama demands time, because it demands a long growing season to generate the yummy underground tubers, dug in autumn. You can ask any waitress in Taco Diner about jicama. They will bring one from their kitchen and show you.

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Yam bean

Also referred to as the yam bean, Mexican curry, or Chinese turnip, jicama is a low-calorie plant source that may add dietary fiber, antioxidant chemicals and many minerals and vitamins into your diet. Jicama can grow around 6 lbs. Eat raw in salads or as an element of a vegetable tray, and it’s a crisp, crunchy texture and a taste resembling a combination of potato and pear. Jicama’s brownish peel is inedible. Remove them before cooking or eating. If you buy jicama together with all the leaves intact, discard them. The leaves of this jicama plant are poisonous.

Dietary Fiber

A cup of raw jicama pieces contains nearly 6 g of dietary fiber, a sum that provides 24 percent of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recommended daily allowance of fiber to get healthy adult women and men after a 2,000-calorie diet plan. A diet rich in soluble fiber can help prevent diabetes and higher blood cholesterol. High insoluble fiber consumption may regulate bowel movements and might reduce the risk of colon cancer. Individuals that include polyunsaturated foods within their foods regularly are also less inclined to suffer from hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and stroke.


Jicama provides roughly 40% of the RDA of vitamin C in each cup of uncooked pieces. Vitamin C helps maintain skin and bones supports and the healthy immune system works. Eating a lot of it might help prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and higher blood pressure. Jicama also comprises 4% of the RDA of vitamin folate and vitamin E in every cup. Folate, also called vitamin B-9, is vital for its growth, development, and maintenance of the nervous system, whilst vitamin E assists in the synthesis of red blood cells and also the absorption of other minerals such as vitamin K.


Each cup of raw jicama supplies 4% of these minerals magnesium, iron, potassium, and manganese. The body needs these minerals to work properly. A diet that lacks foods rich in these minerals can make you more likely to develop osteoporosis, obesity, anemia, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hypertension. Jicama includes additional nutritional supplements, such as calcium, selenium, and zinc, in substantially smaller quantities.


The American Dietetic Association reports they can inhibit the capability of unstable free radical compounds from causing harm to a DNA or cellular tissue. High consumption of antioxidant-rich foods can decrease your chance of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Differently colored vegetables provide various antioxidants, and nutritionists urge including produce of every color on your diet plan.

Jicama Slaw recipe

 This recipe provides significantly more than just eight servings. Go for a simple French dressing. More compact jicama with the same dressing functioned fine the next time that I left it. However, my recipe differed from the recipe of Jicama slaw in Taco Diner.


  1. 1 1/2 lbs jicama (1 ) medium), julienned
  2. 1/2 little red onion, halved and thinly sliced
  3. 1/4 cup coarsely chopped fresh cilantro
  4. 2-3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (from 1 to 2 limes)
  5. Coarse salt and ground pepper

Procedure to make Jicama Slaw

Step 1

In a medium bowl, place jicama, onion, cilantro, and lime juice. Season with pepper and salt toss gently to combine. Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate, up to 6 hours.


Before you start cutting, peel jicama having a vegetable peeler, then halve in the top to bottom (a serrated knife is most effective ). To julienne, slice jicama halves 1/8 inch thick; put pieces level and cut into 1/8-inch-thick sticks. Also known as “Mexican curry,” jicama’s flavor is a cross between a potato and an apple and it’s the ideal crunchy, juicy addition for this slaw.


If you visit Taco Diner and don’t try the jicama slaw there, you must be missing a great dish.