The Battery Makes The Difference

The Battery Makes The Difference

The Battery Makes The Difference

As a battery is to a flashlight, so is the battery, to an electric scooter. The battery is the fuel to the electric scooter and allows the rider to travel faster or power through different terrains. So, what then is an electric scooter battery? The electric scooter battery is one major component of electric scooters for adults. Without an efficient and decent-sized battery, your electric scooter won’t get anywhere, nor will it take you anywhere.

Just like cars, an electric scooter uses different types of electric scooter batteries. Are you thinking of buying an electric battery online? You need to know the kind of electric scooter you need and want, before choosing the battery for the e-scooter you intend to buy. Read on and get to know more about the electric scooter battery.

What are the types of electric scooter batteries?

Knowing the different types of e-scooter batteries allows you to use and care for them properly and replace them when necessary. Also, this tip will help you understand how the battery affects the performance of your e-scooter.

Lithium-ion battery. An electric scooter battery with lithium-ion is the most popular e-scooter battery in the market. It is also used in many gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and other smart devices. This battery offers a lighter weight, yet stores a higher energy capacity, and lasts longer than other types of batteries.

Mearth uses lithium-ion batteries, as this particular battery provides more battery capacity and a longer life span and it also includes a battery management system that consists of individual cells and electronics which help it operate efficiently and safely. The battery stores the energy used by the different parts of the Mearth e-scooter, such as the motor, controller, lights, and more. When you engage the throttle, the speed controller sends a signal to the battery to release energy to the motor. The motor then moves the e-scooter forward.

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Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and degrade quicker. It is a top choice for e-scooter manufacturers and buyers since it maintains its efficiency and longevity even after many charging cycles.

Now, there’s a bigger electric scooter battery pack that contains more capacity and allows an e-scooter to travel faster and farther, on-and-off-road. However, a larger battery means sacrificing your E-scooters portability. That’s the trade-off on high-performance and off-road e-scooters, like the single motor on-and-off-road MEARTH GTS, and the dual motor on-and-off-terrain MEARTH GTS MAX, which are heavier due to their large battery capacities. Determine how much speed and range you need so you will know how much battery capacity you will get for your trips.

Sealed lead-acid battery. Some commuter and kid electric scooters use lead-acid batteries since they are cheaper than lithium-ion. Although considered a reliable scooter battery pack, this type of battery is bulkier, heavier, and takes longer to recharge. In addition, they contain less energy density, which in effect, depletes faster than others. 

Nickel-metal hydride battery. Few electric scooters use this type of battery. Considered the most common rechargeable batteries in electronics and hybrid electric vehicles, and yet fewer e-scooters use nickel-metal hydride batteries. They may provide more energy density and safety since they contain fewer active materials, but they are slow to charge, taking up to 10-12 hours of charging time. Being sensitive to extreme temperatures, the voltage output drops easily when it conditions are too hot or too cold.

Now, the inevitable question: how long does a battery last on an electric scooter? The battery life of the electric scooter typically lasts around 3,000 to 10,000 miles. Take note, however, the actual lifespan of a battery depends on several factors, such as the type of battery, the battery size, one’s riding style, and the E-scooter’s proper maintenance. 

Over time, all e-scooter batteries lose capacity. Slowly, but surely, the battery will gradually decrease in efficiency, capacity, and performance every time you use it. The electric scooter battery can last a bit longer if you maintain it properly. So, charge the battery regularly, and always keep it clean. The good news is, the latest battery management systems in e-scooters use better technology which helps prolong the electric scooter’s battery life.

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When to replace an electric scooter battery

You would know. There is a sense of foreboding. It is time to replace a battery if an electric scooter battery won’t charge anymore, or it no longer functions. It is very important that if your batteries get damaged, burned, or short-circuited, they should be replaced immediately to avoid further impairment of your e-scooter.

It is advisable to ask a professional mechanic to help you do an electric scooter battery replacement. There are, however, some e-scooters that show an easy way to substitute the battery. If you plan to change the battery on your own, check out the MEARTH website to guide you on e-scooter batteries and how to correctly replace them.

The estimated price of an electric scooter battery costs over $200+, depending on the brand and model of your e-scooter. Manufacturers recommend buyers to buy the same e-scooter battery for their e-scooter and avoid generic, cheap, unbranded, clone batteries – it is for your own and your E-scooters’ protection. Check out available electric scooter batteries for Mearth e-scooters.

How to care for your electric scooter battery 

Regularly charge the battery even when you will not be using it any time soon. Charge your e-scooter after every use to prevent it from deteriorating quickly. Follow this guide on how to charge your electric scooter properly: Charge at a temperature between 40°F- 110 °F (4°C- 43°C ); Don’t overcharge as they can heat up and catch fire easily. Unplug batteries once fully charged;

Follow the time recommended by manufacturers to avoid under or overcharging your e-scooter battery; read the manufacturer’s instructions found in the user manual before you start using, charging, or re-charging batteries to ensure that you use the battery safely and correctly, adhering to the battery’s specific charging voltage;

MEARTH commuter electric scooters take up to four hours to charge, while its other high-performance on-and-off-road e-scooters with larger batteries may take longer than 6 hours to charge;

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Keep the battery away from extreme temperatures. Temperature can affect a battery’s capacity and performance as batteries are sensitive to temperatures that are too hot or cold. When exposed to these extreme conditions, the battery overheats or drains quickly. As a result, the capacity and performance of your e-scooter battery are compromised;

Only use the charger that came with your electric scooter. Using the wrong or fake chargers is unsafe and may not meet the proper safety standards;

Never leave your electric scooter unattended while it is charging. Unplug it if you go out or sleep;

Keep away the battery from flammable surfaces like paper, fabric, and vinyl wood as they can easily catch fire in case the battery malfunctions;

If the battery becomes excessively hot, releases smoke, or emits a smell, disconnect immediately from the power source. The battery may be overheating and could potentially catch fire;

Always store the scooter batteries in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humid areas, and away from hazardous or flammable materials;

Never dispose of lithium-ion batteries in a fire.

Store your batteries properly

Caring for your e-scooter also means storing it properly when not in use. If you will store it for a long time, ensure that it has at least a 50 percent charge. Also, charge it once every 30 days.

When it comes to its storage conditions, keep the battery/is inside a clean space with an average temperature and without humidity. Some e-scooter specs indicate the ideal temperature for your battery, so try to follow it if possible.