The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

Managing and editing multiple PDF files daily is not an easy job. That’s why people prefer to use online PDF tools that contain all the necessary functions to edit, create and organize PDF files. Online PDF tools can be easily accessed from any operating system and web browser with a few clicks. Also, you don’t have to download the PDF software on your PC that may take your desktop’s space.

Due to the ease and compatibility offered by online PDF tools, this article will highlight a similar tool called HiPDF. By reading the details of this free PDF editor, you can enhance your workflow in managing PDF files daily.

Part 1: Introducing an Online Powerful PDF Tool – HiPDF

Are you excited to know about an efficient online PDF tool? HiPDF can help you in maximizing your productivity and daily tasks efficiently. This online tool offers multiple and distinct features that can edit, create, modify and enhance PDF files. It has an ad-free interface with a modern and organized look. If you are not interested in buying their pricing plans, you can still access their complete PDF tools through their free version. It provides batch processing so that you can manage and edit multiple PDF files simultaneously.

The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

If you are a beginner, HiPDF offers a user panel to learn about the instructions and proper guidelines for using every feature. You can check your recent file history with a single click to check about your recent tasks. This free PDF editor enables you to upload PDF file sizes up to 100MB. Even if your file consists of 2000 PDF pages, this tool works with high efficiency. With OCR functionality and other advanced tools, HiPDF is a complete online tool that will provide you with a secure environment.

Part 2: Variety of PDF Tools in HiPDF

HiPDF is an exceptional tool that tackles every problem and requirement of PDF files. Its friendly user interface includes tons of PDF tools that will be discussed in this section.

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1. Convert from PDF

If you want to export your PDF into another file format, HiPDF offers you 15 different formats. With original quality, you can convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, HTML, etc. You can also execute the PDF conversion to image file formats such as GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF in high quality. Moreover, you can also convert PDF files to pages for printing on Windows and Mac instantly.

Without needing to create an account or buy a subscription plan, you can convert PDF files to your preferred format instantly. Thus, with this fantastic feature, you can export or send your PDF file with a suitable file format effortlessly.

The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

2. Convert to PDF

Sometimes, we may receive a file that is not present in PDF format, which can be a hurdle for our workflow. However, with HiPDF, you can convert 12 formats like Word, Excel, PPT, BMP, TXT, PUB, Image, and RTF files to PDF with the original quality. You can upload your file either from your device or cloud storage platforms like Dropbox on this free PDF editor. Once done with uploading the file, the tool will begin the conversion process easily.

Through this PDF creator, you can download the converted PDF files without any restrictions. It does not restrict a user from creating multiple PDF files. Thus, you can increase your productivity level with this converter tool which can be accessed anytime and from any device.

The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

3. Compress PDF

Are you facing difficulty in sharing PDF files due to large file sizes? HiPDF offers a reliable compressor that can be used to reduce the file sizes of PDFs in preferred quality. This tool provides the easiest way to compress the file size by offering three modes. You can choose the compression quality from the offered modes like high, medium, and low. Once you are done importing the PDF file, select your level of compression and then instantly get the desired results.

After compressing the PDF file, you can also share the file directly from this tool through email. Moreover, you can also select expiration days to access the sent PDF. Hence, HiPDF ensures efficiency and convenience to the users in every situation.

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The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

4. Merge PDF

Do you want to combine your multiple PDF files into a single file? The merger tool of HiPDF offers you a great way to combine all the PDF files in the required order. Moreover, if you added PDFs in the wrong merging order, you can correct it using this tool.

If you have confidential data on your PDF files, the merger tool of HiPDF ensures complete security and privacy. The reason is that the server of HiPDF automatically deletes the uploaded files once you are done completing the tasks. Thus, you can enjoy using this platform without worrying about the security of your information.

5. Crop PDF

Do you want to eradicate the unwanted parts of your PDF pages? HiPDF offers an easy method to crop PDFs with high accuracy. After importing the file on this tool, you can select an area to crop by adjusting the margins. You can remove the unnecessary parts from any direction by making adjustments with the provided margins. Once done, you can save the cropped PDF file on your device free of cost.

HiPDF also allows you to crop the PDF pages on cloud storage. Instead of saving the cropped PDF pages on your device, you can use the platforms provided by HiPDF.

The Best All-In-One Free Online PDF Solution in 2022

6. Organize PDF

Do you want to organize your PDF pages in a structured manner? HiPDF offers the best solutions through which you can manage and organize PDF pages in a preferred way. If you have a lengthy PDF file, you can split it into multiple PDF files using the Split tool. You can select the page ranges, and with a single tap, you would be able to create multiple PDF files from a single file. Moreover, if you find any unwanted PDF pages, you can instantly delete them using this platform.

For this, you just have to select the pages for deletion, and within seconds, you will receive your desired results. If you are not satisfied with the page numbering of your PDF file, you can rearrange the file using the Rearrange PDF Pages tool. Just drag and drop the thumbnail of pages to the specified order, and you will easily conduct the rearrangement without any hassle.

7. Other Tools

HiPDF also offers many other PDF tools that can help you in various aspects. For instance, you can share your PDF files as an email to the respective mail address or by sharing the link directly. Moreover, you can add a signature to your PDF files to prevent plagiarism. HiPDF can easily add an electronic signature to your PDF file with fast processing speed.

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HiPDF can also extract images from your PDF file, which you can use for other purposes. Moreover, if you want to replace a specific part of the text, the Replace Text in PDF tool will help you to find the particular content. After searching it, you can add the text to replace it and can save the file on your PC.

Part 3: Pros and Cons of HiPDF

Every tool has some advantages and drawbacks that indicate its reliability. In this section, we will discuss the pros and some drawbacks of HiPDF that you should be aware of:


  • HiPDF offers 100% security as it automatically deletes the information from its server.
  • You can use its converter tool without buying any subscription plan. Thus, you can convert PDF files from and to different formats free of cost and without facing any restrictions.
  • HiPDF can be accessed from any platform and operating system. Just search their official website from your web browser, and you are ready to use all their PDF tools.
  • HiPDF ensures great quality conversion as it does not harm the quality of content during the process.
  • Web developers can easily access the API for this tool to integrate the PDF tools with their corresponding websites. Through this, any user can use the HiPDF PDF tools from your website directly.
  • Instead of saving the files on your internal storage of the device, you can upload them on cloud storage platforms like DropBox and Box.


  • If you want to access the OCR feature, you need to buy the HiPDF subscription plan first.
  • To use HiPDF, you would require a strong and stable internet connection throughout. If your internet speed is slow, it will take time to upload your file.

Part 4: Final Verdict

HiPDF has a delightful and well-structured interface that has made it easier to locate the PDF tools according to the category. It ensures complete security and privacy of the user’s data as it erases all the imported information from their servers. It’s a complete PDF solution as it provides every basic and advanced feature to tackle diverse problems. Also, it does not annoy the users with constant ads and gives the best and most comfortable user experience.

To optimize the overall performance, HiPDF constantly upgrades its tool by considering the reviews and criticism of the users. Thus, with constant fixes of bugs and offered PDF tools, HiPDF cost-effectively provides exceptional results.