The Best Bathroom Trends Of 2022 you should consider


The Best Bathroom Trends Of 2022

Who says that your bathroom has to be a boring, bland space that does not show your flair for creativity? 2022 is the year of instagram-worthy bathrooms, where your bathrooms get that glow up you didn’t know it needed. Before you rush over to Pinterest for ideas, for more ideas, these are some of the trends that are making their standout appearances for 2022. Use these to see how you, too, can elevate your bathroom experience! 

When doing a bathroom renovation, consider the overall look and feel you’d want to project in the space. There are minimalist bathroom accessories that you can add to your renovation. Add some matte towel rail or tissue holder that will look perfect on your black marble design. There are different ways to improve your washroom area. Bathroom renovation can be done through furniture, fixtures, tiles, and even accessories.

Marble, Marble, Marble

Subtle, but elegant and an addition that is bound to impress, marble no longer belongs in just the domain of the kitchen. 2022 is seeing marble in white and grey making its way into bathrooms to give it a luxurious, high-end feel of opulence. Be it a feature wall piece or marble top to bottom, marble is becoming an extremely popular option for the bathroom.

Spice It Up With Murals

Are marble and minimalism too boring for your new year? Take the opposite approach and go bold and bombastic with murals. Statement mural walls add that wow factor to your bathroom by adding complex murals and scenes. 

Get them handpainted on your wall for that truly breathtaking experience, and help support local artists in the process. It will give character to your bathroom that truly no one else has and make it wholly unique to you, and give that almost spa-like quality to truly help you wind down after a long day.

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Spas are great, we all love a good spa. Many homeowners are going the extra mile to get that little slice of that experience at home. Think Euro-style shower doors, minimal framings complemented by modern hardware, and a lovely bathtub situated in a more open-air design rather than being confined to a small section of the bathroom. 

Opt for quartz or granite countertops over the marble if you’re trying to save a (very pretty!) penny –– they look just as great and at times even better, and are less demanding to maintain to boot.

Add A Bench

You spend an awful amount of time in the bathroom, and not just taking showers or using the loo. Doing up your hair, your lashes and applying your makeup, there are plenty of things that we end up doing in the toilet. Why not make the whole experience a more comfortable and relaxing experience, the way it’s meant to be? 

Benches and stools are becoming a growing addiction in modern, beautifully designed bathrooms, often decked out in a snazzy, eye-catching prints and textures for that visual pop that you might as well have. Get a light, easy to move and stylish stool to perch yourself in front of the mirror to make getting ready for the day or winding down with masks enjoyable and stress-free.

Difference Is Key

Cohesiveness doesn’t have to mean that we stick to the same colour palette or the same marble textures. Gone are the expanse of single colours and tones in bathrooms. In 2022, mixing textures will be the decor style trend of 2022. With glass combined with sandwich mirrors, walls covered with textures and a mix of materials that all complement each other, there is a sense of visual movement within the bathroom that makes it a treat for the eyes.

Similarly, opposites attract. As both modern and traditional bathroom designs see a surge in popularity, why not combine the two to create something unique? We recommend pairing a traditional bathtub with a sleek and modern faucet, or using Victorian-style faucets with a modern, minimalist sink!

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The Best Bathroom Trends Of 2022


The Devil’s In The Details

Marble and murals may make the most striking visual improvements to your bathroom, but let’s not forget the small details that make the look complete. After all, isn’t it fair that a nice painting deserves only a nice frame to pull it all together cohesively? 

Consider the small things like the faucets of your sinks and showers, as well as the lights for your countertop and ceiling. These little things not only enhance the experience of actually using the bathroom, but they add a slight flair that also complements the look of the rest of your bathroom, giving a soothing and almost ethereal experience.

Natural Materials

Those choosing to go for a more neutral colour palette and down the minimalist approach should include natural materials that are inherently warmer. The goal of neutral bathrooms in 2022 is to avoid feeling and looking clinical, but rather adopt a simple, clean elegance. Natural materials add that little pop of colour that is pleasing to the eye without being overly glaring and helps bring some relief among the more stark palettes of the floor or walls. Combined with a lot of natural light and open spaces, the beauty of the marble and wood shine and bring their full beauty to bear.

Walk-in Showers And Wet Rooms

We all lead fast-paced lives nowadays, and not many are as willing to use a bath that requires more effort in cleaning as before. The trend of walk-in showers shows a shift in what we want in our lives, where we prioritise simplicity and ease of use and maintenance.

Though, it doesn’t mean that we desire those cramp, walled-off sections that we often see showers for. 2022 is seeing a trend towards large, luxurious showers that provide plenty of breathing room that avoid the claustrophobic feeling of showers past. Nor will they be as plain as before, as many also opt to choose contrasting colours or patterns for the tiles in their showers to add to the character of the bathroom.

Baths certainly have their time and place in many bathrooms, and many will still have them for the luxurious feeling they give when used, but they certainly will not be the dominating force it once was in our bathrooms and our lives.

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The Best Bathroom Trends Of 2022


Many of these trends will remain timeless as we go past 2022, as we begin to take greater care in the aesthetics and vibe of our bathrooms. Bathroom design is becoming increasingly as important as the living room and kitchen as more and more of us begin to work from home, and we desire a slice of luxury that we previously did not have the time to enjoy. 

Take some inspiration from some of these trends and make changes to your bathroom, too! It’s a new year and you deserve a fresh look to your bathroom to start the year right.