The Best Google Certified Publishing Partners in 2022

Best Google Certified Publishing Partners

The Best Google Certified Publishing Partners

There are many ways to monetize your website with Google Certified Publishing Partners. You can monetize your website with content-recommendation platforms, Retweets, Re-Tweets, Re-Tweats, and Web Push Ads, which take the attention of the user and occupy a small area on the screen. In addition, affiliate marketers can increase your revenue without affecting your website’s performance or user experience.

If you’re looking to add advertising to your website or mobile app, it’s essential to choose a partner who can handle the ad placement for you. The following list includes companies that specialize in programmatic ad placement. These companies can help you maximize your ad revenues and yield. AdinPlay works with exchange and header bidding to maximize ad revenue, while leveraging programmatic sales to maximize the value of your ad space. AddApptr is a global mobile ad tech company with experience monetizing premium mobile app publishers. They have extensive experience with mobile ad placement and are connected to all major sources of programmatic demand.


Publishers can benefit from working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which is a special designation given to only 50 companies. Certified partners undergo rigorous review and must meet quality requirements. They must also have proven their success in the apps and online ecosystem. Read on to learn more about the benefits of AdinPlay as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. You can also learn about the services and benefits of Playwire, which was recently named a Google Certified Partner.

The Google Certified Publishing Partner program is an accreditation program for companies that support web publishers. These companies are a trusted source for solutions and expertise in advertising. Google recognizes Certified Publishing Partner companies as experts in their fields and are proud to display the prestigious Certified Publisher Partner badge on their sites. It means that their services are trusted by publishers and have been proven to generate revenue. AdinPlay also helps mobile app publishers monetize their content by providing solutions to increase their revenue.

The GCPP certification program has a wide range of benefits for publishers. As a Google partner, you can take advantage of increased exposure, increased traffic, and increased profitability for your business. GCPP badged companies have access to additional expertise and ad monetization opportunities. To take full advantage of the GCPP program, you should be a certified Google partner. We invite you to apply as a certified publisher today!

AdinPlay is a Google Certified Publishing Partners. Certified partners are experts in Google Ad Manager, AdSense, and AdMob. They help publishers with the monetization process from start to finish, whether they are new to it or have years of experience. In addition, Certified partners provide additional services to publishers like mobile app and website analytics and content management. The Certified partners also offer additional products to advertisers on their own websites.


Among the benefits of becoming a Google Certified Publishing Partner is the opportunity to receive additional traffic to your website. The platform is also ideal for enhancing competition between Doubleclick AdExchange and AdSense Managed Accounts. For publishers, the platform provides operational support and consultancy services to maximize earnings and user experience. Here are some of the pros and cons of ExMarketPlace. Read on to learn more about this program.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, ExMarketPlace offers publishers a full suite of Google monetization solutions including CPC & CPM with Display and Video products. In addition, it has access to tools exclusive to GCP publishers. This platform helps publishers increase their revenues and user loyalty with its programmatic solutions, premium network of publishers, and robust reporting. Here are some other benefits to becoming a GCP:

Google Certified Publishing Partners are one step ahead of GMP Partners. PPIDs, or publisher provided identifiers, enable publishers to activate first-party data. Publishers can use their PPIDs to track visitor data. AdThrive requires publishers to reach a certain number of visitors per month and has five certified experts in each region. Both platforms are endorsed by Google and vetted by a team of Google employees.

To become a Google Certified Publishing Partner, publishers must meet certain criteria. For example, a company must have five local experts who have completed the Google Marketing Platform certification exams. Those experts are responsible for building relationships with publishers, advocating for the open web, and providing innovative solutions. These experts are part of the Google Certified Publishing Program and provide services to over 50,000 publishers worldwide. So, if you’re interested in becoming a Google Certified Publishing Partner, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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GCPPs offer specialized services that can help publishers achieve their goals. The specialized expertise of these partners can help publishers maximize their earnings. Moreover, these certified partners are highly-vetted by Google, which means that their services and support are more reliable and high-quality than other companies. These certified partners have excellent knowledge of the publishing process, and are committed to maintaining a healthy ads ecosystem.

Fatchilli Media

Publishers can benefit from AdSense’s integration with Fatchilli Media’s monetization platform, which offers higher CPMs on the AdExchange and exclusive deals. Publishers can choose from traditional display ads, Native ads, and interstitial ads, as well as a variety of other advertising options. Publishers can also take advantage of Publift’s header bidding and yield optimization tools, which ensure a high quality ad experience with minimal impact on the user’s experience.


Among the many benefits of using a Google-certified publishing partner is the ability to receive a 50% boost in ad revenue. These programs can help you earn more money from your website by maximizing the effectiveness of Google’s AdSense and DoubleClick for Publishers programs. Google is a certified publishing partner because they offer a variety of services, including Ad Revenue Optimization, analytics, mobile site, SEM, and video.

Best Examples Google Certified Publishing Partners.

As a publisher, you might be wondering, who are Google Certified Publishing Partners? They are a great way to promote your website or blog through Google advertising. Google partnered with these publishers to expand their reach. The partnership is a win-win situation for everyone. Not only will you get free advertising, but you’ll also be helping your business grow as well. Hence, you should pay close attention to this type of advertising.


Certified publishing partners are carefully reviewed by Google to meet certain criteria, including meeting certain quality and performance standards. These companies must also meet rigorous annual product exams. In addition, they must demonstrate their product expertise through performance and value in the online and apps ecosystem. Certified publishers can rely on the expertise and services of Google Certified Publishing Partners to build a successful monetization strategy. The following are some examples of certified publishers.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are part of a small group of trusted partners in its Ad Operations program. They are devoted to helping publishers maximize their revenue by using Google’s products. Look for a “Certified” badge when choosing an Ad Ops partner. You’ll have the confidence that they have passed a rigorous review and have proven their success with other publishers. The badge is one of the most important signs of a Google Certified Publishing Partner, and a certified partner is a good sign of an excellent company.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are experts in Google AdSense and Ad Manager. They provide publishers with a full range of premium services and solutions to maximize ad revenue. These certified partners also help publishers strategize across a wide range of areas of their business, leaving them to focus on creating quality content and improving user experience. With the help of Google Certified Publishing Partners, publishers can focus on creating great content rather than worrying about technology or marketing.


AdinPlay provides ad solutions and extensive consultancy services to help publishers monetize their content. Their ad solutions work with header bidding, exchange bidding, and programmatic sales to maximize revenues and yield management. This ensures publishers get the most for their ad space. AddApptr, a global mobile ad tech company, offers a full-service approach to premium app publishers and connects them to the top programmatic demand sources.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, AddApptr offers advanced solutions and services for publishers to maximize their ad revenue. Their tools are built to support the AdSense program, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and Google Ad Manager. Publishers can trust that a partner with this badge has been assessed by Google, and they will benefit from its extensive experience helping other publishers succeed. AddApptr is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that has been working with publishers for over five years.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are a specialized group of companies with specific skillsets that have been vetted by Google. Unlike other forms of partnerships, GCPP partners don’t all have the same skill sets. This collective provides a more granular level of support since each GCPP has a specialized skill set. Some focus on app optimization while others focus on Ad Ops products.

With their expertise in mobile app development and monetization, Ezoic is one of the most popular Certified Partners with Google. This platform enables publishers to increase their revenue by monetizing their content and improving their visitor experience while staying compliant with Google policy. It leverages an award-winning machine-learning platform to learn from visitors and automatically adjust important website variables. The best part is that Ezoic is free and open to all publishers.

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As part of Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Program, Publift helps publishers monetize their content. With a proprietary platform, Fuse, the company helps publishers maximize the revenue potential of their content. By providing a wide range of advertising options, Publift can help publishers meet the demands of advertisers, while improving their own website’s performance. Besides ad placement, Publift also provides ad server setup and training.

Cloud Bigtable: This fully managed database can handle millions of requests per second, while providing low-latency performance. Publift plans to further enhance its platform’s value by developing a data analytics tool. The analytics tool will provide data-driven insight into revenue fluctuations and use machine learning solutions from Google Cloud. After six months, Publift’s revenue has increased by 55 percent. This growth is only the beginning of Publift’s story.

Publift’s innovative technology is designed to make online publishers’ lives easier. Its plug-and-play software gives publishers easy access to market-leading programmatic ad technologies. Publift worked with Google to launch Exchange Bidding across 50 Australian and New Zealand publishers. It offers unified reporting and billing, as well as transparency of auctions through an Exchange Bidding Data Transfer file. Its ad-tech platform is powered by Google Cloud, making it compatible with most popular ad formats.

Publift is a great choice for publishers who want to maximize their ad revenue. With their proprietary ad-technology, Publift helps publishers monetize their content and avoid multiple platforms, scripts, and reporting tools. With Publift’s Adwizard tool, publishers can block unwanted ads in real-time. In addition to improving the user experience, Publift connects publishers with exclusive PMP deals.


As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, SalesFrontier offers advanced advertising solutions. This company specializes in DCO banner production, data analysis, auto reports, and Display & Video 360, a powerful advertising platform. Its partners include Taboola, Verizon Media, and others to offer a complete digital advertising solution. SalesFrontier has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

The certification process for Google Certified Publishing Partners is rigorous, requiring applicants to demonstrate extensive product expertise through annual product exams. Certification requires a high level of performance and value in Google’s online and mobile ecosystem. A certified service provider meets these requirements, and has a successful track record of helping publishers maximize revenue through a variety of online and mobile products. Read on for more information. SalesFrontier is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

A Google Certified Publishing Partner is an accredited service provider or consultant that has proven expertise and experience in helping publishers maximize ad revenues. A certified partner has passed a series of assessment tests and is proud to display the Google Certified Publishing Partner badge on its site. As a result, SalesFrontier can help you maximize your online advertising revenue. A Google Certified Publishing Partner can help you grow your business with the help of a variety of tools and services.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are a great choice for ad revenue growth and website management. The Google Certified Publishing Partner program has been developed to help publishers earn more through the Google AdSense program. Its certified publishing partners are expert users of Google products and provide innovative solutions for publishers. They also support the monetization process, including user acquisition, content management, page speed optimization, mobile app and website analytics.

The Best Google Certified Publishing Partners

Sovrn is a global revenue amplification company

Sovrn is a revenue-amplification company that helps publishers make more money. It is building five categories of publisher tools and providing consulting and outsourced ad ops. The company also offers tools that help publishers distribute their content across different platforms, such as Facebook Instant Articles and AMP. Finally, the company has a growing business that lends money to publishers. It plans to raise $25 million in the Series E round of funding and hopes to acquire one of these companies this year.

Sovrn is a global revenue-amplification company that helps publishers make more money with their content. Its software enables publishers to earn revenue from both reader payments and product sales. Its platform integrates with payment infrastructure, allowing publishers to account for payments, monitor their revenue and benchmark against competitors. The company has received funding from leading venture capital firms like Oak and Archer. Its services are aimed at helping publishers make more money by giving them the freedom to write about the things they enjoy.

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ExMarketPlace is a leading SSP in Korea

If you’re looking for a monetization platform that provides a full stack of Google products, check out ExMarketPlace. Its full suite of monetization solutions covers CPM & CPC, yield management, buyers’ networking, and direct integration with native solutions. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, ExMarketPlace offers access to tools that help publishers increase revenues, improve user experience, and build brand loyalty. Its user-first approach to monetization translates into a positive user experience that’s guaranteed to increase user loyalty.

The first step to a successful partnership with ExMarketPlace is to create an account. Sign up for a free trial to see if it’s a good fit. Ad placements are based on your website’s audience, so it’s important to have high-quality content and a high page-view volume. Lastly, you’ll need to have at least 20k monthly page views. You’ll also need to have high-quality content, be a Google Certified Publishing Partner, and have a domain that’s three months old. The platform also has a header bidding strategy to maximize earnings.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are a select group of companies that have passed rigorous standards, including spending a minimum amount. They are affirmative action employers and require a minimum spend level. AdThrive, which is a competitor, requires a minimum of 50,000 visitors and five local experts to become a certified Google Certified Publishing Partner. This certification is the highest level of certification a publisher can achieve.

Publift is a global revenue amplification company

Cloud CDN is a powerful service for the revenue amplification platform Publift. Having started out on a rival cloud provider, Publift needed a solution that could scale without a massive investment in infrastructure. After comparing five competing cloud services, Publift decided on Google Cloud because of its extensive global network of data centers. They started out by using virtual machines, but soon migrated to serverless architecture, utilizing Cloud Functions and Cloud Run. Now, they can rapidly and easily deploy new applications and services and respond to sudden commercial demands.

The growth of Publift has come despite the recent COVID-19 regulations that have hit the online advertising industry hard. COVID-19 hit programmatic advertising hard and led to a large increase in demand for Publift’s services. In order to continue to grow and expand, Publift has restructured its infrastructure to use Google Cloud’s low-latency scalability. This will involve upgrading to Cloud Load Balancing and Google Kubernetes Engine. In addition, Publift will be using Cloud Load Balancing to improve the delivery of content to its publishers.

Publift is an Australian programmatic advertising platform that empowers online publishers to optimize their ad revenue. Publift’s Fuse ad-tech platform fosters open competition among ad publishers. The startup made the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list and was recently acquired by Riley, an innovation incubator for technology-driven startups. In addition to publishing, Publift also aims to help online publishers find higher-quality advertisers.

Mediavine is a Comscore top five lifestyle property

As the largest exclusive ad management company in the U.S., Mediavine represents 8,000 publisher partner websites and monetizes more than 17 billion ad impressions per month. With over 130 million unique monthly visitors, Mediavine is a top five lifestyle property by Comscore and a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Other awards include being a Fortune 2021 Best Small Workplace and 2021 Diversity Team.

Mediavine, a leader in digital advertising, has established a partnership with the global ad tech company Comscore. The company’s technology and platform was originally developed in-house but is now supported by a global ad network, Centro. Mediavine engineers work to increase revenue by optimizing performance and ensuring that advertisers see a higher value than they would otherwise. The company’s top-ranking position is a testament to the quality of the content and service provided.

In addition to leveraging Yahoo’s new ID-less offering, Mediavine has a partnership with Next-Gen Solutions, which leverages real-time device and contextual data signals to determine the characteristics of their audience and deliver relevant content. The company’s employees say the work environment is great, and 98% rate their experience as excellent or above average. However, the company isn’t a perfect fit for every one. If you’re thinking of applying to a position at Mediavine, consider this: the company is growing rapidly.

The company’s growth continues with the announcement of its latest additions. In addition to the leadership team, the company has appointed Linda Payson as Vice President of Engineering. Chan has decades of ad tech experience, including product management, business strategy, and engineering. She will be in charge of the company’s engineering roadmap and lead a growing team of thirty engineers. This new leadership team aims to build a stronger culture and improve the company’s competitiveness.