The Indian Motorcycle Super73 Electric Bike Revealed

The Indian Motorcycle Super73 Electric Bike Revealed

The Indian Motorcycle Super73 Electric Bike Revealed

A limited-edition (and undoubtedly stylish) electric bicycle has recently been presented by the Indian adventure company SUPER73. The red and black eFTR Hooligan 1.2 e-bike is a strong, café racer-inspired e-bike that embodies Indian Motorcycle’s distinctive style for urban and leisure cyclists.

The Indian Motorcycle Company has redesigned its Super73 electric bike with a 1,000-watt motor and chain drive. In addition, its redesign includes an LCD and moto-style handlebars. Ben has been featured on CNN, Popular Mechanics, Smithsonian Magazine, Road & Track Magazine, eBay Motors, BuzzFeed, and more. Read on to learn more about the Super 73 electric bike.

Indian Motorcycle’s redesign of the Super73-S2

The Indian Motorcycle Super73-S2 is a complete rethink of a moto-inspired electric bike, with inverted front suspension forks, moto-style handlebars, an FTR-style wind deflector, and more aggressive tires. The bike also features an integrated LCD and different pedal assist modes. The Indian Super73-S2 is a high-performance electric bike that can easily overcome obstacles.

The Indian Motorcycle Super73 Electric Bike Revealed

The latest version of the Super73-S2 features extended padded seating along the frame, a moto-style handlebar, an LCD, and a gold-colored chain. The e-bike weighs 73 lbs. and is equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity and LED lighting. It also has a Tiger bike lock. Indian Motorcycle expects the bike to be available this spring nationwide at select Indian Motorcycle dealers.

The Super73-S2’s battery-powered motor and lithium-ion battery pack are the same size as the current model and are aimed at the same market segment. Indian Motorcycle has incorporated advanced technologies into the new bike to increase its speed and range and improve the ride’s quality. Indian Motorcycle is known for its quality, and the Super73-S2 is no exception.

The Super 73 has already been a hit with the public as a crowdfunding project that Indian Motorcycle used to produce its first electric bike. This has led to multiple models and collaborations. The Super 73-ZX plays off the success of the Z-series by bringing the company up to modern performance standards. It also has a 6061-T6 aluminum frame, a new seat, and updated electronics.

A 1,000-watt motor powers it.

The Super 73 electric bike has a 1,000-watt motor that pushes it up to 30mph. Its battery recharges in four hours and provides 20 miles of range. The bike does not require a driver’s license. It has five levels of pedal assistance. You can also turn off the pedal-assist to use it on its own. If you feel the pedal assist is too strong, you can turn it off and ride without it.

The Brooklyn model is based on a cafe racer motorcycle and features a high-quality aluminum alloy frame with mirrored tubes. The seat extends directly from the top tube and provides a low riding position. A battery pack sits right next to the seat where a gas tank would be. You can charge the battery pack by pedaling on the Super73 bike. You can even use your phone while riding the bike.

Lithium Cycles has taken to Kickstarter to fund the production of their Super 73 electric bike. The bike boasts a 1,000-watt motor and can be purchased for $1799 if you pledge at the early bird level. It will ship worldwide. If you want to check out the bike, head to the Kickstarter campaign and see if you can purchase one. You’ll likely be pleased with what you see! There’s a lot to like about the Super 73. It’s an electric bike, and it’s sure to make your commute a pleasure.

The Brooklyn-based Super73 has entered the U.S. market with two models. The S1 electric bike sells for $1,800 and the SUPER73 C1X for $2,795. In addition to these bikes, Super73 has unveiled a new kid’s electric balance bike. Both of these electric bicycles walk the thin line between lightweight electric bikes and motorcycles. It also has a 1,000-watt motor, which can go up to 70 mph on smooth surfaces.

It has a chain drive.

The chain drive system in the Super73 C1X electric Motorcycle eliminates chain slack and improves handling. The super-lightweight and short size of the Super73 make it ideal for shorter or average height riders. In addition, the bike is capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 mph, thanks to its mid-mounted motor. The only downside of a chain-driven electric motorcycle is that it’s not silent, but the Super73 still manages to achieve these speeds.

The Indian Motorcycle Super73 Electric Bike Revealed

The SUPER73 X-Twin 90° electric bike is built for “street performance” and boasts a 28-mph top speed. It has full suspension, forks, a rear mono-shock, and a 2,300-watt motor. It has an integrated LED taillight and weighs 325 pounds. It is also available in a metallic steel. To learn more, check out the news below.

While the Super73 is a single-speed machine, the company also announced new models in conjunction with the C1X prototype. The SUPER73-Z Miami is a budget model. It features a single-speed, rigid fat tire cruiser with a speed of 28 mph. It also comes with a throttle for freewheeling. In addition, the super-73 C1X battery is rated to last for 100 miles on a single charge.

The C1X is expected to be produced in late 2023. The company is now taking reservations for the super-73 electric bike. These reservations are fully refundable, and they will secure your place in line. As the production date approaches, you’ll be able to provide feedback. You can find the reservation link in the Sources section below. In addition, the company is announcing more models in the coming years, and you can get a reservation for the C1X for late 2023.

It has a “targeted top speed of more than 75 mph.”

The Super73 C1X concept is the evolution of the company’s first electric bike, the Super73 Z1. It’s the company’s best-selling e-bike, with a seat height of 28 inches (710 mm) and a weight limit of 325 pounds. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for changing rider settings.

In its first public appearance in Los Angeles, the Super 73 electric bike was unveiled. The company claims that the C1X redefines the “distance between e-bike and e-motorcycle.” It is a street-legal concept, previewing a production bike with motorcycle performance. Super73 expects to launch two more e-bikes in the coming months.

The Super73 has an impressive “targeted top speed of more than seventy mph” and a “child-friendly design.” The company is also trying to create a new market segment for e-bikes for children. With the Super73 Youth Series, children from four to eight can get their first taste of e-bike freedom. Then, as they age, they can graduate to the Super73 Z Miami.