The Most Common Causes of a Traffic Collision

The Most Common Causes of a Traffic Collision

The Most Common Causes of a Traffic Collision

Regardless of whether an accident was minor or major, the aftermath of it is in most cases severely negative and can lead to a person being extremely injured, deceased, getting disabled, losing their job and just pain and suffering overall.

In general, there are two categories of the causes behind traffic collisions. The first one is the fault of human error, and the second relates to everything else.

Causes of traffic accident due to driver error

A common misconception says that the majority of car accidents happen because the driver does not know how to properly operate a vehicle and drive. But that is not the case, and in fact, it has a lot more to do with the decisions the driver makes while on the road. In most cases, many of us would admit to being guilty of committing some of these causes of car accidents.

However, expanding your awareness of these causes can go a long way to save not only yours but the other person’s life as well and essentially influences drivers to be more cautious when behind the wheel.

On a side note, if you were in an accident with or in a truck, then you might want to hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Long Island, given that is where it took place. Here are some of the events that are worth keeping in mind the next time you drive.

1.       Distracted driving

The human brain is incapable of focusing on one specific task at a time. And as most would agree, the most common cause of accidents on the road is an occupied or distracted mind. This means that when the driver is talking or texting on the phone, eating, reading, or just wandering off with their thoughts.

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2.       Drunk driving

The externalities of drunk driving are as bad as 29 deaths per day. But thanks to a rise in educational efforts and strict laws, deaths related to drunk driving have decreased.

3.       Speeding

Running late for a task or just boosting for the thrill of it can lead to harsh outcomes and even a person’s demise. This is also one of the most common causes of a car accident.

4.       Fatigue

Being sick, drowsy, exhausted, or just sleepy can impair the driver’s ability to be alert on the road and have the required reaction times.

Causes of traffic accident due to other reasons

Sometimes even the most skilled and alert driver can fall victim to a car accident, but not because of their own doing. Other natural factors play a role as well.

5.       Weather conditions

Rain, snow, or just the build-up of ice can lead to a slippery road which affects the traction in tires. As a result, the vehicle is less controllable and more likely to slide off and hit other objects.

6.       Vehicle malfunctions

A vehicle consists of many parts that work collectively to keep it running. But an unexpected malfunction once in a while is inevitable and can lead to a car accident.

7.       Road conditions

Poorly maintained roads increase the chances of a damaged tire and ultimately the driver’s ability to control the brakes properly.


Despite the rapid advancements in technology, such as adaptive headlights, high-quality backup cameras, and forward-collision systems, traffic accidents still occur.

However, just because car accidents are common does not mean that the average individual should not make an effort to familiarize themselves with the facts. After all, being more educated and aware could just be what saves a person or two’s lives.