The Privacy Pad: How to Feel Safe & Secure in a New Apartment

The Privacy Pad: How to Feel Safe & Secure in a New Apartment

The Privacy Pad: How to Feel Safe & Secure in a New Apartment

Most people get a feeling of anxiety and or insecurity when moving into a new apartment. This is a normal feeling to be expected when making significant changes in your life. However, when moving apartments, this feeling can get overwhelming. It’s essential to feel safe and secure in your living environment, so in this article, we’ll discuss 3 of the best methods to help you feel safe and secure in your new apartment. 

Quality Locks & Alarms

Ensuring that you have quality working locks is one of the most important factors in allowing yourself to feel secure. One of the most common and justifiable fears anyone has when moving into a new apartment is someone breaking into their new property. A great way to keep your mind at ease is to go look around your apartment, checking and ensuring all locks are working and where they need to be. Ensure to check window locks, front & back doors, and any type of entry point. Research online into the best types of locks for your situation, different types of locks work better for certain situations. By ensuring all your locks are working, you will be kept assured that the likelihood of someone breaking in is very, very low.

Getting a professionally installed alarm system is one of the most secure ways to ensure your feeling of safety. This includes alarms, sensor lights, CCTV, and more. All of these precautions help put our minds at ease. A Locksmith in Thornbury recommends all people contact an expert to ensure their new apartment has working door locks.

Get to Know Your Area

If you’ve found yourself feeling anxious and unsafe whilst in your new apartment, maybe the reason is that you don’t know your area too well. Sleeping under the roof of any home/apartment that’s within an area you’re unfamiliar with, can cause anxiety. The simple solution is to get familiar with your area by going on walks/runs, going out for dinner/lunch, community events, and more. By seeing more of your environment, you’ll remove a lot of the uncertainty and insecurity about anxiety whilst in your apartment. If you’d rather not walk through your suburb/area, driving is a fantastic way to experience it also. 

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Getting to know your neighbors is critical. Building relationships with the people that will likely live next to you for a significant amount of time is always a good idea. Not only will this make you feel more secure in your apartment but also present itself as a way to make new friends. Getting familiar with your environment will help put a lot of your anxious thoughts at ease by limiting the power of your imagination. You won’t find yourself awake at night in your bed with negative/scary thoughts as often as you know the people around you are well-meaning good people around you.

Get a Pet

Mainly if you live alone, it’s worth considering getting a pet. Especially if you want to feel more secure, a dog is a fantastic idea. Not only will it help protect your apartment, but it can even act as a burglar deterrent due to its bark. A dog will provide a strong sense of security for anyone and friendly company. People living alone often talk about how vital their dog has been for their mental health. A bonus, of course, is that having a dog will force you to exercise more as they require daily walks. 


Importance of safety and security is paramount. Not only for your mental health but of course your physical health too. Moving into a new apartment is very daunting for most people, and so these feelings of insecurity are pretty expected. Just ensure you’re taking the necessary straps to alleviate these fears. Get new locks or fix current locks, and ensure all entry points have some form of lock. Go outside, meet your neighbors and familiarise yourself with your new environment. Lastly, truly do not underestimate the astounding benefits a pet, particularly dogs have on mental health and companionship. Studies have even shown that having a dog around can reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Enjoy your new apartment to the fullest, and ensure you take action if you do have these feelings. 

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