Web design: a crucial element of bringing your website to perfection

Web design: a crucial element of bringing your website to perfection

Web design: a crucial element of bringing your website to perfection 

Web design is a complex process that includes planning the website structure and creating its functional elements. It defines how your website will look like, what emotions it will cause, what experience will your target audience have with it, and, consequently, what results and revenues you will get.

The benefits of up-scale web design

Here is what advantages you can receive with expertly done web design:

  • Enhance and maintain your web presence;
  • Get better conversions with your website;
  • Make the interface of your website user-friendly and intuitive to encourage the customers to interact with it;
  • Get positive user perception of your website;
  • Improve your retention rates.

In other words, if you want your website to have good search engines ranking, be unique and appealing to your target audience, and be highly competitive in the market, operating at its best and bringing you profits, you cannot manage it without professionally performed web design. And the best place to get it is a digital design agency Arounda.

Web design process in Arounda

Arounda has worked in the field for more than five years and has successfully launched 133 digital products, providing Bold, Velonto, QTalent, Metricly, and other brands with creative and effective solutions complying with cutting-edge industry standards. We managed to put all the complexity of the web design process into four consequent phases, and our designers are only moving to the next one after carefully studying your review and feedback, discussing them, and having your approval:

  1. We start with the discovery. We want to get familiar with your product or concept, so we study the information regarding the product that you provide, get a better understanding of its central idea in general, gather necessary data that can serve as a reference for us, complete the brief and create a roadmap. At the end of this stage, we report to you with the insights we got and present our point of view on the task ahead.
  2. Then goes the UX design. We study the strongest market competitors and carry out UX research and analysis to create equally effective, but original solutions. We plan the structure of your future website, create a site map and navigation, and develop a content plan to fill every page with content.
  3. The third phase is a time for UI design—the visual appearance of the interfaces on the website. Our designers create mood boards and concepts, test the interfaces, and make sure that the site is adaptive to different gadgets, screen sizes, operation systems, and browsers. You also get UI style recommendations.
  4. The support stage is when we hand over the project to developers but stay in control of design implementation.
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Arounda web design services description

Arounda is a full-cycle digital product design agency able to bring your product to the pinnacle of perfection and help you build a successful website from scratch. Our web design services description can be summarized into the following deliverables:

  • UX research: the comparative analysis of your most threatening competitors in order t create unique and valuable solutions for customers, add demanded functions and get beneficial insights for the project in general.
  • Information architecture includes the possible scenarios of the user’s actions, checking if they reach their objectives quickly and easily while also considering your goals.
  • UX writing implies that we fill every page with content and write microcopy for each tiny element, such as error messages, buttons, CTAs, headings, etc.
  • Mood board helps to define the visual description of your product. This includes several graphic options, different fonts, color palettes, and commentaries.
  • Concept and layout design. Designing the style, approving it, and then expanding it to every element of the website so that it looks like a logical system of well-integrated components.
  • Prototyping. Building an experimental clickable model to see how the product behaves in real use and be ready to bring in some changes if necessary.
  • Copywriting. High-quality content is mandatory if you attempt to draw your target audience’s attention, want to keep its interest and deliver your key messages.
  • Responsive and adaptive design is essential for the website to work perfectly on any device the user accesses it from, from a laptop to a smartphone.
  • UI Style guide & assets ensure that when you are adding elements and updating your website later, it stays seamless and consistent.
  • Animation. Websites that interact with the user can be funny, interesting, useful, and engaging, which is why it is a good practice to implement them. We create the proper task for the motion designer, and when the animations are ready, the development department handles them.
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Besides you being in full control of the process and its complete transparency, we also guarantee to keep communication pace as comfortable to you as you need. We can arrange daily meetings in order to ensure that we stay on the same page. We share with your all the working documentation and files so that you keep abreast easily and we can approve design solutions faster. Arounda’a approach to web design serves to support the brand’s storytelling and help it overcome all the marketing and business challenges. Regardless of the industry you are engaged in, from healthcare and environment protection to e-commerce and fintech, we deliver catchy, aesthetic, and useful design solutions that will bring you closer to your objectives. Contact Arounda today to get your website to its best performance at the cost of minimum time, budget, and effort!