The Ultimate First Date Beauty Routine – How to Look and Feel Great

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How to make money on OnlyFans as a girl

The Ultimate First Date Beauty Routine – How to Look and Feel Great

First dates can be one of the most stressful and exciting activities to take part in. They are typically filled with hope that this may be a match and that you will find someone you connect with, but there is also stress and fear tied to it. No one wants to be rejected or feel disappointed, but that’s the chance you take when you put yourself out there and date. A first date means it’s time put your best foot forward and ensure you feel confident in yourself, which doesn’t always come easy.

We’ve put together the ultimate first date beauty routine that will not only ensure you look great but also feel great. It’s the perfect way to improve the odds of success on your date.

Improve Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

Did you know that one of the first things a person will notice about you is your smile? A smile can be attractive, it can put people at ease, make you appear approachable and light up your face. But beautiful pearly whites take effort and over time, staining can occur that ordinary brushing can’t compete with. Top 10 can help you research the best self-teeth whitening kit so you can find one that offers the results you’re after; there are lots of reviews to read, which cover everything from treatment duration to cost.

Moving forward, teeth whitening can be part of your maintenance routine, so you don’t go too long in between and stains don’t have a chance to become noticeable again.

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Focus On Plumped Up Glowing Skin

A fresh-faced, glowing and plumped up look is always the best skin care advice. Any makeup you choose to put on will lay better and you’ll have that confident air about yourself. There are several ways you can “juice up” the skin using beauty products the night before and the day of.

The night before you can apply a deep hydrating mask or one that clarifies and evens skin tone. While preparing for your date be sure to choose a facial moisturize that is hydrating and plumping and leaves behind a glow. There are also liquid luminizers available that you can tap on the high points of your face or mix in with your moisturizer or foundation.

Simply finish off the face with some bronzer and a bit of blush and you’ll look fresh and ready for your date.

Keep the Makeup Light and Fresh

In terms of what makeup to wear on your date, while there are no rules it’s typically best to keep things light and fresh. This lets your true beauty shine through. Use makeup to accentuate your features rather than masking things.

If your date will be long or involve activity, you can pick products that are long-wearing, transfer-resistant and maintenance-free. You can always through a little blotting or touch-up powder in your purse for quick fixes.

A good rule of thumb is to pick one area to emphasize between lips or eyes. One can be bold or more noticeable, while the other should be kept fresh and natural-looking.

Stay True to Your Profile Picture with Your Date Look

If you have been relying on online dating apps to find people, it’s important you stay authentic to the photos you post and don’t accidentally end up cat-fishing someone. The pictures you’ve posted create an image of who you are, and let’s face it – attraction plays a role in dating. So as you get ready for your big date, why not borrow elements from the various photos you posted? This could include the way you style your hair, your makeup techniques, clothing, and so forth.

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Hair Should Be No-Fuss and Natural Looking

Keeping up with the trend of being no-fuss and natural, you’ll want to carry those concepts into your hairstyle. This isn’t the time for severe buns or super sleek high-ponytails; you want to keep things loose, natural and fresh. Work on creating texture and body in your hair so it’s got movement. You can do this by washing your hair the day before your date and then using a texturizer spray and dry shampoo the day of. Think beachy, tousled natural hair.

Don’t Forget a Signature Scent

And the last step of your beauty routine as you are about to walk out the door should be to apply a signature scent perfume. Again, it’s best to choose the laid back approach picking scents that are fresh, lively, sweet, natural, or warm. Be careful not to apply too much, as you want a hint of perfume just enough to create a little mystery around you.

The Ultimate First Date Beauty Routine - How to Look and Feel Great

You’re Ready for Your Date

Using all of these tips will help you to perfect your look for a first date. Not only will you look fabulous, but you’ll also feel fabulous too which helps ensure the date will be enjoyable.