Thunderclap 5e vs Shatter | Which is a better dnd spell?

Thunderclap 5e
Thunderclap 5e

Thunderclap 5e vs Shatter 5e | dnd spells comparison

THUNDERCLAP 5e vs Shatter 5e

DND Spells

Thunderclap 5e

Shatter 5e

Definition   You can produce a burst of thunderous sound, that can be heard 100 feet   away.   A sudden loud ringing noise will erupt from the point of your choice within range. It is painfully intense.
Damage Other than you, every creature within range requires succeeding on a Constitution saving throw. Else it can take a 1d6 thunder damage. Every monster in a 10-feet-radius Sphere centred on that particular point needs to make a Constitution saving throw.
Higher levels  The spell’s damage will increase by 1d6 whenever you reach 5th level (2d6)-  11th level (3d6)-17th level (4d6).  Suppose you plan to cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher. Then the damage may increase by 1d8 for each slot level above 2nd.
THUNDERCLAP 5e vs Shatter 5e
THUNDERCLAP 5e vs Shatter 5e


In real life, Thunderclap is a platform that lets a larger audience hear an effort. It allows you to make a campaign and amplify the message by targeting individuals who encourage similar causes and make them discuss the word across different social networks all at the same moment.

But in Dungeons and Dragons, it has a different interpretation. You may create a burst of thunderous sound, which you can hear 100 feet away. Every creature within range, other than you, must be determined by a Constitution rescue throw or take 1d6 thunder harm. You will find Thunderclap in DnD 5e Spells’ Xanathar’s Guide to Everything; Bard; Druid; Sorcerer; Warlock; Wizard.

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Huge Discounts on your Favorite RPGs @ With this cantrip, the spell originates from the caster and possibly damages all animals within 5 ft. Creatures outside that range as well as 100 ft away hear the Thunderclap and aren’t damaged or required to create save.

Shatter 5e
Shatter 5e

Is THUNDERCLAP 5e a noisy spell?

This spell is loud. Like most loudly spells (such as Booming Blade), I believe DM’s often lose out to the ancillary effect of the sounds. For example, suppose you’re fighting in an underground lair of bugbears, and you opt to perform a thunder-based spell similar to this one. Every single inhabitant will come running. Suppose they are not familiar with magical. They may only be coming to find out what happened but more likely they’re very knowledgeable about murder hobos seeking to come in and slaughter their families and steal their stuff, so I am guessing they’ll appear ready for battle.

I think so. It’s a very anime type of sense to it, so it’s enjoyable for that. It also is an excellent spell for melee casters or perhaps whenever minions surround your caster of any type.

Do Thunderclap 5e affect allies?

Thunderclap’s range is only 5 feet. So it can only affect creatures who are right next to you. You’re correct. It affects everybody next for you, both allies and opponents.

 Is shocking Grasp great 5e spell?

Shocking Grasp is a superb cantrip. If you hit a goal with metal armour, you will have an advantage, which means that you’ll likely not miss. Then you may run laps around them (or just plain run away) and laugh as they can not take responses. There is not any correlation between cantrip damage and range.

Shocking Grasp 5e
Shocking Grasp 5e

What does Shocking Grasp perform in D&D?

Lightning springs from your hand to provide a shock to a monster you try to touch. Make a melee spell checker contrary to the goal.

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Attribute comparison chart between Shatter 5e and Thunderclap

Attributes Shatter 5e Thunderclap 5e
School Evocation Evocation
Level 2 0
Range 60 feet 5 feet
Components S-V-M ( a SMALL CHIP OF Mica) Somatic
Duration Instantaneous Instantaneous
Casting time 1 Action 1 action
Class Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard Artificer, Bard, Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Shatter 5e

A surprising loud ringing sound, painfully intense, erupts out. A point of your choice surfaces it within range. Each creature in a 10-foot-radius sphere centred on that point has to make a Constitution saving throw. A monster takes 3d8 thunder damage on a failed to save, or half as much damage on a successful one. A beast made of an inorganic material such as stone, Crystal, or alloy has drawback on this saving throw.

A non-magical object that is not being worn or carried also takes the damage if it is in the spell’s area.

At Higher Levels: Suppose you cast this spell utilizing a spell slot of higher—for every slot level, the damage will increase upto 1d8 above the second.

 dnd spells
Shatter dnd spells

How loud is shatter 5e?

So if at 10m, it’s still state 140db, in 20m it’s 134db, at 40m it’s 128db, at 80m it is 122db, etc. Simply speaking, if it is loudly sufficient to deal damage, it’s loud enough to be heard hundreds of meters apart. It can drop to 6db (decibels) per doubling of distance.

What is Mica in Shatter 5e DND spells?

What is a chip of mica’ used for casting the 2nd level wizard spell Shatter 5e? Mica is a brittle mineral. It’s a real-world mineral. How prevalent it is that ultimately depends upon to a DM. You could also buy a component pouch and not be worried about it.