Students usually copy-paste assignments – Tips to Make it Unique

Students usually copy-paste assignments - Tips to Make it Unique

Students usually copy-paste assignments – Tips to Make it Unique

Let’s be honest today about your academic integrity. Have you ever submitted assignments by simply copying and pasting? Answer to yourself, not to us. Well! We don’t blame you because- we believe that assignment writing is a daunting task. But it does not mean that you compromise on your skills and efforts. Some tips can help you stand out without any hassles.

Students, especially those in university, are foreseen to stick to rigorous principles of misconduct that emphasize academic integrity, including outlawing plagiarism. Driving clear of plagiarism can be more complex than it seems. And the outcomes can be stringent. Unfortunately, it’s a pain because teachers are devoting pretty much their energy too. And there exist new resources available to help students avoid plagiarism. Read on to know about practical preventive actions. Let’s get into it!

Why Students Submit Plagiarized Assignments?

As a reader, you might be wondering why do students plagiarize even the educational systems enable students to learn at their own pace. Well! Here are a few unfortunate things to realize that many educators and parents don’t comprehend. The first thing is the pressure of a short deadline. Even a student is learning from home. Still tackling short deadlines is a tough job.

The second thing is the distractions students may face in the casual environment. These distractions make learners frustrated and urge them to complete their tasks using shortcuts. And sometimes, due to these disputes, students get confused about what to jot. So, these things force them to plagiarize. Unfortunately, plagiarism can also be unintentional that is hard to detect. Let’s clear out this context further.

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What Is Plagiarism? Intentional vs. Accidental

So, two types of plagiarism make students’ assignments duplicated. It includes intentional and accidental. Generally, there is a misconception in the educational institutes about these two types. Intentional plagiarism refers to cheating that a student does without the consent of the original author. It means that students know about the ins and outs of plagiarism context but still get involved. 

On the other hand, accidental plagiarism refers to duplication that a student includes unintentionally. For example, a student is writing about plagiarism checker software. Now the words he is writing on his own have already been written by someone else. And that’s how a learner’s assignment is remarked as plagiarized by the teachers on the go. At such moments running your last draft through a plagiarism checker will be good. 

4 Tips to Make Assignments Unique On The Go

After understanding the ins and outs of students’ copy-paste assignment submission context, it is time to know how to make yourself unique. We again state that plagiarism is an unethical thing in today’s world. And the most pathetic thing is it can be stuck with your assignment even if you don’t copy anything. However, following some tips and tricks can help you a lot. Also, it will help to save your time, efforts, and hassles. So, without stretching the conversation. Let’s get straight into the flow of information.

  • Before Writing, Arrange your Sources

So, as mentioned above, some students reuse the sources – that they have already used previously. They don’t remember that the sources from where they are taking the idea of the material are used by them already. This thing also leads to plagiarism pretty quickly. So, it is crucial to arrange the origins. You can make a checklist of the sites for the particular topic you are using. It would help you to know what to use and what to not. 

  • Use Paraphrasing Technique

Paraphrasing is one of the best ways to get rid of plagiarism on the go. This technique refers to changing the original version of the text without changing its context. It implies that you have to change the text case, structure, and wording by keeping the meaning similar. It will help to remove plagiarism without disputes. Luckily, with the help of the paraphrasing tool will help you to rephrase the plagiarized text – in the blink of your eye. 

  • Cite Your Sources

Once you rephrase a text you should cite it properly. Or if you have taken an idea, word, notion, production from any source, it is also crucial to cite. Citations refer to the sources and people from where you pick the material. It will show that you have copied for a particular intent legally. So, always pay proper attention when – you copy famous stuff from any reputable site.

  • Check For Plagiarism

Last in order but not of importance! Checking for plagiarism is the step to making sure that you have done it correctly. Maybe you don’t know, but your teachers always keep a plagiarism detector in their hands while checking your assignment. So, don’t you think it will be a good idea to check for plagiarism before being caught? 

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Final Words

Academics is all about taking the right step by following the precise blueprints. Don’t put yourself in the dark. Know about the downsides of plagiarism and use a plagiarism checker each time before submitting your assignments!