To promote Soundcloud for free. Is it possible?

To promote Soundcloud for free. Is it possible?

Top Free Ways To Promote Your Song On Soundcloud

As a new artist, music promotion is essential to your growth. However, it can be expensive to promote music on Soundcloud of any genre. Thankfully, there are lots of tools for music promotion. The best part is that they are free. Soundcloud is one of those free tools for music promotion. This short guide will highlight the top ways to promote your song on the platform for free. 

Create Outstanding Album Art

While it may not seem like a lot, your album art can shape listeners’ perception of your music. Music blogs and other playlists embed your album art. It will represent the essence of your music, so it needs to look great and be well put together. 

Every viewer will see this art before even hearing your song. This is why you should treat your album art like a promotion tool. If possible, hire a designer to get it done. If you have the creative skills, you can make it work too. Another way to promote your music on Soundcloud is by using Tags which we will discuss now.

Use Tags

Soundcloud‘s algorithm pushes songs when users search for particular genres. If you do not tag your song properly, you may not be able to benefit from this free promotion. It is important to show up in searches because it makes it easier for your music fans to find.

While adding tags, you should be cautious and not go overboard. You don’t want to be dishonest with your descriptions. This could give your brand a bad impression. Also, you do not need to overstuff the tags. This would make it look spammy. It would hardly have any effect on the algorithm. Just ensure that the tags are accurate and not spammy.

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Cross Promotion 

Soundcloud makes it possible to store your tracks in a single place. It is a lot like a basecamp. You can then begin to share them on other social networks or music websites. This is called cross-promotion. It is an excellent way to push your songs and connect with new people.

You can share your music on Tumblr, Facebook, and even Twitter, among others. The share button makes it easier. However, you may need to link social media accounts to Soundcloud directly. You also have the option of posting your songs automatically with SoundCloud settings.

Connecting With Listeners

Like other social media sites, you need to connect with your listeners on SoundCloud. You can do this by engaging your listeners. Comment and like other posts from listeners and artists. Doing so can inadvertently help you to promote your music.

You can build trust and become an authority figure. Sharing also allows you to collaborate, partner, and cultivate friendships.

Music promotion is tough, especially for a new artist. You need to actively promote your songs. Engage fans as much as possible and link to your tracks on SoundCloud. You can engage them with fun games and get feedback at the same time. Also, ensure that you focus on your brand as a whole.