Tome of Leadership And Influence 5e Cost

Tome of Leadership And Influence 5e Cost

Tome of Leadership And Influence 5e Cost

Tome of Leadership And Influence 5e is a rare magical item. Tome of Leadership and Influence is priced between 500 to 50 000 grams when it’s accessible for purchase. The book provides instructions on how to influence and charm others. Its words are filled with magical power. Suppose you’ve spent at least an entire period of no more than six days reading the book’s Contents and following its recommendations and guidelines. In that case, your Charisma score will increase by two, and so is your highest score. After that, the manual goes through a period of decline; however, it regains its magic within 100 years.

  • adventuring gear (wondrous item)
  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Very Rare
  • Weight: 5

The Tome of Leadership and Influence is a powerful magic artifact that numerous people of power and leaders throughout the desire ages. The text, believed to be the work of powerful wizards from the past, has spells and knowledge which can give users enormous power and control over the people around them. This article we’ll explore the background of the Tome, its abilities, and the potential risks of The Tome of leadership and Influence.


The development of the Tome Of Leadership And Influence remains a mystery. It is believed that it was created by powerful wizards who sought to control their day’s leadership. In contrast, others believe it was written by someone with an insatiable desire to be powerful. No matter the source, the Tome has been handed through time, with only a few able to access the secrets.


The Tome of Leadership and Influence is believed to have various effective spells, enchantments, and spells that can give the user a massive influence over other people. For example, they can influence other people’s thoughts, control others’ emotions, and manage the actions of people around them. In addition, the Tome is believed to have information that grants users immense ability to control the world around them.

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Potential Dangers

Like any powerful magic artifact, the Tome of Leadership and Influence is not without risks. Anyone who tries to use the Tome to gain personal advantage or to manipulate others might be swept away by its power. Furthermore, these enchantments and spells found in the Tome should not be taken lightly. When misused, it can result in dire consequences.


The Tome of Influence and Leadership is a mighty and mysterious object. It has been sought after at many different times throughout history. The Tome for Leadership and Influence can cost between 55,000 to 100,000 grams as a scarce magic item. Its ability to give incredible influence and power over others makes it a sought-after item. However, it is also one that is a significant risk. Therefore, using the Tome cautiously and utilizing its power wisely is crucial.