Top 10 small cap stocks with highest upside potential in 2022

Top 10 small cap stocks with highest upside potential in 2022

10 small cap stocks with huge profit in 2022

Investing in the right stock with tremendous upside potential is one of the hardest things to do, but we have got you covered. We will be explaining one of the best small-cap stocks that got colossal upside potential in 2022 

What is small-cap stock? 

Most people have no idea what a small-cap stock is a public company whose total market value or market capitalization is about $300 million to $2 billion. The company is smaller in size and has good growth potential. There is a risk involved in these companies that they will be successful over time. The stocks of such a company are volatile.

Should we buy small-cap stock?

A question like this lay in every person’s mind when they came to know about small-cap stocks, and the answer is yes, we should because these stocks have high growth potential. They are also risky at the same time. Still, we should invest in a stock like this because once upon a time, Amazon (AMZN) was just a $7 stock in 1998. Now it is one of the biggest names in the market. These many other big names in the stock market were once small-cap stocks.

Some reasons to invest in small-cap stock

There are many reasons you should consider investing in small-cap stocks, and some of them are described below.

Large opportunity set 

Small-cap stocks have very little analyst coverage as compared to large-cap stocks. We should turn some rocks over to find the most valuable stock among the thousands of companies in the small-cap universe, including several companies ranging from semiconductor capital equipment to aerospace.

Growth potential 

As you already know, small-cap stocks have a very high growth potential than large-cap stocks. For someone who is thinking of investing in a small-cap stock, there is a chance that you can get on the ground floor before a company explodes in size and its stock value skyrockets. so there is a chance that you could collect a tidy profit later on if the company you invested your money in grows 

Long term performance 

Over time small-cap stocks tend to outperform large-cap stocks, and the percentage was about 2.3% annually. If you had invested $10,000, this could have resulted in an additional $5000.

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So if you invest in a small-cap stock you have an excellent chance to earn a higher return over the long term than the large-cap, and this return rule can also be applied to long short-term investment. 

Ten small-cap stock

Gray Television Inc.(GTN)

Is an American company and publicly traded television broadcasting company which is based in Atlanta. Gray Television has been generating almost double revenue from the last six years, and the stocks are now trading at $21.33.The company was trading at $11.47 on March 11, 2021, when the Covid 19 reached pandemic.

The analyst has good reviews on whether you should buy it or not, and the answer is yes because the Gray Television stock price prediction is 71.6163 in the next 12 months. If you are looking for something that will provide you profit long term Gray Television is here for you.

Heska Corporation (HSKA)

The company develops and sells very advanced veterinary diagnostics and specialty health products. Heska Corporation is a Colorado-based firm. The company operates in the united states of America, Australia, Mexico, France, and many more. It was founded in 1988. The company stocks ranked in the first best small-company stocks last year.

It has a market cap of around $1.89 billion. The revenue generated by the company in the last year was $197 million, which was more than $122 million in the previous year. When most of the company stocks were facing some downside in the pandemic, Heska Corporation was the only one that grew during that time. Now the company stocks are trading at $161.1 in the stock market. If you are interested in buying small-company stocks, this stock is for you. 

The company claims that there is still an area for its growth, and there will be an increase of 50% shortly. This stock is best to hold and then sell.

Village Farms International(NASDAQ: VFF)

The next big thing on the list is Village Farms International. The company is one of the longest operating vertically integrated greenhouse growers in North America. The best thing is that it is the only publicly traded greenhouse produce company in Canada. The company has a market cap of around $565.71 million. The stock is trading at $8.12

The company was trading at $3.98 at the pandemic, and since then, the company stock has increased by 104.0%. If you are thinking about buying the best small company stocks, this should be on the top of your list because it will benefit you a lot.

Most investors have their eye on this stock because there is a big chance it will increase in the coming months. The stock can be very much profitable. According to the forecast, there is a long-term increase expected. with only a five year investment in this stock, the revenue is expected to be around +108.03%

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Riot Blockchain(RIOT)

The company is a bitcoin mining company supporting the blockchain through expanding industrial-scale mining. It is an American company which is based in the United States. This is another good stock to consider investing in right now. The company stocks are trading at $20.48 right now. It went through little ups and downs in the pandemic, but there is a huge possibility that the stock will grow in the next twelve months.

Most analysts expect a positive upside of 59.5% from the stock’s current price, and the price is expected to be $47.25 in the next twelve months. Most people may think that should we consider investing in this stock, the answer is yes because there is a vast potential to grow.

Topaz Energy(TPZ)

Topaz was an Irish petroleum retail chain owned by the Canadian Couche-Tard Group. It was formed in 2005. The company is now trading the stocks at $17.85.The company has a market cap of around $114.93B.The company is also involved in natural gas processing activities, increasing the stock value. It was formerly known as Exshaw Oil Corp. and changed its name to Topaz Energy Corp.

If you want to buy and hold it, the stock will give you a lot of benefits in the future. It is the best buy for right now. in the next few months, there is a 64.4% increase expected at the stock price, and the stock price is expected to be $22.86 in 2022.

Allied Energy Inc.(AGGI)

The company is San Diego’s premier solar + battery storage installer, and from 2005 the company had a dedicated contribution towards providing clean energy. It is an American company, and their project is located across the US, including in taxes and Washington. The stock is now trading at $0.27 and has enormous potential to grow in the stock market. 

Based on the forecast, there is a long-term increase expected in this stock with just five years of investment. The revenue is expected to be around +133.56%, and with just an investment of 100 dollars for just five years, your investment may grow up to maybe up to $233.56.If you are thinking to 


The company designs, manufacture, and produces metal and synthetic implants for the global costume base. The company implants are used in various surgical procedures, including spine sports and trauma.

Surgalign is a recovery stock. Millions of people were out of their medical procedures during the pandemic, and the company went through some downs. However, there is still a belief that this stock will be a big bang shortly.

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The stock was trading at approximately $4 when the pandemic started. Now, the stock is trading at about less than a dollar. Still, the stock has a high potential for the future to grow.

Vodafone Group(VOD)

The company provides telecommunication services in Europe and also internationally. The company offers mobile services that allow users to text and call excess data. Not only these, but the company also provides a lot of things like health solutions, automotive, and insurance services. The market cap is around $40.76 billion.

Today’s stock price is $15.28, but the price will be much higher in the coming years, according to the investors. From the forecast, in a few months, there will be an increase of about 11.7%, which will be $16.67

Iron Source(IS)

It is a global software company. The company was founded in 2010—the company acts as a business platform for app developers and most telecom operators. The company stock is now operating at $7.74.Like all other stocks, it went through some up and down during the pandemic. But this stock is the best buy right now.

The company has a market cap of around $7.84 billion. There is a very positive sign for this stock from the investors, which shows that there might be an increase of approximately 68.1% in the next twelve months. If you are looking for some best stocks to invest in, the iron source is the one.

Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp (SOLO)

It is a development stage company which manufactures and plans angle person electric vehicles. The company is providing clean energy, electric cars, and technology. Most people believe that the company’s vision for the single-seat vehicle will capture the imagination of the buyers. 

As we can see, most companies are taking the step into making electric vehicles. Electra Meccanica Vehicles have taken one step further in the electric vehicle world. There is a belief that the stock price will increase shortly. 

The company is now trading at about $2.23 and was trading at $1.23 when the pandemic started. The company believes that stock prices will increase up to 65% shortly. If you are thinking of buying this stock, you should buy it, and this stock has a very high potential for the future.

At last 

We have described the best small-company stocks with huge upside potential in 2022 and are ranking with one of the best stocks. We recommend you to do some research of your own before jumping on to any conclusion to get the best stock which will give you maximum profit.