Who is the ugliest man in the world?

Who is the ugliest man in the world?

Meet the Ugliest Man, the Guinness world record holder

Meet the ugliest man in the world; Godfrey Beguma holds the Guinness world record for being the Ugliest man globally. But life took a bright turn after his recognition worldwide, and everyone loved him. Let’s take a look at how Godfrey’s life started.

In this article, we will discuss the life of Baguma from his childhood till now and how the Guinness world record changed his finances and acceptance. 


In 1973, Godfrey Baguma was born in Uganda. Godfrey works as a shoemaker, a job that barely pays the bills. He is his parent’s only child; shortly after his birth, his mother abandoned him, stating that he was not average. His granny looked after him. 

Childhood and Disease 

Baguma was always scared to go out and socialize with people as a kid because they would label him as a hideous monster. He noticed an abnormal swelling in his cheek when he was only ten years old. 

Godfrey Baguma was born in Kyanzana’s Lwengo district, where no medical assistance was available at that time. Because of his condition, he has faced his fair share of difficulties in life. 

Baguma Wives

Ssebabi has three children from previous marriages. His first marriage was terminated due to infidelity allegations, and they had two children together. He remarried in 2013 to Kate Namenda, and the couple has five children.

Godfrey Baguma married his third wife in 2020, and their wedding images quickly went viral on social media.

The Guinness Record, A life-changing moment

Faced with tremendous pressure to raise his standard of living and earn a decent income, Godfrey decided to enter the competition for the world’s ugliest man. Godfrey Baguma rose to fame worldwide in 2002 after winning a contest to determine Uganda’s most unusual-looking male. 

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After winning, golden opportunities come only once in a lifetime, and Baguma did not miss out on his life’s possibilities. He could leverage his local notoriety to launch a career in African pop music. He has published several tracks that have captured the attention of his admirers.

Finance and Family Support

Before fame, Godfrey was unable to provide for his family during his life. He can now support his family by performing shows since he became famous. He said that he was approached by a man from the entertainment industry while repairing shoes.

The disease

Godfrey Baguma was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia, a rare disorder that disrupts the growth and positioning of his cells and tissue. His illness was substantiated after undergoing several tests at Mbarara Hospital in Uganda’s Western region.

His health is now maintained with proper prescription, and these medications cannot be passed down to his children. 

Recent Life

Godfrey Baguma, 47, and his wife, Kate Namenda, 30, delivered a baby daughter. Godfrey Baguma is thought to suffer from a rare, unknown medical disease. Godfrey had two children with his previous wife before marrying Kate. Still, their marriage ended when he caught her cheating on him with another guy. 

He said: “I stayed with her four years before her people knew where she was. I didn’t want them to see me until we had a child because they would advise her to leave me.

Godfrey also said she abandoned me when she was six months pregnant, but I believe she accepted her fate since she returned two months later.

His wife, Kate, claims that while her husband may not be the most attractive man on the planet, he does have a good heart. Baguma recently got married to his third wife. As they married, the newlyweds appeared very happy.

Xia Yuanhai

Godfrey is not the only man in the world with an ugly head, despite Beguma’s odd appearance. Villager Xia Yuanhai, from Laotu village in Chongqing, southwestern China, is another case that is not as popular as Godfrey, but the diseases are similar.

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Xia Yuanhai, 53, did not receive any medical care when he was younger since his hyperplasia grew slowly. Now hyperplasia has crushed his teeth and left him almost deaf.

Now, Xia and his brother, Xia Yuanchang, 66, hope to raise funds for a life-changing operation to address the problem.


In this article, we discussed the Ugliest man in the world and his life from childhood till now. As discussed, Godfrey had a rough childhood because of his appearance. But later on, life took a fantastic turn and changed his life. After achieving the world record, his life changed in terms of finances and acceptance. 

People from all around the world supported him in every way, as they knew about his disability. Godfrey lives a happy life with his eight children and three wives. Nevertheless, Godfrey is living as a happy man and still holds the record for the ugliest man in the world.