10 best penny cryptocurrency to invest in March & April 2022

10 best penny cryptocurrency to invest in March & April 2022

Top 10 penny cryptocurrency to invest in March & April 2022

Finding the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in is one of the most brutal ways for people but do not worry because we have covered you. We will be describing one of the best cryptocurrencies that you should invest in getting a lot of benefits. 

What is penny cryptocurrency? 

Most people may think that penny stocks are a digital currency that you can buy for less than 1$. They are very similar to the penny stocks and are cheap coins worth a few pennies. The significant advantage of investing in the penny cryptocurrency is its vast growth potential.

Why invest in penny cryptocurrency?

Most people think that penny cryptocurrency is very cheap, so that’s why we should invest in them, but that’s true to a certain limit. Still, there are many other reasons you should consider investing in penny cryptocurrency. Let us know the reasons in detail.

They offer investment diversification.

Diversification plays a vital role in investments. If you want to earn regular profits from the penny cryptocurrency and it is very sustainable for you to diversify your portfolio by investing in the different areas.

For example, if one coin crashes, the other might benefit you, so you need to invest in more than one coin. 

Passive income 

One of the biggest reasons to invest in the penny cryptocurrency is passive income. Most of the investors tell us that the best-paying dividend is mainly under the $1.

So earning the dividends from the cryptocurrency is like making the dividends from the stocks.

You can not only earn by buying penny cryptocurrencies. You can also make it by just holding the penny cryptocurrencies.

high -risk reward ratio 

Most people think that investing in cryptocurrencies is a considerable risk. Yes, that is true to certain levels, but there is also a big reward. There are also some cryptocurrencies with low risk and very high potential to grow.

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Penny cryptocurrency can give you independence and flexibility.

Whether you invest in any penny cryptocurrencies, your crypto money will always be yours. As stated above, cryptocurrency does not rely on the bank or something, and you don’t have to wait for the time to take your money out. You can take your money out at any time of the day or night. 

Ten best penny cryptocurrencies to invest 

If you are one of those who is interested in investing in the penny stocks and thinking which will have the highest potential to grow, we are describing some of the best penny cryptocurrency that you should invest in march and April and gain maximum benefit out of it. 

 Ripple (XRP) 

The first one on the list is Ripple and is Undoubtedly one of the best cryptocurrencies in the market right now. It was known as the open coin when it was launched in 2012. Ripple has a huge potential to grow shorter, and it was founded by Ryan Fugger and Jed McCaleb.

Ripple hit its maximum price in January 2018 when it was around $3.5, and now Ripple is at $0.89.The best thing about the Ripple is that it has a utility factor which means that you can do the international transaction, and it would be completed just in the seconds, but this transaction will take an hour when you do them through the bank 

Ripple was built as a unit of payment network that will enable you to make quick and cheaper cross-border payments due to the transaction speed. Ripple processes more than 1500 transactions per second

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Suppose you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency. In that case, Basic Attention Token can be the one because it has the most sound project in the crypto world. In terms of market capitalization, BAT ranks 34th.

The company just joined with an excellent browser and a very great team which is led by the developer of JavaScript. Together they aim to transform the advertising world by just targeting the three significant areas like the publishers, users, and advertisers.

BAT reached an all-time high of $0.88 back in January 2018, and now there price is running around $0.679


This is the best cryptocurrency you should buy in 2022, especially in March and April. Cardano has gained too much fame in the last few years because of its flexible network and speedy transaction. The best part is that the founder of Cardano was also the founder of Ethereum.

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Recently the Cardano updated and gave their users excellent news that now they can build smart contracts on Cardano’s network.

Cardano is the only network that takes the time and accomplishes big things precisely. One of the good things about them is that they have a meagre transaction fee that makes it very good. Their price currently is $1.53 and has increased because of the update. Cardano has enormous potential to grow in the future. We should consider investing in Cardano. 

Ravencoin (RVN)

The coin has become very famous lately because of the combination of technical price action and good fundamentals. Raven Coin is very new in the market as it was launched later in the year 2018 

The coin was listed among the top 50 penny cryptocurrency last year. RVN has been created for specific purposes, and one of them was to determine the ownership of the assets flawlessly. The coin has a high potential for the future and is expected to grow. 

The coin is similar to the bitcoin as it is used to make direct payments. This coin is the best if you want a high-profit return.


This coin is worth mentioning on the list and is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies, and all thanks to Elon Musk. It had some ups and downs in the past, but after the statement given by Elon Musk, the prices of doge began to touch the sky and reached a maximum in May 2021. 

Dogecoin has its highest market capitalization of $80 billion. In the end, this is a very significant and valuable currency you can invest in. It has more risk, but at the same time, it can also provide you with a lot of profit.


At first, it was known as Matic Network. It is Ethereum-compatible blockchain interoperability. The coin aims to address a few limitations in Etherium: the lack of user experience and throughput.

If you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency, this is the best one for you to invest in right now. Polygon is one of the best coins in the market and has a very high potential to grow in the future.

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Chili (CHZ)

Chili is a blockchain platform that recently just enjoyed upward of the market because of the fan token frenzy. The best part about this coin is that it underpins Socios.com. This fan engagement lets the sports team sell fans the unique advantage, including the early excess to the tickets. 

And we are voting on the team jersey designs.

The coin fan tokens have become famous with the football team in Europe and other sporting competitors globally. This digital currency is especially for sports and entertainment. The coin is growing because they recently introduced a new concept of fun interacting with their favorite sports team.


The next big name on the list is the Holo chain. It is an open-source framework for creating a fully distributed and peer-to-peer application. It is very versatile, scalable, and more resilient than the blockchain. It has access to all the internet applications. 

You will be amazed to know that having the Holo Chain is like having an IFTTT layer built underneath the internet. Holo Chain has grabbed most investors’ attention. Suppose you are looking for the best penny cryptocurrency. In that case, Holo Chain should be number one on your list because it has a very high potential to grow in the future. 

QLink (QLC)

The coin became very famous in the last few years and has gained the attention of many investors. It promises to create a decentralized forest network to improve the limitation of the telecom industry.

This coin is one of the best in the penny cryptocurrencies and has a very high potential for the coming years. It will definitely give you much more profit than all the digital currencies.

Stellar Lumens

This coin is the best to buy this year as it has a very high potential for the future. The company focuses on cross-border payments. It has become one of the leading cryptocurrencies, and more than $531 million in tradings are done in just one day. If you are thinking about investing in this coin, go for it.

Last words 

We have described one of the best penny cryptocurrencies you should buy this year. They have massive potential for the future, but we recommend you do some research before investing in any of the coins to get the best results.