What to do with Bitcoin Tarkov 2022? Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin

What to do with Bitcoin Tarkov 2022? Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin

What to do with Bitcoin Tarkov 2022? Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin

In Escape From Tarkov, Bitcoin has a massive influence on the global economy. Even though it is now out of control, the creators have most likely opted to cut the Bitcoin value to better balance the economy. As a result, miners who own a large portion of the precious cryptocurrency may decide to sell their Bitcoins now before their value drops much more.

In a previous tweet, Battlestate Games noticed that Tarkov had reduced the selling price of Bitcoin by roughly 10-15%. Furthermore, they warned that other nerfs are on the way, and the price may fall much further. This article will discuss the bitcoin Tarkov and if it is beneficial or not?

What is Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov is a super realistic first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games. Escape from Tarkov was published in 2016 as a closed alpha and is currently running in an open beta phase. You must flee Tarkov in a world packed with NPCs and hostile players, raids, and tons of riches in the game.

Escape From Tarkov contains several little systems that are significant throughout the game. Looting is one among them, but there is much more to discover than just looting. You can fire your weapons in a variety of ways, for example. You can shoot around a corner blindly, but you won’t be able to see where you’re firing. In addition, you must inspect your magazine to see how many rounds remain. There is no HUD that informs you of this. You won’t receive much information unless you open your menu.

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Characters also have health bars for each body part, which can be harmed and restored separately. The torso is even divided into a belly and upper chest. You’ll walk slower if you are shot in the leg, and if you get hit particularly hard, you’ll have to heal, or you’ll bleed to death.

What is Bitcoin Tarkov and is it beneficial in 2022?

Making a Bitcoin farm is one of the opportunities open in the Hideout. These computer networks will “mine” the in-game version of the electronic money. Even when you aren’t playing, the Bitcoin farm continues pumping away. To start Bitcoin mining, all you need is graphics cards and gasoline to run the farm, not to mention all of the materials you’ll need to get there. The Bitcoin farm in Escape from Tarkov is a terrific method to earn passive money in the game. Still, the fact that the in-game version of BTC is truly synchronized to the price of real-world price of BTC makes it unique.

That implies that, depending on the market, your Bitcoin farm may be producing an asset that can be sold for 400,000 rubles on an average day.

What to do with Bitcoin Tarkov 2022? Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin

How to start your Bitcoin Farm in Tarkov?

As you start the game, you may have seen a closed “Bitcoin Farming” area in your hideaway. As you start playing the game and improve your rank, you can unlock it later in the game when you upgrade your Hideout’s amenities to compensate for this.

Completing assignments from the dealers first is the quickest method to enhance your Bitcoin Farm. As you may have seen, each upgrade from each facility has dealer loyalty level requirements. 

This will impede your progress each time since reaching the maximum loyalty levels from each of the merchants will need some severe grinding. The quickest method to get your Bitcoin Farm up and running is to do jobs from your dealers.

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After reaching level 10, you can purchase all of the materials from the flea market, making it simpler to get them. Although the funds to buy them are few, you should always maximize your Scavs if you are short on funds. Continue looting with your Scavs, and you could even spawn with a graphics card.

The Escape From Tarkov game supports four currencies: EFT Dollars, EUROS, Roubles, and Bitcoin. If you want bitcoin, all you have to do is read their brief articles about bitcoin farming and figure out how to get them. If you’re going to purchase EFT Roubles, Dollars, or Euros, go to the Escape from Tarkov reputable gaming shop 5mmo.com.

Requirements for Setting up Bitcoin Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov offers different levels of farming. It can help choose the Bitcoin farm that can help select the farm according to your budget. You can also upgrade it later and increase your revenue.

Level 1

  • CPU Fan x 10 units
  • Power Supply(PSU)x 5 units
  • Power cord x 5 units
  • Electronic Drill Machine x 1 unit
  • Intelligence Control Center – Level 3

Level 2

  • CPU Fan x 15 units
  • Power Supply(PSU)x 5 units
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) x5 units
  • Phase Control Relay x2
  • Fuel Generator – Level 3

Level 3

  • CPU Fan x 25 units
  • Silicone Tube for additional cooling x 10 Tubes
  • Electrical Heavy Motor x1
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge x2 
  • Solar Power Panel – Level 1
  • Water Collector – Level 3


Furthermore, There are some minimum requirements to unlock the first level of Bitcoin Farming would be the following:

  • Security Level 3
  • Meditation Level 3
  • Nutrition Level 3
  • Mechanic Loyalty Level 2
  • Attention Level 3

For the facility upgrades, these are also required.

  • Therapist Loyalty Level 3
  • Skier Loyalty Level 2
  • Jaeger Loyalty Level 2
  • Ragman Loyalty Level 2
  • Health Level 2
  • Vitality Level 3
  • Endurance Level 2
  • Metabolism Level 3

Cost of Running the Farm?

The first GPU will generate around 0.032727272 Bitcoins each hour. The next GPU will only contribute a small portion (0.03420). It will need 48 installed GPUs to achieve 0.1 Bitcoins per hour, which is crazy given the game’s GPU pricing. Still, the revenue will increase gradually according to the current price of Bitcoin. 

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Furthermore, it would be best to consider the cost of gasoline for your generator, which is relatively high when you sum it all together. Without solar power, gasoline alone will cost you approximately 6,000 per hour. Adding GPUs to your farm is now certainly worthwhile since you can get ROI( return of investment) in under two months if the farm is running 24/7.

If you consider Escape from Tarkov wipes, you may only have two months of earnings before having to restart from scratch. This is why it is contentious, since some players may wish to cash in on their plundered GPUs, rendering the Bitcoin Farm ineffective. However, given supply and demand, it should be worthwhile if GPU costs fall as Bitcoin prices grow.